Minion Stewie’s? Ohhhh Myyyyyy!

What the DEUCE??!! Why are there creepy crawly lil Stewie’s all over the town? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Minion Stewie 2


TinyCo has added yet ANOTHER fun element to the game. (One I am quite enjoying.) You thought spraying all that Pesticide on Giant Stewie wasn’t gonna have a side effect? Well, it sure did. I give you…MINION STEWIE’S!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I LOVE MINIONS!!! FYI…This one is here to stay for the ENTIRE Event too. 🙂

So let’s dive on in and breakdown the fun new element in our Quahog Comic Con Event.

How do I get them in my game?
You will need to have completed the tasks to Enfant Terrible (Part 6 is the last of it) in the Giant Stewie questline.

Enfant Terrible part 6 Corrected



Can I tap on them?
Nope. The only way to clear out these crazy lil Minions is to make them go KABOOOOOM!! Lol. You got to bomb them with Pesticide Bombs.


However, if you do decide to tap on them, you will get a funny lil dialog pop up.

Minion Dialog



How do I get Pesticide Bombs?
You can get Pesticide Bombs by sending Characters on various tasks in the game.

UPDATE 8-15 2PM EST: Due to confusion from players on Part 3 of “Bombs Away” with Blobulous, his two hour task to get Bombs will be disabled until Part 3 is completed. (People were sending Blobulous 2hr instead of Chris 4hr.) Then it will return. 

Bomb Tasks      
Character Task Time/ Payout Blam!
Blobulous Buy Bomb Supplies 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6
Captain Hammered Buy Bomb Supplies 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6
Red Hot Buy Bomb Supplies 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6
Ron Perlman Frolic with Puppies 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6
Felicia Day Do Laundry 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6
Stan Lee Read Comics 2hrs/ $30, 20XP 6
Chris Buy Bomb Supplies 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 5
Bonnie Buy Bomb Supplies 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 5
Quagmire Buy Bomb Supplies 4hrs/ $50, 30XP 5


Purchase Bomb Packs:
1 Bomb1 Bomb, 10 Clams

6 Bombs6 Bombs, 50 Clams

12 Bombs12 Bombs, 90 Clams

48 Bombs48 Bombs, 320 Clams


Get Bombs from Buildings:

Organic Bomb StandOrganic Bomb Stand, 200 Clams, (“Always”/ every 4hrs)


Completing questline for Minion Stewie:

Minion Stewie’s “Bombs Away” quests (Each one will give you at least 1 Bomb)

Bombs Away

Stan Lees “The Creator” quests (Each one will give you at least 1 Bomb)

The Creator


Bout time these lil Blue Guys did some work to help out. Now you will get Pesticide Bombs dropping along with their Blam! WOOHOO!

Blue NerdBlue NerdBlue NerdBlue NerdBlue NerdBlue Nerd



How do I drop the Pesticide Bombs?
Locate the Pesticide Bomb button in the lower right hand corner of your game.Bomb Icon

(This will only show once you complete the beginning tutorial part of him coming into the game. If you have completed it and still don’t see the Button, Force Close/Restart and reload the game and it should appear.)

Using your finger, drag the screen around until the target locks on to an area with the BIGGEST amount of Minion Stewie’s (I have a lil hint on the bottom of a few ways to corral them). You can zoom in and out all you want, just like you normally do on your device.



Once you have your target, tap on the “Bombs Away” button and watch the fun unfold. WOOHOO!! KABOOOOOM!!! The gas will disperse and destroy all the Minions within its range. (Again, hit those areas with the most clustered together.) If you are lucky, the Minions will not have crawled away too fast and are consumed in the fog. That or more may wander in. Essentially, all those within the circular gas cloud BEFORE it dissipates will be destroyed. They will try to run out, some will make it.

Minion Stewie Pesticide Bomb Gas Cloud


What is the Payout on the Minion Stewie’s?
Now for the goodies. These lil Minions are stuffed full of all sorts of prizes for you to collect. You will see a mix of the following items to collect. As usual, some items have a rarer rate so may not show as often. (They will drop at their set rates. Rare, Extra Rare, etc.)

BlamBlam! (15 0r 25)

Classic Book 2Classic Books

Movie CameraMovie Cameras

Ice Cream SundaeIce Cream Sundaes

ClamClam (yes…I said CLAMS!)


What is the Spawn Rate of the Minion Stewie’s?
They will arrive every 10 minutes until you hit YOUR max. (Between 20-40)

Latcher Stewie

What is the MAX amount of Minion Stewie’s?
Now this part will vary on where YOU are in the game.

