Blam!-Task-Tic Part 2

Hey there Clammers. So you want to try to get the most BLAM! for the time you spend in your game? Want to earn all those cool prizes? Don’t know where to begin? Well I have broken down the tasks we currently have in time blocks to help players at different gaming hours to get as much out of your playing time as you can.


Last post we left off with the tasks up to the 6 hour time frame. This one will we focus on 8 to 24 hour tasks.

If you want to spend only 8 hours at a time in your game, selecting the best payout for the Main Characters can get you at least 62 Blam!

8 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Jerome Be a Superior Athlete 8
Quagmire Enjoy Carrots 8
Quagmire Chase Some Bushy Tail 8
Peter w/Lois Resolve Marital Issues 20
Peter w/Cleveland 80’s Club Dance 20
Peter w/80’s Pop Star Cleveland 80’s Club Dance 20
Peter Dance the Shipoopi 8
Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets 8
Bonnie w/Joe Give a Lap Dance 20
Chris Eat a Large Ham 8
Bruce Teach CPR 8
Bruce Make Bathtub Gin 8
Patrick Stewart Relax 16
Blobulous Train in The Art of Gorging 16
Ron Perlman Shop for Tough Guy Bandana 16
Red Hot Train in Flame Combat 16
Captain Hammered Train in Crazy Drunk Hammer Combat 16

Now there is really only a few tasks for 10 Hours.

10 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Peter Play with Expensive X-ray Machine 9
Jerome w/Lois Save Lois 23
George Takei Write on Peter’s Facespace 18

Next up is the 12 Hour tasks. These can earn you at least 65 Blam! for the Main Characters.

12 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Red Hot Burn Dinner 20
Jerome Check Out Black Dolphins 10
Quagmire Drink at the Clam 10
Peter Ride in the Washing Machine 10
Peter w/Joe Respect Beer O’Clock 25
Peter Kick Stuff Road House 10
Peter w/Chris Fat Leapfrog 25
Captain Hammered Binge Drink 20
Bonnie Clip Coupons 10
Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey 10
Patrick Stewart Buy Groceries 20
Patrick Stewart Football Tricks 20
George Takei Show Off Fencing 20
Blobulous Break Scale 20
Felicia Day Battle Axe Produce 20


Most of the remaining tasks are limited. Here are the breakdowns for 14-24 hour blocks.

14 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Peter Write on George Takei’s FaceSpace 11


16 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Jerome Bring Cultural Diversity 12
Quagmire Bail Out Hookers 12
Chris Get Easily Smitten With Girls 12
Felicia Day Fight Video Game Boss 22


18 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Peter Bench Press Whales 13


20 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Ron Perlman Rate Brian’s Record Collection 26
Quagmire Watch NetChix 14
Peter Double Check Birth Certificate 14
Bruce Kitten Pickin’ 14


21 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Chris Enjoy Glue 10


24 Hour Tasks    
Character Task Blam!
Red Hot Analyze Mutant Clone DNA 30
Quagmire Sleep Over 30
Quagmire Alter Police Records 15
Peter Watch Cartoons 15
Chris Eat Sugar 15
Bruce Fret in Line 15
Patrick Stewart Sleepover 30
Patrick Stewart Pick Out Zapper 30
Blobulous Google “Crime Alerts” 30
Felica Day Post Video Blog 30
Captain Hammered Google “Crime Alerts” 30
George Takei Look at Cat .gifs 30


So there is a little time management help for players who want to get the best Blam! out of the time they put into the event. As usual, the shortest timed tasks will always pay out better. Also, unlocking those extra characters will help to earn even more Blam! to your totals.

Was this post helpful? Any tasks your favorites so far? What methods worked best for you? Let us know.



