Current Glitches District 9

Hey there Clammers. Bouncing on by to help bring attention to a few things we are seeing trend.

Consuela Technical Support 1

UPDATE: I have seen a LOT of players with issues of the Wild Animals glitching all over the place. I did send in a report. I ask you send in an in game message to them too so they can single out the problem in impacted devices and get a patch out for it. 

So the new District 9 is now in our towns and more and more of us are noticing some glitches hit our games and increase. Here is what we are seeing and where it stands right now.

For ANY of these issues the standard fix is the Basics of Troubleshooting. Force Close, Restart Device, Uninstall/Reinstall app ONLY if you have it saved to an email or Facebook. If you do not, we STRONGLY suggest you do it NOW.


Missing Building(s): 
Many players are stating that a building or three has randomly gone missing from their town. Double check your inventory to make sure it did not go into there. If it is no where to be found in your town, then contact TinyCo. Make sure you include the Keyword “Missing Building” and let them know exactly when it went missing and the name of the building itself. This is a known issue that the 1.2 Update should have resolved so they need to know if players still are experiencing it.

Stripper Bonnie 1

Missing Character Costume(s):
Lots of the Costumes seem to come and go while playing the game. It is not just limited to Rollocop Joe. This one also needs to be reported. Make sure you include the Keyword(s) “Missing Character Costume” or “Missing Character” along with when you saw it go missing and the name of the one(s) missing. This is also a known issue they are trying to resolve.

Action CoinAction CoinAction CoinAction Coin

Missing Coins/Clams/XP During Neighbor Visit:
More reports coming in from players that coins, XP, and other items are just not showing up when tapping in neighbors towns. The items are adding to the totals, just no images. I have reported this issue and waiting for feedback. In the meantime, please report if you are experiencing this. Include the Keyword(s) “Missing Images During Neighbor Visit” or “Missing Icons During Neighbor Visits”. You could even be specific and say Clams, Coins, or XP. We will update if we hear anymore on this issue.


If you need to contact TinyCo for these or any other issues, you can do so with the info HERE.

In the meantime we will keep an eye out for any other trending issues that are hitting the game.


190 responses to “Current Glitches District 9

  1. Hi Bunny, thanks for your fast reply. I have now contacted Tinyco on the email link you provided so thanks for that, very helpful indeed! As for my game I am now clearing all the area’s and building on them, collecting a lot of $’s and generally trying to stay interested, I have not been offered the questlines for “precious metal”, “what the deuce” or “build a blimp” so hoping Tinyco will sort it out, let me know if you suss anything out regarding the windows district 9?

    Many Thanks again….Martyn


    • Will do. It is the weekend and light on tech… so hopefully something by Monday or Tuesday back on it all. They are focused on the New Content right now, so it is taking priority.

      No worries though, I do want to see what is the latest on the Windows side too. 😉


  2. Hi, I wondered if you could help me? I am currently playing the app for windows 8.1 RT version of Family Guy and I have reached the end of district 8 and finally got Stewie, I was then offered Jailhouse Meg and collected all the required items, got the outfit and then completed her questlines, I now have got no further quests or game play towards unlocking district 9, the district remains locked along with all related items and buildings in the menu! Is my game faulty or have Tinyco yet to update my version with district 9? I have also emailed Tinyco but they have not replied as yet! Hoping you can help? Thanks


  3. I have glitch with the fragerance factory I get kicked out of the game when I tap on it. I already went through all proper procedures. I just was wondering if this is an already known glitch that other people have too or if its just me.


  4. Hello again… For about a month and a half I have yet to be able to check my Facebook friends towns.. It’s really really frustrating, I’ve been making zero money on the game.. I’m just gonna give up soon because I can’t progress in the game if I can’t make enough money or clams..


    • What if anything have you reported to them? When was your last contact with them?


      • Two weeks ago


        • My suggestion is to contact them directly through your game menu. See if they have a follow up or if you missed a message. Ask for an update. Give as much details as you can.


          • hello! my game also crashes every time i visit my neighbor (i don’t have any actual friends, just that default fake friend). if i collect coins from characters in the neighboring town, the character disappears, the coin or clam never shows up, and the game crashes once i return to my town and collect rent on any buildings. i haven’t contacted tinyco yet, but i’ll do that!


  5. Is it just me or are some of the buildings in district 9 super tiny?


  6. I downloaded the new update and my family guy the quest for stuff app icon has gone from my phone but when I go on the App Store and search the game it’s already been installed but won’t let me open it


    • That is odd. If your game is saved to an email or Facebook…you should try to UNinstall it from your device or app market, restart device, reinstall, then log back in to the saved game.


  7. I updated my software on my phone, & it erased All my apps. I had to reinstall all of them. However, when I went to search for the Family Guy game, it couldn’t find it. My friend sent me the link from the App Store & it says that the game is “currently not available in the US store”. How do I get my game back?!


  8. Meg keeps showing up as having a new quest but if I click on her, it just replays the dialog from part 3 of prison blues that I currently have her working on with Connie. Anyone else seeing this?


  9. None of my comments ever gets posted. Is it normal??


  10. HisNameisJames(quagmire's cat)

    Did uninstalling and reinstalling work for anybody else with all the glitches? Im kind of hesitant to do it because I don’t want to make the game any worse =/


  11. Another small glitch is that the the tiger from the exotic animal weekend has the same problem as the Gatomobile, it shows in a different place that where you place it.


  12. Dunno if it’s just me but Stan Lee always crashes my game when I set him to his 1 hour task…


  13. I am using a Samsung Galaxy s5 and since the update my game has been crashing non stop. Usually I can’t even get actions to sync with the server, before the game crashes.


  14. Still.experiencing some.visual glitches when visiting.some of my friends towns…it always seems to happen with oldies town as well…

    On another note, is oldies town be updated!? hasn’t played in a while and needs to still unlock haha…any news on this?


  15. My propellers and plutonium are now counting when collecting. The display in the top right with the progress bar is still not displaying when collecting but when tapping on the blimp construction site my items are counting. I am still having issues in my neighbors towns. I cannot collect from them, the coins don’t appear or tapping on a character on a neighbors town crashes the game. I have already contacted tiny co but I haven’t heard anything back from them

    Originally I msg’d them a few times I did not get my propeller / plutonium. I have now collected all plutonium since yesterday afternoon but I still need 5 propellers. I am missing my 3 props I did not get yesterday when they dropped. Still waiting in tiny co. I guess since my plutonium is finished now it’s useless for them to credit me pluto rods. But I want those 3 props that never counted.

    I have rarely got the bugs from updates that most people get. I have only got a few of them. But this update is loaded with so many bugs it is impossible to not get any of them.


  16. Has anyone else noticed that any plutonium that Brian collects doesn’t register? I’ve lost 2 of them now


  17. Stan Lee is not doing anything for all his task. He just walks around town and becomes “bigger” every now and then. And anyone else feels that after spending 700 clams for the blam sommelier station, it now only give a out 10 coins every 8 hrs???


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