<District 4: Max of 20 in your Quahog
District 4 Unlocked: Max of 24
District 5 Unlocked: Max of 28
District 6 Unlocked: Max of 32
District 7 Unlocked: Max of 36
District 8 Unlocked: Max of 40

So as you can clearly see, this new line of Minion Stewie’s will add even MORE Blam! earning potential, material drops, and so much…MORE!!

(Had to add this cuz it made me giggle)

Page 4 Quahog Comic Con

Now for my own personal EBIL (YES…a B!! Cuz I’m beyond evil)!!!

I’m having a blast and giggling so hard at this new incarnation. I just want to do nothing but Bomb lil Minion Stewie’s all day. Lol. I can’t get Bombs fast enough. Their lil dialog when you tap them while they run…hilarious. I just can’t get enough of it. Game of Cat & Mouse. Just…SO FUN!! The fact they also stop and squirt ink at you too. I am quite enjoying this.

Speaking of, here’s my lil “tricks”. Find a group of them right by each other…and tap. Make them ink you. Don’t stop. As another speeds by…do the same. Add them to the tapping group. Keep this up a bit til you have a good group stopped and inking you…then…KABOOOOM! Hit that Bomb button and Bombs Away as fast as you can. It helped me to get a decent amount at once. (At least 5 or 6.)

I have also noticed they like to walk in a line, so I have taken my town apart and created nice lil rows…kinda like a farm. I put these so they run right to the edge of available land. What this creates is it makes them all come walking down the rown, then they bottleneck and literally walk the edge of the land. Allowing me to Bomb them and hit several at a time. Coupled with my tip above, I am getting a lot with one Bomb. I am still tweaking the width of the lines seeing just how close to put the houses and buildings, but it is fun to play around with. (p.s. They DO disappear just inside the foggy areas if you have any. All you see is a lil head grazing the edge of it. Lol.)


There you go. The more detailed run down of the new Minion Stewie incarnations that are overtaking our towns. This should really help to boost that Blam! count even higher for you. Now, the question is…what do YOU think of them? Love them? Hate them? Driving you nuts? Tell us how you REALLY feel. Lol. Let me know also if my tips help you out or if you have a few of your own.


220 responses to “Minion Stewie’s? Ohhhh Myyyyyy!

  1. I NEED HELP! I literally can’t get to this part of the game. I’ve completed the peter vanquish giant stewie 3 times quest and haven’t had any quests for days until he bonnie quest a day or two ago. I thought I had to vanquish giant stewie at 25x and my timer ran out before i could do it again after the quest.. I need help to continue now that i’ve lost 3 days of playing!


  2. What happens if I can’t complete the quest to bomb 10 minion Stewies? I can’t get more than 9 no matter how hard I try. My boyfriend completed the quest on his device but says the screen on my iphone is too small for him to do it on mine. So he’s got additional quests open that I don’t which I really want to play. 😦


    • If your game is saved to an email or Facebook and his too…use his device. Lol. All it takes is go into menu, account, sign in as someone else. If an email…just enter yours. If Facebook, you’ll need to make sure he logs out of his on his Facebook app on the device so you can log into yours.

      Again…you BOTH need to have your games saved to either email or Facebook for it to work so neither loses progress on their games. 🙂


  3. How do we kill 25 of them for the newest challenge?! I can’t get 10 let allone 25! Gutted, help?!?!


  4. I eliminated all of my roads – except for one little square. Someone else had placed something in a spiral but I could not find it in the store. Anyway, my squard is surrounded by standard office buildings and sidewalks are blocked off by another building turned the other direction. I get 15 stewies every 10 to 20 minutes or so and all of my “bum” characters, that is, those with nothing to do go to that little square, as do ALL of my trekkies. Stewies are hard to stop. They go through fences, bushes and some buildings. They seem to only penetrate one specific spot in my building cage, so it is easy to bomb them when I re renter the game each time. I have found the red standard office to be quite valuable at only 200 coins each and they put out the most value for the money. I can easily get 5000 coins per round with the nunber I have built. Build your coffers quickly with these. It’s worth every penny.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I guess I’m an addict now too 😀


  6. Why make a limit on how much you can bomb at once O.o?


  7. When i get two bombs at the same time it only shows i have one bomb


    • Sometimes it takes a minute to sync up multiples. Just watch the count. If it does not sync up, try to trigger it. Visit the other towns. Try Force closing out of your game. Try restarting the device. If still issue, let TinyCo know so they can look into your game.


  8. Does the Nothing Suspicuous Here Factory affect the minion rates at all? The description made it sound like it spawns minions.


