Gold Gift Clam Box

Ho Ho Ho there Clammers.

Another Clam Gift Box has been dropped into our silly lil games full of all sorts of items. The Gold Gift Box. Gold Clam Gift Box

So in the midst of our Miracle on Spooner Street Event Phase 3, TinyCo has tossed in an option of some more Premium items to tempt our palettes. The question becomes is it worth it? What kind of items are inside? Do they do anything?

Well I am here to breakdown the Prizes offered for the price of 50 Clams.

To begin, a couple of these items WERE in the menu for Holiday Cookie Purchase. So if you see any there, buy them with cookies first. This will immediately eliminate them from the Gold Box and better your chances at the items remaining. 

Now there are TWO places you may see this Gold Gift Box located, the usual of course is in the Event Menu. The other location you may haven’t even noticed. Over in your Event Area by the snowman and candy fencing. The Silver box hangs out just behind the Snowman and by the Train Station. Just tap on it to go to the Prize Box. Gold Clam Box
Now let’t take a peak inside to see what goodies are in store. As with previous boxes, just tap on the Green colored “Prizes” option to see what you have left in there to possibly win. Materials/Clams may repeat as usual. Decorations/Buildings will not.

Gold Clam Gift BoxGold Gift Box

Elve's DisplayElves Display (Decoration): Sits on a 2×4 base. Currently not animated. A silly looking decoration for a Holiday Themed Area. Full of Demented lil Elves and gifts.

MangerManger (Decoration): Sits on a 5×6 base. Currently not animated. Funny scene from the Family Guy TV Series (more info to come). A really cool scene to add to a Holiday Decorated Area. Especially tucked away behind some hotel. Lol. (FYI…this is NOT the Manger mentioned in Jesus’ Facespace. That comes WITH him once you wrap his Character in Santa’s Workshop.)

Kiddy TrainKiddy Train (Decoration): Sits on a 3×3 base. Currently not animated. Cute lil decoration to add to a Children’s area. Maybe the Daycare and Park. Or even outside a Grocery Area.

Bunny HillBunny Hill (Decoration): Sits on a 9×11 base. Large scale item. Looks great pushed up to a corner area with Quagmire’s Cabin Next to it. Says animated, but currently mine is not.

Meg's Pink Luxury CarMeg’s Pink Luxury Car (Moving Vehicle): This is about a 1×2 base, but it is not like anything before. It is an actual moving and self driving pink convertible. (Would have been even sillier if it flattened some people as it rolled over them, but…coding. Lol.) I was really happy to get this one due to the movement ON the roads. When tapped the lights flash too.

Peter's Christmas TankPeter’s Christmas Tank (Moving Vehicle): This is about a 2×3 base, but it is not like anything before. Similar to Meg’s Car, it is an actual moving and self driving Green Tank. (Would have been even sillier if it flattened some people as it rolled over them, but…coding. Lol.) I was really happy to get this one due to the movement ON the roads. When tapped the tank cannon fires too.

Christmas Cookie250 Christmas Cookies (Material)

Red Doll Stocking10 Doll Stockings (Material)

Snowflake Stocking5 Wrapping Paper Stockings (Material)

Clams100 Clams

Clams150 Clams

Now for me I did win some Materials (1 of Wrapping Paper Stockings and 1 Christmas Cookie) and got the 100 Clams before I cleared out all the prizes. The Manger was the 1st prize for me.

There you have it. Some new Premium Items to tempt you. For me, this one wasn’t so bad as I got some of the items out of the main menu. LOVE the Manger scene…and I LOVE the two vehicles as now there is actually some cars that go ON the roads. Lol.

Have you taken your chances on this Gold Gift Box yet? If so, what prizes have you won? Do you have a favorite? Let us know.


30 responses to “Gold Gift Clam Box

  1. I bought 5 and got the manger, elves, 100 clams, cookies and doll stocking. Drawing the line there, should of quit at the 100 clams lol.


  2. Wish I read this before I spend all my clams thinking the manger was the one to get Jesus


  3. It says you need gold gift box to unlock Santa but he is not listed on the prize list. Is this how you get him or not I already got his wish kist done as well which is how I thought you unlocked Santa in the first place.


  4. How do u unlock the gift for santas reindeer?


  5. So Jesus is impossible to get.. I’ve never gotten anywhere near 100 frosty stockings because the yeti is such bul***.. Not to mention I have no idea what to focus on bc there is so much going on.. And so little time. I feel extremely rushed ! Not to mention OFCOURSE as always my town looks like extreme shit because no extra land but continuous buildings and HUGE ones that are necessary to play. What’s the point if my town looks like a 5 year old put it together and I have to put everything I buy in storage? It’s getting to where I don’t think there is a point anymore…


  6. 100% completed the Christmas event!! Every character, decor, and premium building!! Over 100k cookies.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Marry Christmas & Happy New Year. 2 tree upgrades at once?


  8. Just unlocked the gift for Santa’s reindeer. You also get 100,000 cookies


  9. When I was looking at the gold box gift prizes I accidentally pressed on buy it for megs car and wasted most of my clams. I wish there was a pop up of “are you sure you want to get now. Big mistake


  10. I opened three boxes gold boxes only to get 250 cookies all three times Tinyco got me good


  11. Thanks tinyCo. Go rge lovely Christmas present of 25 free clams.


  12. Be sure to get your free 25 clams today!

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  13. I was stupid enough to open it without reading here first, i thought the manger WAS for jesus, when i discovered it wasn’t i was a bit annoyed but i sent tinyco a message and told them about my confusion they refunded my 50 clams and let me keep the manger! Woo


  14. TinyCo just gave me 25 Clams as a Christmas present!!!

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  15. Merry Christmas to all.

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  16. Good morning and Merry Christmas to all of you! Will you write about that 25 clams Christmas gift from TinyCo as well? 😉


  17. Is getting the manger from the gift box the only way to get Angel Bruce? ?


  18. See thats what i asked for was the tank becuz i spent a bunch trying to get it and i couldnt get peters tank for nothing! So i asked tinyco and its been 2days now do u think they werent working today or what?


  19. I hope we can get an extension to the event. Like cmon! I need a lot of cookies and stuff to get jesus, puppy brian and decorations.

    Currently at 9800. But not enough :/


  20. Hmm, I think I have Bunny Hill, but I bought it for silver.

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  21. I clicked the box by mistake and did not mean to spend 50 clams, however I won the tank and its pretty sweet so I’m keeping it!


  22. Just a quick question about the yeti. I continuously keep beating the yeti and he stays at the top hat. If i wanted my characters to do other quests and let the yeti 24hr timer run out will he start all the way back at the viking stage?


  23. I would love the tank and car but twice I’ve tried it now and both times it gave me doll stockings. I just hope they have a trade in like they did for Halloween as I have over 150 of these stockings and over 350 present stockings now. On the plus side I unlocked puppy Brian yesterday morning and Jesus last night (UK time) so I should have a pretty clean slate for the tree upgrade tomorrow 🙂


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