Phase 3 Jolly Christmas Tree Is HERE!!

Hey there yah bunch of Yettis.

The new Phase 3 of Miracle on Spooner Street is here! So get to updating to the Jolly Christmas Tree to see all the cool new stuff!!

As per usual…MORE TO COME!!

Puppy Brian Delay Pop Up Image

More details in a bit but for now know that Peter will trigger the week 3 challenge.  If you don’t want to start it…don’t tap Peter after Part 3 of the main questline has triggered.

Update from Alissa…Details below the fold..

New Buildings

Snowy HospitalSnowy Hospital- 500 Cookies.  Earns 16 Cookies and 3 HC/12hrs (a Skin for the Hospital)

Superstore USASuperstore USA- 250 Cookies, 4hr Build.  Earns 12 cookies and 2 HC/ 8hrs.  Chance to drop Spiked Eggnog.

Bunny HillBunny Hill- 250 Cookies, Earns 50 Cookies and 10 HC/ 6hrs.  Chance to drop a shovel for Jingle Joe.

Holiday Babble Greeting CardsHoliday Babble Greeting Cards- 100 Clams.  Earns 10 Cookies and 2 HC/ 6hrs.  Always drops the Wrapping Paper Stocking.

Christmas Swanson HouseChristmas Swanson House- 75 Clams.  Earns 10 Cookies and 2 HC/ 6hrs.  Always drops one of the items needed for Jingle Joe.

New Decorations

Jolly Snow GlobeJolly Snow Globe- 100 Cookies.

Tiny TannenbaumTiny Tannenbaum- 50 Cookies.

Sweetheart's GazeboSweetheart’s Gazebo- 100 Cookies.

Elve's DisplayElves Display- 75 Cookies.

Kiddy TrainKiddy Train- 75 Cookies.

New Costume

This time we’re creating Jingle Joe.

Jingle Joe

Joe with warmer clothes.  Jingle Joe will be able to help attack the Yeti.  Here’s what you’ll need to collect to get Jingle Joe.

Christmas Cookies1,000 Cookies

Spiked Eggnog15 Spiked Eggnog- Get From: Make Herbert Read to Children OR Make Mr. Weed Take a CPR Class OR Make Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath OR Get From Superstore USA OR Get From the Christmas Swanson House

Snow Shovel15 Snow Shovels- Get From: Make Peter Shop the Sales OR Make Felicia Day Play Freeze Tag OR Make Chris Shop for Toys OR Get From Bunny Hill OR Get from Christmas Swanson House

Christmas Wreath10 Christmas Wreath- Get From: Make Intimate Apparel Peter Buy Designer Toys OR Make Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Get From the Christmas Swanson House

For Those curious it’ll cost you around 300 Clams to purchase outright.  Depending on how many cookies you have.

Jingle Joe also has a task to help you earn more Furbals.

Puppy Brian

Puppy Brian

You’ll find Puppy Brian in the Workshop.  He’s similar to Jesus, in that you have to craft him.  Here’s what you’ll need to get him:

Christmas Cookies5,000 Cookies

Candy Cane Stocking 110 Candy Cane Stockings 

Red Doll Stocking10 Doll Stockings

Wrapping Paper Stocking40 Wrapping Paper Stockings

UPDATE BUNNY: Just an FYI, Puppy Brian is TEEEEEEENY. Like extremely small and cute. It is a costume for Brian complete with tasks. To give you an idea just how teeny, here he is next to Brian. (Think how small Brian is.)Puppy Brian vs Brian


Even more, here is a shot of the Puppy roaming my town covered in snow, can YOU spot him in the pic?Puppy Brian Teeny

New Character

Babs Pewterschmidt is here!Babs Pewterschmidt

Note: You will have FIVE days to unlock her.

In similar fashion to Jasper you’ll have to “repair” the Train Station (yes again…Jasper must have wrecked it with all his cheering) to find Babs.  Repairing the station takes 4hrs and costs 200 cookies.  You cannot repair the station until you’ve trigger the Five Golden Rings questline. (This triggers around Prophets vs Profits Part 4)

Do not repair the Train Station until you’re ready…you will only have 5 Days to unlock Babs.  So be sure you’re ready before you do it! 

