Holiday, Striped, and Snowflake Gift Box Items

Hey there Yetilicious!

So we now have some Gift Boxes for purchase by collecting Materials in our games rolling around. In order to help you better understand just exactly what is in inside each one, I am going to break the individual items down a little further.

Santa's Village

In this post, I am going to look at the items in the 3 individual Gift Boxes currently in our game. How they factor into the game, what their use is, what kind of payout they have, etc.


Chris Griffin's Drawing TableChris Griffin’s Drafting Table (Decoration): Sits on a 3×3 base. Is an item needed for Chris to check him off on Santa’s Wish list.

Brian's Inspiration CornerBrian’s Inspiration Corner (Decoration): Sits on a 2×3 base. Item needed for Brian to check him off on Santa’s Wish list.

The Happy GreekThe Happy Greek (Building): Sits on a 5×7 base. Required to unlock Jasper. Earns $30 & 20 XP every 4hrs.

Skate PondSkate Pond (Decoration): Sits on a 9×9 base. Is animated. A fish swims around under the ice while water ripples on the cracked opening in the ice. Also tiny drops of snow fall off the surrounding pine trees. When tapped you will see the Golden Fish jump out of one side of the crack, over the center ice block, and back into the water again.

Christmas Drunken ClamChristmas Drunken Clam: Sits on a 5×6 base. Is a building facade for the Drunken Clam. When this facade is placed on the building, it will earn 12 Holiday Cookies and 2 Holiday Cheer every 12hrs.



Dizzy ReindeerDizzy Reindeer (Decoration): Sits on a 3×3 base. No animation currently.

Boyfriend 3000Boyfriend 3000 (Decoration): Sits on a 1×1 base. He is animated. He kind of hiccups as he stands there. When tapped he attempts to hand out a bouquet but falls apart as he does.  Item needed for Meg to check her off on Santa’s Wish list.

Snowy McBurgertownSnowy McBurgertown: Sits on a 5×6 base. Is a building facade for the McBurgertown. When this facade is placed on the building, it will earn 12 Holiday Cookies and 2 Holiday Cheer every 8hrs.

The Dance StageCheer Stage (Decoration): Sits on a 5×6 base. Required to unlock Jasper. No current animation. It does however give the appearance it is lit up with lights.

Johnny's Dance StudioJohnny’s Dance Studio (Building): Sits on a 5×6 base. Required to unlock Jasper.  Earns $30 & 20 XP every 4hrs.



Royal Flush Poker TableRoyal Flush Poker Table (Decoration): Sits on a 2×2 base. Item needed for Bonnie to check her off on Santa’s Wish list.

Rolly HamsterRolly Hamster (Decoration): Sits on a 1×1 base though he is bigger around than it. No animation currently.  Item needed for Jerome to check him off on Santa’s Wish list.

Snowy PlaygroundSnowy Playground (Facade): Sits on a 7×9 base. Is a Facade for the Playground. When this particular skin is placed on the playground, it will payout 12 Holiday Cookies and 2 Holiday Cheer every 8hrs.

Santa's ThroneSanta’s Throne (Decoration): Sits on a 3×5 base. No animation currently.

Death Roe CaviarDeath Roe Caviar (Building): Sits on a 5×5 base. Earns 12 Holiday Cookies and 2 Holiday Cheer every 8hrs.


Now you have an idea of the items inside of the Gift Boxes and how they impact the game itself.

Remember, if YOU were locked out of a Gift Box before the items were all wrapped, let TinyCo know. There is a patch coming to help fix those locked out without completion.

Have you cleared all 3 boxes yet? Any favorite item in them yet? Any you wish were animated? Let us know.



55 responses to “Holiday, Striped, and Snowflake Gift Box Items

  1. Ok, I was running through my task bar & I need to finish Santas list. I still need a big birthday cake for Jesus, something for Quagmire & a reindeer for Santa BUT all my gift boxes are ✔️ off & locked. How do I get the last three items?? THANK YOU 🎅


  2. I keep missing out on getting one item from the Snowflake Gift Box – will it still be available after this Thursday just in case?


  3. Bunny,

    When or what tree level does Quagmire … Jesus … Santa’s gift come out …

    My cheer is max 10 ….but tree is on 5 … 6 on the next round.