  9. So the notebook…when red shirts are actually walking in my town it states they are an option however the jazz record still no option for redshirts or the q hotel showing as possibility…week and half and never a jazz record from q hotel or red shirts my 5 out of 10 came at the beginning from quagmire…then nothing…this game is really getting stupid…contact them…yeah right…been a week..when there is a problem they respond with some generic text that has nothing to do with the actual problem…


  10. If you set up the scope of the bomb to the area you are going to tap minion stewies first then exit the scope, as soon as you get a large group you can go straight to the bomb abs release without making sure it’s in the right spot. This has helped me get the trophy and extra clams. Hope this helps


  11. Thanks for the strategy of bombing. I destroyed my town just for this hahaha. I tried to remove roads and have at least 1 so they group around it but that did not quite work for me but putting buildings in a line did.

    Again you guys are awesome!!!


  12. These robed geeks ar really cramping my style when blasting the minions. Always walking in the middle of a carefully herded grouping. I only need three more blueprints to unlock regular Stewie (30 uncommon items that require a 20 hr task. Are you kidding me?). I am seriously considering dropping the 15 clams to end it so I can get them out of my town.

    Every once in a while though it looks like the geeks are trying to help out by blasting the minions, which is kind of funny.


  13. Okay, when the minions first hit the town, I think I tapped on them and it cleared them. Now I can’t complete the tutorial – it crashes my game with a null frame error every time. I’m going to miss the vehicle, and it’s totally stopped my ability to progress. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I’ve uninstalled several times, cleared the cache (I’m android) and nothing is working. I am so frustrated right now.


  14. Here’s how I get minimum of 10 hits per bomb:

    1. Remove all roads
    2. In front of Griffin house place one piece of road
    3. Place buildings so they touch every segment of the road
    4. Where possible put characters on tasks that require them to be in buildings
    5. Upon opening game quickly bring up pointer/aim on road and wait until they spawn and fire ASAP.
    6. Exit game within respawn timeframe making sure to always have one bomb available.

    I’ve been doing this for the better part of the day and the average kill rate is between 10-14.

    Best of luck!!

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  15. For this phase, I cleared out my town of everything I could remove with the exception of two pavement pieces so I can try to get the minions in groups. It somewhat works.


  16. My highest so far is 13 – it told me I have great eyelashes (and I do :)).

    Does anyone have a list of all the compliments that you get when bombing minions?


  17. I’m bombing away and getting lots of blam but not a single minion has dropped anything useful for unlocking Stan. Is this normal? Are they just super rare? Its very annoying! I am having lots of fun though, thank you everyone for your hints and tips 😀


  18. I feel like at this point then I won’t even have the chance to complete the task to win the clams and the trophy any help? Haha


    • No time line on it….just keep trying. Sometimes it’s best to try and find a spot they meet in and start tapping away to get them to freeze in place. And them bomb away…you’ll catch a few more as they cross into the pesticide


  19. I have noticed some changes since the minions first appeared. The drop rate of bombs from tapping nerds are lower. Characters doing tasks that gets bombs also have lower drop rates. The minions don’t drop as much Blam (15-25 at first and 15 now). Coins are dropping more often when minions are bombed. I’ve already cleared the books from unlocking Stan Lee so I don’t know what changes there are but the movie cameras drop less from minions.


    • One correction. Minions do drop 25 blam, but at a lower rate.


    • The first day or so, I figured it was so good it couldn’t last and played as often as I could. I’ve noticed a lower max on how many blue nerds there are (limiting bomb drops), tasks don’t always drop bombs (now uncommon drop rate) and yes more 15 blam drops than 25 (mine used to be half and half, now just a few 25). Definitely get fewer items dropping and now coins showing up.


  20. Without changing my Springfield and to bomb multi minions I wait at a 4 way intersection and once a minion is in the intersection I tap it (this makes it stop and blab something at me) … Keep tapping them as they enter the intersection and once you have a bunch and see others traveling toward the intersection quickly unload a bomb on thier fruit loop dingus butts!
    I have bombed 14 at once once or twice but usually 10ish 🙂


  21. Yesterday I was getting Blam! And the odd item from minion Stewie. Today not a single item but Blam! And coins?!? Anyone else getting this?


    • Some are reporting it’s a substitute for items that are supposed to drop. Do you have anything for Stan Lee cleared out? (like books?)


      • Ah, Yes I do have all the books… You would think it would revert to Blam! though? No coins needed! 🙂


      • I’ve been noticing this too! I’ve gotten 2 books for Stan Lee from minion Stewies but coins in almost every shot at multiples of them. I just got an 8 and a 10 and in both 2 gave me coins. I haven’t cleared anything for Stan Lee – nowhere close!