Once you find her you’ll need items from various gift boxes to unlock her.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Death Roe CaviarDeath Row Caviar (From Snowflake Giftbox)
Hanukkah Bush
-Hanukkah Bush (Fancy Giftbox)
Les Bijoux
Les Bijoux (Fancy Giftbox)

New Gift Box

The Fancy Gift Box is here now!

Fancy Gift Box Phase 3


To create it you’ll need:

Christmas Cookies750 Cookies

Red Doll Stocking2 Doll Stockings

Wrapping Paper Stocking3 Wrapping Paper Stockings

Takes 3 hrs to create once you have enough..

We will have a full post about each item that’s inside but here’s a quick list:

Royal Tea SetRoyal Tea Set

Yule LogYule Log

Christmas Quahog MallChristmas Quahog Mall

Les BijouxLes Bijoux

Hanukkah BushHanukkah Bush


New Targets to Attack


2014-12-20 00.40.10

Basically…it’s Comic-Con and Halloween all over again.  Break out those mazes because it’s time to bomb some animated characters again!

You’d think TinyCo would get the hint…when this was the LEAST favorite part of Halloween.  ANYWAY…

To Bomb the Procrastinators you have to collect Furballs.  You then use the furballs to “bomb” as many Procrastinators in 1 shot as you can.

There are two kinds of Procrastinators.  Naughty ones and Nice ones.  Each one drops different rewards….

Christmas Shoppers 2 Naughty- Drops Cookies, HC & Occasionally Clams

Christmas Shoppers 1 Nice- Drops Wrapping Paper Stockings and Christmas Cookies.

Again…you’ll need Furbals to bomb the Procrastinators.  You can earn them through various characters:

Furbal Icon

Jingle JoeJingle Joe- Rage Shop, 4hrs

QuagmireQuagmire- Donate Toys, 4hrs

ChrisChris- Shop for Toys, 4hrs

JasperJasper- Do a Cheer, 4hrs

cleveland-animation-actionmodal-001@4xCleveland- Browse Figurines, 4hrs

And because I know you’ll all ask…

What’s the Spawn Rate for Last Minute Shoppers?

Per Tinyco…The Amount of Last Minute Shoppers in your town will vary depending on your level.  Generally, these shoppers will spawn every 2-6hrs for a max of 10-15 in your town at 1 time.

More Furballs (to beat Procrastinators)


Furbal1 Furbal- 10 Clams 

12 FurbalsPack of 12 Furbals- 90 Clams

48 FurbalsPack of 48 Furbals- 300 Clams

Week 3 Challenge

This Challenge is Trigger by Peter AFTER Part 3 of the main questline is triggered.  So if you don’t want to start this task…DO NOT tap Peter after you trigger Part 3 of Profits vs. Prophets.

For this week’s challenge…you’ll have to bomb 100 Procrastinators in 4 days.

2014-12-20 00.44.43

And for this week’s prize you’ll receive Mutant Elves.

2014-12-20 01.52.56

Again…we suggest the maze method for successfully completing this.  More specific details are coming but check out these posts from events past about mazes:

Comic-Con Maze
Halloween Maze

UPDATE BUNNY: As you can see in the image above, the prize for the Challenge was not the correct image. It glitched and showed the Elves Display instead. The actual Challenge prize is what it showed in the Pop Up for the Challenge…the Mutant/Demented Elf. Just the one. And it runs around on the streets of your town as soon as you tap on it to get it out of storage. It is small, like size of Stewie. 

Demented Mutant Elf

Gold Mystery Box

There’s a new premium Mystery Box available for 50 Clams.

Gold Clam Gift Box

We’ll have a more detailed post on this…but for now here’s what’s inside:

UPDATE BUNNY: DO NOT SPEND CLAMS ON THIS RIGHT AWAY!!! You will notice several of these items are available for purchase for just Christmas Cookies. BUY THEM WITH COOKIES FIRST. This will narrow down the items in the box to just a few, making you spend LESS Clams and get the extras for cheaper if you still want to risk the Clams on them. (See below). Once you have all the Decorations/Buildings the Gold Box will close out. 

