Hybrid Babies Clarifications

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Bouncing on by really quickly to go over a few questions we keep seeing in the comments and to clarify some of what is going on in the game for the Hybrid Babies Event.

Let’s take a look.

Invasion of the Hybrid Babies


Tomorrow, July 30th 2015, at 3PM Pacific

You can also find this information in the In-Game FAQ.



Finn 2 Jack 2 Chip Griffin Teen Mom Stewie 2

Everything tied to the Hybrid Babies Event. Chip, Finn, Jack, Teen Mom Stewie, Buildings, and Decorations. See the two rundown posts below for all the items.



You can also find this information for the Characters in the In-Game FAQ.



Players are still stating they are “missing” items from Hybrid Babies Phase 2.

During Phase 2 of Hybrid Babies, the content was released over 12hrs early and therefore not complete for public use. Due to this many items had alternate information and details then what they were supposed to have. Including “Placeholder” images in place of others while they were waiting to be completed.

Example: The Automatic Beer Blaster in the Menu on early release showed a “Ferris Wheel”. When it was corrected to the appropriate image, many of you had already purchased it. To avoid an issue, TinyCo placed the correct Automatic Beer Blaster into your Inventory Storage. Same for other items like the Maternity Awareness Billboard.

Automatic Beer Blaster Ferris Wheel Automatic Beer Blaster

So if you are “missing” these items, they can be found in your Inventory Storage. That is also the response we are getting back from TinyCo, that Players writing in have the item(s) in their Inventory Storage. So check there first before contacting them.

As for the “Ferris Wheel”, it is actually the Myrtle Beach Skywheel that cost Dollar Bills to buy from the previously ended Magic Mike Event, so not available to anyone to purchase for this Hybrid Babies Event.



There you have it. Some basic answers to your questions. Let us know if this helped you out.


5 responses to “Hybrid Babies Clarifications

  1. Ok thanks!


  2. I really enjoyed this event, and thought the premium items were fairly priced, especially Jack 60 Clams was a bargain. I have a feeling that either this week or next week will be the start of the next big event, hopefully the next one won’t be as manic as the last two events.


  3. Although the skins and characters were pretty lame I enjoyed this event and it was very doable
    Was happy to see a character actually under 100 clams but was annoyed that a skin was 150 clams which didn’t help at all till End in getting the puppy.
    Would have preferred to have kept the blind puppy to Jack … As bind puppy looked like Stewie and other puppy (fin I think he was called) looked like Brian
    Hope we get a fun weekend event as I’m only checking every 12 hours to see if Brian n Adam west drop hats for Paddy… As all quests n tasks are done ….
    Hope for a News weekend with Diana (human skin) Ollie Williams (character) and Joyce (character) and maybe Neal


  4. If you are connected to the game with Facebook can you sign in with your town on another device?


    • Yes as long as the other device is compatible with the Mobile App. You first make sure the Facebook App is on the other device and then log into your Facebook you linked to the game (you can also do this later at the log in). You just have to load the Game from the App Market onto the alternate device. Play the new game until the menu unlocks. Log into your Facebook if not already. LOAD your saved game file (make sure you are LOADing it. Not LINKing the new game at level 1.) It will ask you to confirm it is your game. Then your saved game file will load and you can play.



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