What’s In Santa’s Sack??! Saturday- FINAL DAY!!!

Hey there all you silly lil Addict Readers!!

Seems Santa got in a lil TOO much “Egg Nog” for the holidays (probably didn’t help he ate a few too many brownies in Colorado too.) So it seems that his Santa Sack is not quite empty. OH NO!!! Leftover Gifts???!!!


Welcome to the Saturday Edition of What’s In Santa’s Sack??! THIS IS THE FINAL DAY!!! SO MAKE SURE YOU ENTER BY COMMENTING BELOW!!! 

Today, we want to know… (feel free to answer all or pick just one)

Is this real? Or is this just Fantasy? 

Red Pill? Or Blue Pill? 

What is the Ultimate Question?


Feel free to elaborate in the comments below. Have fun, but stay within the Addicts Guidelines.

Pile of Presents

Keep an eye out every day for the What’s In Santa’s Sack Post to go live. You never know what FREE Goodies the Addicts have in store for you. 😉

All you have to do is comment on the post to enter. That is it. You will have until 9:59 PM EST tonight to do so.


For complete details and restrictions, see the main post HERE. 

 Good Luck!!!

Alissa & Bunny 

224 responses to “What’s In Santa’s Sack??! Saturday- FINAL DAY!!!

  1. Red pill


  2. Fantasy if i see peter griffin i know its fantasy
    Red and blue life is too short.
    where was bunny during Halloween.


  3. The ultimate question is coke or pepsi. The answer is of course Pepsi.


  4. Is this real? Or is this just Fantasy? Nope, it is a landslide
    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill? Red definitely… now get out of my dreams. 
    What is the Ultimate Question? What is 6 time 9?
    How much Wookiee could a Wookiee Chuck chuck if a Wookiee Chuck could chuck Wookiee? Well, a wookie would chuk proximately a cord of Wookie Chuck.


  5. 1. Fantasy
    2. Blue pill
    3. If a store is open 24 hours a day, why does the door have a lock on it?


  6. Red pill! Or blue? 😛


  7. 1) A little of both.
    2) Neither. Drugs are bad. Mmmkay?
    3) What? Is the ultimate question.


  8. Nothing is real/definite until we measure it (basics of quantum mechanics). And even then, Plato’s allegory suggests that reality is only real for the person observing it. What you observe may be different from me. So ‘reality’ as such may not exist. And then there’s Descartes of course who says this may all be a dream/fantasy. But also then…there must be something dreaming that fantasy of course, so not a direct reality, but one must exist…

    I’M GETTING ON A TANGENT… Back on track…

    Red pill. The truth (although possibly painful) is always better than a lie. I have yet to meet someone who prefers ignorant bliss.

    The ultimate question is: what is the ultimate question?

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  9. Fantasy because aliens put us on this planet to observe our behavior.

    The blue pill because I need to sleep.

    Does anyone dream that they are in the family guy game?


  10. Fantasy… until Victoria Principal wakes up. Then Real.


  11. Fantasy for sure
    Too much silly things to be real


  12. The blue pill is for old men! Lol
    I’d take red


  13. The big blue pill is for old people 😉
    I’d take red.


  14. I hope this is real. Otherwise, I have benal fantasies.


  15. I’m really curious what would happen if you were to take both pills at the same time….


  16. Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Who knows? Who cares! I’m buried in my phone and no longer concerned with such things. As long as my phone works, this can all be the dream of a giant space whale.


  17. Blue pill


  18. Philip Armstrong

    Red pill in the day and a blue one at night to sleep perchance to dream. Flying in a blue dream. Sounds like a song to me? Dont throw your old pills in the toilet or trash. Take them to a pharmacy that will destroy them. Protect the enviroment or the red and blue pills will be useless. Thanks to our wonderfull hostess’s. Happy New year!


  19. Not sure about the ultimate question…but the answer is 42!!!


  20. Is this real? Or is this just Fantasy?
    Ans: You’re just caught in a landslide, with no escape from reality

    Red Pill? Or Blue Pill?
    Ans: Don’t need Blue Pills, still kicking and screaming here!

    What is the Ultimate Question?
    Ans: When is the New Year event ending?


  21. zombiepanda2007

    The red pill will take you where no mankind has ever been before…..
    Waking up one day surrounded by zombies after a normal day of fun activities, will make you question whether is real or pure fantasy..
    Also driving around in the country, and all of the sudden things get bright and colourful and then seeing cars flying in the air like airplanes, and everything around you is peaceful and everyone got along with each other without any conflicts……
    The ultimate question would be whether this game will last for years and expand more. That would be fantastic!!! I love this game 🙂 Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤️


  22. Take the blue pill, reality sucks


  23. 42 is the answer to everything


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