Elve's Display-Elves Display
Kiddy Train-Kiddy Train
Bunny Hill-Bunny Hill
Meg's Pink Luxury Car-Meg’s Pink Luxury Car
Peter's Christmas Tank-Peter’s Tank
Christmas Cookies-250 Christmas Cookies
Red Doll Stocking-10 Doll Stockings
Wrapping Paper Stocking– 5 Wrapping Paper Stockings
Clams-100 Clams
Clams-150 Clams

Note: A lot of these items you can purchase with Cookies.  IF you purchase them with Cookies before the Gold Box…they will be removed from the Gold Box.  Thus increasing your chances to get clams!

(Note: Cookies, Clams, Stockings are non-unique items.  Everything else will disappear once won/purchased)

Note there IS a known glitch with this…Per TinyCo

Known bug: storing moving decorations will cause the game to crash
The new Gold Gift Box includes two decorations that are animated, Meg’s Pink Luxury Car and Peter’s Tank. There is currently a known bug if you try to store these items, it will cause your game to crash. This currently only affects iOS players and we’re working on a fix!

New Yeti!

Top Hat Yeti has arrived!

2014-12-20 02.28.50


Currently I’ve got to wait 4hrs before I can attack Top Hat Yeti.  Once it unlocks I’ll let you know what the Life Level is.


So that my friends are all the details on phase 3 of Christmas!

What do YOU think of Phase 3?  Thoughts on the Procrastinators?  How about the new character additions?  Jingle Joe?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

644 responses to “Phase 3 Jolly Christmas Tree Is HERE!!

  1. Hi guys. I’ve been playing a while and can’t seem to find superstore USA anywhere to do Joe’s quest,is this a known glitch?


  2. is the elf display no longer for sale? i cant find it in my shop


  3. Merry, to u ladies u r wonderful if it wasn’t for your hard work I would have not gotten this far love what u do for us. I know this don’t have anything to with this but trying to find u ladies on the Simpsons tapped but can’t can u give me the site please thanks. And Happy New Years.


  4. How,do I get the manger ??? I have yet,to get Jesus,& I feel as if my time to get him,is coming to a VERY CLOSD END…


  5. Murphy’s Law…
    Just like my car. As soon as I mention something’s weird it straightens right up. Last two times it’s given me the Wrapping Paper Stockings….


  6. When u say get a head start 2 beat the Yeti what do u mean by that please help me that’s and how long do we have for I can beat hem what I mean when does the Yeti go away thanks


  7. Hey Bunny & Alissa! 😀

    As always thank you for everything you do! You guys are awesome😎🍻💋‼️
    Question… Do you guys know what’s up with the Holiday Babble Gift Shop? I bought it because it said that it always dropped Wrapping Paper Stockings, but I’m not noticing Stockings when I collect from it & when I tap on the building the word “chance” is next to the stocking not “always”.
    I have just taken a screen shot of my stocking count so when the building comes due again I can make sure that I’m not hallucinating… Has anyone else mentioned this?


    • It should always drop. You might not see it though. Go to your Workshop and check to see that they’re accumulating. If they’re not then it’s time to contact TinyCo..


  8. I thought the Kiddy Train was an option to purchase under the featured items. I didn’t get it the first time I went through to see what was new for this week’s update and now it’s not available for me to buy. What’s up?


  9. Hmm.. I originally thought that you couldn’t tap on the Christmas shoppers to temporarily freeze them, but I just tried it and it worked.


  10. Edward Tournquist

    Whoo hoo! The KISS website just tweeted that KISS is joining the game!!! Can’t wait for the new update!!!


  11. Has the angel Bruce skin been released yet? It appears to still be locked in my game and I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something to unlock it, like a challenge or a building or something. Thanks!