        • Do you have blobulous? I was getting the ice creams from minion stewie too, after a week I had only managed to get 2, I got the other 8 from minions in a day!

          Still think should be getting blam! though.


          • I do have Blobulous, I forgot the minions dropped ice cream because I already had him before they arrived! Seems I’d have gotten about 10 ice creams today if I hadn’t! I agree with you about getting Blam! instead, it is a bit frustrating when coins are the only thing I don’t need!


      • I’m seeing the same thing, getting 15 Stewies with each bomb but not getting any items anymore, but the only thing I’ve cleared for SL is blam. Nerds are still dropping notebooks, but it looks like it’s all up to the chars for most of this now 😦

        Started after I got the bombadier trophy. If I’d known that would happen I would have let more escape and not gotten the trophy so fast.


  22. “What this creates is it makes them all come walking down the rown, then they bottleneck and literally walk the edge of the land.”
    Bunny could you please post some more screenshots of your layout to explain better this technique. Thanks.


    • Yes. I am trying to help out with the comments and tech issues right now. Will try to add some pics later. Basically…you are creating a path, walkway, or “maze” type structure. They like to follow lines so if you can make those lines keep heading to a specific point, you can trap them there and hit many at once.

      Others players are trying the “maze” method by using buildings and decorations like fences to make the Minions go around and around in kind of a square that gets smaller and smaller til it reaches the center. Give that a go and see if it helps.


  23. si consigues matar 10 bichos con una sola bomba te dan esta estatua 😀


  24. I just bombed 6 Mignon Stewies and three of them only paid coins. Are other folks seeing that?


  25. Found a really easy way to get 12+ minions every time! Remove all your roads until only 1 square is left. Then use hedges (cheap) and build a spiral outwards from the edge of the road square. The minions spawn on the road square and have no choice but to follow the spiral path giving you plenty of time to nuke the little critters! I have a screen grab of the set up here:


    • I have completly remodeled Quahog to make straight lines and intersections. I have also tried your layout and it does not work for me. Minions are passing via the hedges. I think to remove almost all the buildings. Thus far this bombing (10) Minions quest is the most frustrating idea TinyCo served us. (And that game used to be fun)


  26. WhooHoo! Bombardier training finished! 10 minions in one shot! I got the “Bombardier Trophy!” 😀


  27. I keep reading that people are having troubles where they are not able to get into certain spots with the bombs. I had the same problem but if you zoom in on the bombs you should be able to reach every area. Hope this helps some people


  28. I’ve read the tips about tapping and Bunny’s farm tunneling, however I was wondering if someone could please post in more detail (a pic would be great) because no matter how many rows I have, the minion Stewie’s don’t seem to be wanting to go in a straight line. Also, I hear people getting over 10k blam in a day and HALF of Stan Lee’s items?? What in the world am I doing wrong as I’ve gotten zero items and only about 2k blam. This makes me really frustrated as it seems I’m not doing something right. I need a ton more blam and I have no clue how people are getting so many from bombing but I’d really appreciate it if someone can give more detail about making your town into rows. Thanks.


    • I line up the front of each building to run smoothly. So there are none that poke out or are behind other. I don’t know if you can tell in my post in the pic I posted…but the backs are all out of alignment…the fronts are formed to make a solid line from one end of town to other.

      Any other readers suggestions?


      • I’m down to just one segment of road with a chain link spiral going out from it. I made an opening right next to the Griffin house since that’s where my game starts and when I enter the game I scoot over to the road, then hit the button for the bomb, center it on the road segment, then wait till they all spawn on the road. Then I hit bomb away and I’m getting 15 per shot. Just always make sure you have a bomb in stock when you exit, no time to collect it when you enter.

        I’ve put everyone else on indoor tasks to keep them of the road segment, but Connie is doing toad so she is stoned in the middle of this. When the nerds spawn they head right for the road segment, so it looks like she is the drugged bait in a nerd catching maze trap


      • I have an intersection near where the minions respawn. I just camp the intersection and let they come in all directions. Tapping frantically to stun them and when I see more coming, I drop a bomb. Usually it works but once in a while, they all scatter just before the bomb hits and I get one or two kills. You do need patience. I’ve had to continuously tap the same minions for 5 mins. before more minion wander by.

        One thing. Right when they respawn, they are immune to any bombs. You need to wait a few secs before they can be bombed. They can be stunned though.

        Using this method, I average 5+ per bomb. Right now, I’m doing the bombardier training, so I have to wait longer for more minions to show up before I start.