  4. Can I just say how relieved I was to see Quagmire’s Xmas wish changed from ‘trunk full of Asians’ to ‘Bondage Rack’

    It’s not that I was offened, I know this is family guy, I just wasn’t looking forward to seeing what that was going to look like. I should only be sad while playing this game when I miss a timed fremium item. 😉


  5. I lost this week challenge coz the yeti is way harder to beat than it seems. Am i the only one who thinks FRANCIS is the most catholic character and he has no Xmas relatted tasks!!!!
    He should have something like Celebrate baby Jesus or something


  6. I never got the table for Chris now my box has gone 😦 have I lost the chance to get Santa now?


  7. Ladies, since I’m not on Facebook, how many gift boxes do you recommend I have. I give one to Ollie every 24 hours and have 12 on hand. Would like Bonnie & Jerome to do other things. Any insight would be appreciated

    Of and thanks for the great info.


    • You will only get a few from Ollie in return. If anything, drop yours every 12 hours for a chance and free Clams for doing so.


      • How do you drop a wrapped gift every 12 hours? Whenever I try to gift Ollie, it makes me wait 24 hours to drop another gift to him. I have over a dozen gifts waiting to be given (I dont use facebook). Will there be anything else in the game these gifts can be used for, later?


  8. as anyone had problems trying to get a hold of TinyCo? I’ve sent 3messages within the past week about an error in my game on their behalf that disqualified me from the Christmas time limit task and still haven’t heard a thing. I’m beyond irritated now. I give a good amount of my time & (now no longer) money, at what I now look at as task. For what? An item I can’t physically hold or own. TinyCo you’ve lost a great fan, free promoter & now my respect.


    • *At what I now look at as meaningless task.


    • Which issue is it? Is it one that is hitting all games and a patch coming? Like for the boxes.


      • I sent Louis & Mort to zero the Yetis last two blocks of life. When I got back onto the game. The attacks had happened but for no reason the yetis life had been reset, from the boy hat stage back to the Viking hat stage. My attacks happened before the yetis life was to reset. I entered the game with something like 6 1/2 hrs till the reset was to happen. It cost me the Rupert sculpture and my chance to collect all of the timed event task & rewards.


  9. Funny how they release animated objects without animating them first. I’m still awaiting my miniature “Trip” statue to actually do something. Figuring that’s not gonna happen.

    Also, almost on my way to stage 4 on the Yeti. Wonder if this is possible since I am required to use clams to finish stage 3.


  10. Didn’t get the necessary items to unlock jasper in time. He’s gone. 😦


  11. I hope the dizzy reindeer gets animated, it would really look nice in the center of my town 😀


  12. The Rolly Hamster is the best deco so far. One thing I wish it did was randomly roam around your Quahog streets like characters.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. How much dmg do Jesus do to Mr. Yeti?


  14. I feel that the happy Greek and the dance studio should drop event currency, not $ and Xp. Sent that to TinyCo. Do you agree?

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Got all of them so far, I really like the Rolly Hamster the best, I just hope they add an animation to it at some point. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of materials stockpiled for the next phase, with 303 Candy Canes, 134 Dolls, and just over 70 Snowflakes.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. How could you not have Jasper yet I got him almost 4 days ago


  17. I have unlocked everything so far. Just working on collecting ingredients for the next round.


  18. Do you think it will be possible to get enough blue stockings for Jesus with just Lois and Mort??


  19. it would be nice if Stan’s skating option could be used on the Skate Pond, it just feels like a bit like a “hey you should have started sooner” jab at newer players.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. Nm, they found it for me! They are so awesome at support! They answer right away!


  21. Oh, I need to get a patch? Ok..


  22. I didn’t get the poker table! Help!


  23. What the duce is with the santa clam.
    So pointless and annoying but it was a gift so I’ll keep it


  24. A nice summary, thank you. 🙂
    And if Rolly Hamster doesn’t get animated soon, I’ll give him to Quagmire. That is not a pleasant fate for a hamster.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I just need Johnny’s Dance Studio to unlock Jasper! Thanks for all your help girls!

    P.S. First comment! Yesssss!!!


  26. I think you forgot the Continue Reading part…


  27. When i remember right, two of these are granting a chance to drop stuff for the mort costume. Caviar could drop Super Menorah and the drunken clam was something else.


    • Correct. The info is in the main posts for the updates when they dropped. This is just more a generic overlook.


      • As correct as that is, many of the items are taking forever in my game. Is has been frustrating. By the time I got Caviar Shop, (my last item to drop out of that box) Mort was already a free man. And because I needed SuperLois to Drop Mort, I didnt have her on Santa clearing, nor was I able to work on Yeti. I did clear enough Santas to get Jasper, but with the 28 hours you have to wait after clearing the Cowboy Hat Yeti so he can reset to Viking Yeti and start again, I still have only one snowflake, almost all the gifts to get from the snowflake box, and 100 to get for Jesus. And, I didnt get the Rupert Challenge because it accidentally started.


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