  12. How do i beat the top hat yeti ….please help


  13. It seems the drop rate for the wrapping paper is really low . Wish the green sweater guys dropped only wrapping paper since it seems important to achieve certain things. This either one or the other drop game is pretty frustrating. It’s gonna be real tough to get puppy Brian. Oh well, gonna keep getting on the game every 2—4 hrs and hope for the best


    • I thought I’d NEVER get the Puppy Brian either because of those stupid procrastinators, but the tip on stunning them has helped IMMENSELY and I just finished opening the puppy’s skin. Just yesterday I thought I’d never get him because of the wrapping paper drop rate. Yay, for me! The Yeti, on the other hand, still eludes me.


  14. I did not open Babs yet. However the fancy box and snow flake box disappeared from my selections and I still need to receive the Cavier Shop. Not sure what to do. Should I unlock her?



  15. Is anyone else having issues with the Fancy Gify Box? I start crafting one, but the next time I log on there’s no sign of it and the cookies, etc., have been deducted; this happened three times, and now the option to craft them isn’t there. I’ve messaged TinyCo, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this?


  16. What the deuce!? Meg’s Pink Luxury Car is not only animated, but it drives on Quahog’s streets! I bought the gold box more by accident, but that’s indeed a pretty cool feature.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Is there a trick to the bombings? I am making 4 furrballs every 4 hours and shooting them off on the green sweater guys and rarely ever get wrapping paper. 12-16 furr balls shot off today and only 2 wrapping papers 😦 Not looking good for me to get puppy brian. I will have Jesus in a few hours, already got Jingle Joe and Barb.


  18. Did anyone notice what drops from the Mort killing the top hat yeti quest? It looked like a green box but I clicked to fast. Thanks


  19. How do you get the nativity? Mine is locked. Do I have to wait until a certain quest line has started? Let’s face it I just want angel Bruce

    “You want some wine and cheesus?”


  20. Did anyone else have this happen I won the challenge to win muntant elve and when I went to take him out of my inventory he disappeared? Now I don’t have him anymore I’ve looked every where?


  21. Help. My nice shoppers don’t drop wrapping paper. I get maybe 1 for every 20 nice shoppers I bomb. What do I do?


  22. Probably answered elsewhere but i cant find it (except a sarcastic reply from bunny): do puplu brian or babs have any tasks that hell earn snowflakes or wrapping paper (eg fighting yeti, dropping furbals, etc)? Trying to decide if i should save up to unlock puply brian or just get all the gift boxes first so i can get babs and then get brian later…


  23. Is it just me or is it extremely hard to beat the yeti?!?! The farthest I’ve beaten is childish yeti(I think!).. I only have Lois and Mort though. Does anyone have any tips? I will be trying the 4-hr rest thing.. I really don’t want to buy anything w/ clams and I really want to be able to earn Jesus!


  24. Is there any more information about the fancy gift box yet? I’ve already gotten everything you have listed, but the box is still there. I’ve crafted it two extra times and received cookies (which gave me a nice 2k cookies each time) but it is not disappearing. I’m afraid to waste anymore wrapping paper on it, because I’d like to get puppy brian if possible, but there is also still several items on the wishlist quest that I need to get and when I click on those items, it takes me straight to the “Fancy Gift Box”.

    Any ideas? Thanks!


  25. Is it me, or does it seem like there are five naughty procrastinators for every nice one? I’m getting frustrated with the lack of wrapping paper being dropped.


  26. I noticed that you have the Nativity labeled as ‘Manger,’ that isn’t the manger. The thing that baby Stewie is laying in is a manger. It is a prize in the crafted gift boxes that you have to acquire, by the look of it, for puppy Brian. That’s where I found him when I ginished crafting him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I know. We were going off the names TinyCo gave us before we confirmed it from inside the game. Lots of title errors from the earlier list…thought we corrected them all, but I guess there’s still 1 or 2 at large 😉


  27. Where does Quagmires’ Christmas house skin come from? I have been looking for it for 2 days.
    Thank you in advance!!!!
    Have a Great Week!


  28. I would like to ask it is true that after you got all the 5 prizes in the Fancy Gift Box, the Fancy Gift Box will get lock? Because I got all the 5 prizes but it didnt get lock and showed that I can wrap somemore. I fear if i go wrap, it will waste my wrapping paper stocking.


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