  29. Any idea how high the Bombardier Training quest line goes? It’s asking me to do 10, and like the other commenter, I’ve done 11 before, just not with the quest active. The little minions don’t always stand still long enough after you tap them for the gas cloud to reach them.


  30. Weird bug, submitted to TC. Ideas anyone?

    Android Family Guy QfS version 1.1.3. Have uninstalled and reinstalled to solve issue with no success.

    Issue: cannot complete Bombs Away Part 2. Minion stewies not spawning. Been stuck for 5+ hours

    Details: Starting quest causes an error message to appear in bomber mode- “Trying to start bomb tutorial with no BombableSquatters”. Proceeding on from this point by clicking OK or back button causes a reload screen and rollback- as peter available to regive quest (!) or causes game to crash. I am able to accumulate rockets (up to 17 at the moment) but no targets to use them on…and the 3rd week challenge timer (for bike) continues to progress (@3 days 19 he’s and counting).


  31. Tell me is ain’t so… Could TinyCo. have caught on and curtailed the high blam from the minion kills?!?

    After getting the gold trophy for hitting 10 now when bombing I’ve noticed coins have replaced BLAM. I killed 8 but only 3 gave BLAM, rest were coins. Previously every kill was BLAM!!



  32. if anyone is wanting the info to send them a note (hopefully to speed things up) go to


  33. Man the blam is flyin now… I’ve been on a 24 hour wait period for pesiticides (I never bother doing the 29 of a color) and I’ve STILL earned over 10k in blam today just from doing bombs and nerds. I’m going to hit 85k tonight. Possibly get GT by the end of the weekend at my current rate.


  34. for all kindle users i just got word from amazon that the new version (1.1.3)is going to be released soon .it is being tested so i hope they mean very soon


  35. Don’t you love how you are great at something until you are actually called upon to do it? I have bombed as many as 11 Minion Stewies at once, but now that I actually HAVE to bomb 10 at once, I can barely hit 5.


  36. Having a Great time with all of this!!! My sister-in-law doesn’t know if i’m just competitive or very addicted. I have passed her in the blam count. She is on track with the blam calendar schedule ,I on the hand sitting 10 days ahead. Go Me!!! THANK YOU for the Clams with the quest for bombing minion stewies!!!


  37. Love. This. Event. Love it, love it, love it. That is all.


  38. What a great tip I didn’t realize I could group them together by tapping them before dropping a bomb. I was got the clams for blowing up 8 at once. Thanks so much for once again supplying much need tips. Love this site and the TSTO site by far the best place for info for both my games!!!


  39. I’m finding a rather irritating problem with the bomber. The boundaries of the map prevent the crosshairs from going all the way to edge, but minion Stewies frequently gather in these corners.


    • Yes, keeps happening to me too! Very frustrating


    • I noticed that too. The far western corner of my map is a big open area from which I recently removed a bunch of 1 hour offices. (I have $1.3 milly on hand, so I just couldn’t be bothered with them anymore.)

      And of course they sure do love it over there: it’s like a minion nature preserve. At least the “nature trail” leading in and out seems to be a happy hunting ground for me so far. :mrgreen:

      Bonus weirdness: I’ve been fighting a cat flea infestation in my house for the past couple of weeks. So this whole thing feels as if, just when I’ve got them on the run in real life, they’ve decided to infest my virtual life too. 🙂


  40. Have you guys got any idea about who the sliced meat that will drop from the Guts And Glory Butchers Shop will be for? Just found it near the end of the buildings tab.


  41. Getting Stan Lee is pretty easy with these minions. I’m half way on all items.


  42. Cool new item if you can complete all of the “Bombardier Training” quest line (last one is kill 10 minion Stewies with 1 bomb) – The Bombardier Trophy (Gold Peter riding a Bomb ala Dr. Strangelove)
    Tried to skim to see if anyone else had gotten this..


  43. Sweet! Lots of clams for bombing groups of minion stewies!
    Thank u tiny co 🙂


  44. Robo stewie box was just released


  45. Bombardire questline is now available to get a few extra clams!
    Quite helpful for freemiums with minion killing knowhow 😛


  46. there’s a new 100 clam building that always gives ham whats that about?


  47. Robo Stewie Mystery Box is now active… Nothing interesting there though. Also, a new Bombardier Training series of tasks is now available which gives ever-increasing CLAMS! (yes, you read that correctly) for killing minions in bunches… I’m up to 15 🙂


  48. shooting mutant stewies needs to be an option after event finishes. if it was would drop the clams on bomb stand.

    just got to bombardier training, nice to fine tune target practice with a nice reward.

    oops stewie was not on a task tried to blow him up.


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