Current Known Issues & Glitches

Hey there Clammers!

With the current hiccups going on in the Event and game itself, I wanted to do a quick post of some of the known issues going on that are impacting Players.

So take a peek below and see if one of these are happening to you, and we have the answer for you. 🙂

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch




I am still seeing a few of these trickle into the Addicts Email, so I wanted to cover the basics of it again.

Players had made attempts to open a Present/Gift in the Present Plaza in the previous Event (Quahog Not So Silent Night), but for some reason it wouldn’t open and instead sent Player into a loop of just showing the shiny spots where the coins would be and kicks Player out of game. This cycles over n over n over.

The ONLY fix for this right now is to send me or TinyCo your information so they can unlock the game for you. If you would like to send it to me, email Make sure you note that it’s the Present Plaza Glitch as I send them on as soon as I get them.

Make sure you include your Opening Splash Screen with the letters, numbers, and symbols along the left n right sides.





This one SHOULD be resolved, if not… please let me know.

Players were getting to Hooray for Bollywood Pt. 3, but Ganesha never showed up on their Quahog streets. Those not seeing him SHOULD be able to tap on the “GO” feature on the Task and he should appear.


Again if he still didn’t show up in your game, please let me know.



There are still some random hiccups here and there with the Districts and the progression in there Questlines. If you have tried all the basics and are still not moving forward/ stuck on a specific task (and the info on our site doesn’t help)… please reach out to TinyCo with the specifics of where you are stuck, what’s going on, etc… essentially as many details as possible.

Some of them, like the Blimp… they are still working on a fix (I wonder if Tan Lines did something to it).



Clam TV Al's

I know some of you were having issues trying to watch the commercials and it flaking out or not giving an “X” option for you to opt out when it was done.

The Commercials and feature are all 3rd Party Controlled, so it may take it bit for the fixes to come and work again for all Players. Hang in there while TinyCo continues to work with them to get a resolution.

Mort Free Clams Watch Ad



A quick side note, ALWAYS make sure your game is saved to an email or Facebook. It makes recovery that much easier. Especially when glitches hit. It would really suck to lose your progress, so … protect your game play and save/link it as soon as possible if it is not already. (It also lets you access it from multiple devices.)



There is always some basics you can try at any time you have an issue with the game. Here are the things we suggest (and most likely the things TinyCo will suggest you try first too).


As always, we are here to help all we can with Players of the game. So reach out to us if you need some help and can’t figure it out on your own. It also helps me in gathering specifics for issues impacting multiple Players and possibly spreading.

Did this help you? Anything we missed? Suggestions for Players of things that helped you? Let us know.



30 responses to “Current Known Issues & Glitches

  1. I have a glitch that won’t let me buy Ganesha despite having enough offerings. When you press the information tab in the store to look at how many offerings you have, my number is well below the amount I actually have. I’ve tried reporting it several times but tinyco keeps just sending me generic responses.


    • Are you sure you’ve got the 115 blessings and you’re not looking at your amount of rupees, the only place to see how many blessings you have is when you look at in the info in the store for Ganesha. The box on the main screen at bottom right shows rupees not blessings. You can only get blessings by attacking the Ganesha boss, nowhere else. Let us know if we can help you more


  2. I have found recently on my iPhone I play the game, collect the task rewards, send all characters on new tasks and close the app. An hour later, I open the app and all the characters are still on the old tasks like I had not done anything the previous hour. In other words, the game at times, does not save it state,.

    I don’t know if it helps, but now I go visit a neighbour and return before closing the app.


    • That’s what we would advise you to do, visit Ollieland to force a sync, this happens to me occasionally also, and I’m using an iPhone as well.


  3. I still have a quest for monkey Kong but I never unlocked him


  4. So what the hell is going on with mother Maggie and Penelope? I had maxed them both out but logged on one day and ‘you’ve found mother Maggie’ and ‘you’ve found penelope’ popped up! Now I have to do their quest lines all over again! Anybody else had this issue?


  5. My game now occupies an incredible 4.4GB on my iPad. Is this normal?


  6. Anybody having drop issue withe Peter & Jerome? I’ve gotten one item in my last 8 tries, that’s pretty bad for a common drop…though my rare items are dropping like hot cakes.


  7. Black Jesus on the 24 hr task has dropped one clam out of roughly two weeks of doing the task. TinyCo notified, they remotely reset my cache which meant all three “i”devices went back to a new game status, at which point you have to ‘play’ the game from the beginning for about ten minutes to get to the point where you can see and use the login. Yay. First Black Jesus task after that dropped a clam now two days straight no clam again. There is no “drop” indicator on this, is it another maybe it will maybe it won’t?


    • It’s a rare drop, not an always drop, same as Jesus

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      • I have had ZERO drops from Black Jesus since I got him, which means he’s now been on is task for nearly two weeks and didn’t drop clams once – which even for a rare drop is a little much right…?

        I contacted support and they said they’re investigating at current. So it does sound like something is wrong there… let’s see what they come back with.


        • I think he’s dropped once for me since I got him. The other commenter thought it was an always drop hence was wondering why he had only dropped once for them. Touchdown Jesus has certainly been more generous to me than Black Jesus so it’s good TinyCo are having another look. Thanks for info Chris.


  8. I had the Present Plaza glitch the night before event ended. I notified Tinyco & my problem was fixed hours later !


  9. Hello do you know what the Bollywood Dancers animated decoraition does?


  10. Bunny

    Sometime the tan lines do not give you the full amout of stewie bucks. I should be getting 2 blue dollars and I only get 3 green ones. I would say I have been cheated out of a couple hundred bucks



  11. Does only having a 50% drop rate for “common” drops count as a glitch? 😬


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