26 responses to “Blam!-Task-Tic Part 2

  1. Is the red hot glitch with the supposed to be fixed in the game yet? It’s still showing up for me


  2. I desperately need advice. The game I was playing when the ComicCon event start disappeared when I tried to link it to my email. Two weeks of progress in this event gone. What happened was my first game I started when FGTQFS first began had been tied to my email. My husband deleted it from his phone, so I wasn’t able to access it on my iPad. I thought it was tied to a Goggle account, so when I couldn’t find it I started a new game. My 2nd game had all my Full Moon & 4th of July achievements plus what I had gained in the first 2 wks of ComicCon. So when I tried to tie my 2nd game to my email it disappeared & my 1st game returned. I started CC again. My dilemma is this, ever since Giant Stewie appeared & the Zappers started dropping pesticides Quagmire stopped dropping jazz records when watching “My Little Furry.” He hasn’t dropped a record for over 4 days. Without them I can’t free Ron Pearlman. I need to collect 5 more records OR spend 50 clams to free him. I only have 113 clams to spend. I’ve sent TinyCo an in game message, have deleted & reinstalled the game twice. Quagmire’s only task has been watching “MLF’s” continually for 4 days. HOW can I free Ron? Help me please.


    • Did you ever try to see if TinyCo could recover the other game? As far as the records, I was in a LOT of discussions with them on it and was told they have been pushing through “Fixes” that should help the records drop as they should as many players reported they were not dropping at all. Don’t stress on Ron. You still have time to unlock him. Just focus on what you can and if you don’t want to spend…then please don’t. Records are more rare…so they WILL take time to earn. Similar to the Eyeballs and the Headbands. Just hang in there.


  3. Anyone else missing 25 clams? Nothing costs 25 and I CERTAINLY don’t rush tasks. I had 309 Sunday when I took pictures of my town, now I have 284. (287, but I know I’ve gotten 3 free since Sunday)
    I sent Tinyco a support message, but I only asked if they could review my outgoing clams to see if I accidentally rushed something with speedy fingers.

    What email do they respond to if you use the in game support? My linked facebook email?

    Anyway, probably user error but check your clam counts regardless!!!


    • Yes, I believe it’s your Facebook linked one…


    • The Coffee Shop is 25 clams… Maybe you have one now somewhere.


      • Hmmm no coffee shop. I really hope I didn’t accidentally rush a useless 12 hour building for 8 coins lolol.


        • I accidentally rushed a dang building when i was frantically tapping minion stewies! I guess I can’t complain when they have been so generous lately with the clams. I will have 500 clams soon (havent spent any yet) which I have been saving for Consuela, Jake, BD horse and/or Buzz Killington. Now Bryan Cranston is a real possiblity and I’m torn. =(


  4. Dont’t know where to post… But they just released Bomb Training Part 7: Bomb 400 Minions in 4 days, receive 25 clams and a George Takei statue.

    Something to keep us busy until Nathan Fillion later this week.


  5. I got a challenge to bomb 400 stewies in 4 days to win 25 clams and George Takei Meme Trophy.


  6. Know this is off topic, but there’s now a Bombardier Training Pt 7, if you can bomb 400 Minion Stewies in 4 days you win 25 clams, and a George Takei Meme Trophy.


  7. speaking of collecting blams, in missing close to 2k worth when I played again this morning. Is this a glitch? Has someone else experienced this? 😥

    I was about to unlock Stan Lee. 😦


  8. Ok I know I commented earlier but my game has been crashing since 11am BST this morning. That’s a full 12 hours. I’ve barely been able to do anything all day because of the constant crashing problems. I’ve tried on android as well as iPad Air but crashing occurs on android too. Ever since this game has been released it’s been crashing. TinyCo should probably focus more on fixing its major problems rather than spending time adding events which cause the app to crash more often.


  9. Bit off-topic, but I have a question. What’s the store? In my game it says I have to buy the store to get Red Hot’s 24 hour task, but the store is nowhere to be found…


  10. “Was this post helpful?”
    – No, the only reason I read it was because Bunny forced me to by tickling me :S
    “Any tasks your favorites so far?”
    – They all sucked equally, “they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!” (Homer)
    “What methods worked best for you?”
    – Duh, putting them on the shorter tasks of course
    [satire] <— if you don't know what this refers to, Google about Facebook's new satire tag 😉


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