Witch’s Cauldron Brew Prizes Part 2

Hey there Minions. Hopping by with another rundown of some of the cool new items you can Brew for this awesome Ghostbusters Quahog Halloween Event.

Witch's Cauldron

If you want to see the other items I wrote about from the Cauldron, see the post HERE.

Now for the new items just launched. You are pondering whether an item is worth using your precious earned ingredients to brew? What do you get from it? What does it do? Here is a breakdown that may help you out.

Poltergeist Claws Banshee TearsTerror Dog BonesCandy Corn


Item Spirit Vials Ingredients FP
Iron Maiden 500 5 Candy Corn/ 10 Terror Dog Bones 200
Meaty the Quick-To-Anger Clown Statue 750 10 Banshee Tears/ 10 Candy Corn 300
Confessional 500 10 Latcher Talons/ 10 Terror Dog Bones 300
Francis’s Pulpit 1000 5 Banshee Tears/ 25 Candy Corns 400

This should help you see what items give you the most FP for your ingredients. So for those of you just seeking FP, some items you may want more than others. For those that want the items more for looks and/or animation, see below.

Additional Animation/Character Info

Iron Maiden (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. No animation yet. Looks really cool. I would love to trap a few characters inside of it. 😉

Iron Maiden

Meaty The Quick-to-Anger Clown Statue (Decoration): Sits on a 1×1 base. He is TEENY. Like same size as the Trick or Treater Kids. As he hangs out in your town, he shoots what I can only imagine is acid from his flower pin as it lights a flame when it hits the ground. When tapped, he pulls his hat over his head and disappears into it.

Meaty the Quick to Anger Clown 1

Meaty the Quick to Anger Clown



Confessional (Decoration): Sits on a 1×3 block. No animation. Kinda cool for a church themed area.




Francis’s Pulpit (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 block. No animation.

Francis' Pulpit




There you have the current items available to Brew in the Witch’s Cauldron. More to come as the game progresses. Remember that these items can be located in your Inventory once you brew them. You will need to place them in your town to see/use them.

What do YOU think of all these cool new items? Brew more than one of anything yet? What items have YOU got? Favorites so far? Let us know.



43 responses to “Witch’s Cauldron Brew Prizes Part 2

  1. Thanks to someone’s comment here I brewed another chomps to get the 400 FP and got up to level 10…which is max?! Was curious to see what level other people were at, I thought I was surely behind everyone but haven’t heard anyone say they’d hit max


  2. Lol I guess I wasn’t looking at the clown close enough and thought the clown was peeing, hahahahahha, but now after reading this I see it is coming from the flower. Wonder y they made him so TINY!


  3. Have you heard anything about a major land expansion? I’m in desperate need of another 5-6 blocks to open. No fun to be a premium player if you can’t display your items


  4. Any word on them fixing Mr Weed? I have the required items (and then some, they’re building up quite a bit now) but it still says I don’t have enough…


  5. Do you think we are safe buying monster from space-ace. There is nothing else for talons, it obviously we don’t know what duck Stewie or witch Connie will cost. Have 63, so would still have over 50. I think it’s just strange they brought the talons in the game and we’re used on 3 items total with no real challenge to accumulate them. Would hate of Stewie or Connie were 50 talons each at this point and used 5% of that on a decoration to miss one of them


    • Hard to say since I don’t know what the brew requirements will be for other items. But the monster will still be there before the end of the event, so if you want to wait to see what happens that might help 🙂


  6. Stewie's Doodies

    Slow news day, huh? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Like or Comment if you’re gonna hate removing all of the bushes and placing back new road at the end of the event.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. The clown is so tiny.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Do you think i should buy Alien, he looks pretty cool to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. So there is absolutely no question that I am getting stink bombs from my characters but they are not going toward my total. Is this a problem TinyCo is aware of? I see a few other people have had the issue.


    • When you click on the actual bomb tool, and go into slingshot mode is your count correct? I know there’s a discrepancy between what you see on the main screen and in the slingshot total.


      • Yup I have that problem too. But this is specifically when I click the checkmark, and the bombs drop, the total does not increase. I guess ill contact TC and see what happens.


        • There is a sync delay in the items they are aware of. Most of the time a force close of the app and even restarting device after will force the sync. That or if you wait a lil and go in n out of your game, they will sync up. Just takes a lil time. Outside that, if a LONG period of time has passed and still no totals, most definitely let them know.


  11. Although I love the event, I just wish that,there would be more freemium characters to get rid of banshees instead of terror dogs. I have three characters for that and the worst part is that after to zap cycles, I run out of terror dogs and I have to wait. I hope duck Stewie clears banshees.

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  12. The Iron Maiden would of been cooler if it was the mascot for the band Iron Maiden. I really was hoping for Eddie. Ha ha.

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  13. I’ve decided to call my xenomorph Woody… you know, Woody Alien.

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  14. Ive been playing since about june. I limit myself to about 10 to 15 bucks a month on FG. A lot of stuff that costs clams (real money) this time
    Wouldn’t be so bad if not for that fiasco with the stink bombs. First time ive actually lost a task, and im at this quite a bit. Got the predator , he’s cool, but ive set myself a limit so the alien will likely not be purchased. It just really sucks that i won’t get ecto 1. I only hope i get enough corns for francis.


  15. Iron Maiden? Excellent!

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  16. Two duplicate creations (so far):

    1) Two Buddy the Gargoyles because I wanted a little symmetry.

    2) I needed 5 more clams to have the 200 to get Alien. I needed about 450 more FP to reach Fright Level 7, so the next Fright Level would give me the clams to create Alien… and I got impatient.
    Looking through the brewable / purchasable items to get lots of FP at a reasonable cost, I brewed a second Chomps the Zombie — 400 FP for 200 vials and 20 Terror Dog Bones — and shortly thereafter purchased the Xenomorph Alien.

    Lesson: Fright Levels are good for getting you that few extra clams without investing any more money at the moment.


  17. “Iron Maiden (Decoration): I would love to trap a few characters inside of it. 😉 “. How about some of us Addicts? 😉


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