Silly Santa’s Sack Q&A

Hey there Minions!!

So we wanted to do ANOTHER post on the Santa’s Sack Giveaway we did. YES!! ANOTHER!!! Lol. But if you read below, I think you will understand why…

Santa's Sleigh

As we were reading through the comments by all you AMAZING fellow Addicts, we were laughing, giggling, and reminiscing right along with you. We wanted SO badly on many occasions to respond back, but just had to withhold to keep that randomizer happy.

So we decided to go back through and pull some of our favorites (well… there was a LOT… 200+ on each day… so we had to limit ourselves) and put them here. This way we all can take one more look at them, respond to them, and maybe get the giggles again.

Sit back and enjoy as we dive deep into Santa’s Sack… again. Lol 😉

Today, we want to know… What was your favorite gift when you were a child? 

Bunny: This one was awesome. LOVED seeing the responses. Many reminded me of myself Christmas morning. I pulled a few below…


featherheadtoo: I still think my favorite gift is that I have my family and I get to enjoy time with them. There is no gift better than that. Material gifts are not one of my favorite things in life.

Bunny: This one gets me each year as I don’t have much family left. Those that are still around keep to themselves more. I do miss those years where ALL of us were together. This is not the only comment like this. Many of you in fact stated the same. The best gifts ARE when you get to be surrounded with love. 🙂


Matt: I would have to say the greatest gift in my household was the Original Atari 2600. I still remember playing it as a kid with my 3 brothers. I think my oldest brother still has it with all the games we collected over the years. I still remember all of the battles we had in Combat, the original war game with tanks and planes.

Bunny: As a gamer girl, this was my first love. Oh the hours n hours I would spend on Joust. I don’t know why that one… but I loved it. Probably because NO ONE could beat me at it. Lol. Yes, yes… LOTS of you said game systems… all of which I have or have owned at one time. Lol. Y’all a bunch of Geeks or what?


DaveSave: Hello everyone from Italy!! My favourite gift was a little Ferrari Go-kart when I was 5. It moved by pedals and i run all the time from kitchen to my bedroom and also in the garden…lovely…I felt like a little Jean Alesi!!! I preserve it in my garage!!! 🙂

Bunny: OOOOOoooooh that one WOULD be an awesome gift to get! I love Go Karts. Could spend hours and hours just riding around in them. Pedal or Gas powered. Lol.


syrenssong32: My favorite gift from Santa was the entire Jem and Holligrams concert set and dolls. It had the back set for the concert with lights. All the instruments for the members of the band, Jem, Kimberly, Raya, Shana and Aja. It was all I wanted that year and I played with it everyday having my own “truly truly outrageous ” concerts.

Bunny: What about the Misfits? Don’t they get any love? Lol 😉


DaPimp: Blow up doll

Bunny & Alissa: ***shakes head*** OK Quagmire… Giggity


Cleckers: Getting a sense of déjà vu here… X-wing fighter from Star Wars – short and sweet. Loved everything Star Wars when I was younger.

Bunny: Oh where to begin on my collection of Star Wars. Seems a LOT of you had a lil fascination with them too. Lol. Right about now is when Alissa shakes her head at me. Let me put it this way… I joined my collection with my cousins (I was a Tomboy) and let’s say… last count… 30,000+ pieces of Star Wars Merch? Something like that. The funny part is, most are REcollected ones we got later on as the originals… well… we played HARD. Many times the poor things were melted, blown up, shot, exploded, on n on n on. (I know… ***GASP***) At least I enjoyed my toys. 😉


Brad: Ah man I loved it when Santa left my He-Man characters and transformers. I thought the Castle of Grayskull was the coolest thing ever.

Bunny: LOVED transformers. Still have a bunch of the originals. Thought it was so cool how you could make them change into different things. Or those “heat” activated ones… hold your finger to see what emblem appeared on it and who’s side they were really on.


Doc Tony: This may seem a little silly, but the best gift I received as a child was an Easy Bake Oven. I had to plead with my parents to get it for me because they didn’t think it was the most appropriate gift for a little boy. The eventually gave in, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled baking cakes under a light bulb. I’m now a pretty good cook, and I believe the Easy Bake Oven started it all!

Bunny: I think we ALL secretly wanted one. You could make your own frakkin desserts!! COME ON!! Though… thinking about it… cooking food with a lightbulb… and people wonder why I got all those energy efficient ones now. Lol.


Today, we want to know… What is your favorite color

Alissa: My favorite color is Green. Can’t you tell?

Bunny: I will just say this…  THANK YOU to all that got my Monty Python joke!! That made me giggle so hard. Lol. Bunch of Nerds. 😉  Props to those that had the EXACT color code, like for the T.A.R.D.I.S.

My favorite colors… yes a few… Mainly “Fall” colors… but mostly… Red & Black. And for those that say Black is NOT a color, I will be happy to NOT color your eye Black. HAHAHAHAHAH just kidding. 😛

Then there was this one….

jester63caddie: My favorite color is whatever Bunny’s eye color is… that scores extra points right? 😉

Bunny: Tsk tsk tsk… you didn’t even say WHAT color they were. Whatever? What color is that? Negative points. HAHAHAHA  😛  So, what color ARE my eyes? Lol.


Today, we want to know… Chocolate? White, Milk, or Dark?

Bunny: Who knew there would be such a conspiracy around chocolate. IT’S CHOCOLATE!! Lol. My fav is Dark by the way. SOOOOOooo good. Love the really dark ones that have a hint of fruit infused in them.

Alissa: The kind that’s not chocolate. None of the above. I don’t care for Chocolate actually.


Today, we want to know… Coke or Pepsi

Bunny: This one I just giggled so hard at due to again… the age old “which one is better” thing. Didn’t know sugary drinks could pull out so many pitchforks and torches. I laughed at those that pulled in the SNL skit. The theme songs. And even those that just said “Meh… I don’t like soda”. Nothing wrong with that at all. Also laughed at those that chose based on our “adult beverages”. Lol. I actually don’t drink much soda anymore. Teas and infused water or straight up water for me.

Alissa: I prefer Diet Coke.


Today, we want to know… Where is Bunny? 

Alissa: She’s locked up in my basement, duh!! Under surveillance.

Bunny: First off, for those of you new to the site… HI! I am Bunny. Lol. I am one of two owners/moderators of this very site. If you want more details on the Addicts and me, please read HERE.

K so this one was an “OOPS” on my part. I got the frakkin flu and was seriously delirious when I wrote it. It was SUPPOSED to say “Where is Bunny’s home?” BUT… out of mistakes come greatness… and this one just made me giggle so hard. Apparently this Bunny parties too hard. Points for a reference to one of my other fav shows… Labyrinth, Matrix, Ghostbusters, etc. Lol. Here are a few I pulled…

Mike Gibbs: Bunny is well ensconced in the cave of Caerbannog, resting comfortably upon the bones of failed adventurers and grail-seekers, picking bits of knight out of her nasty big pointy teeth. 🙂

Bunny: I got fangs… like THIS!! 😛


storbinc: Bunny Is hanging upside down over my stew pot here in the middle of nowhere, USA deep deep in the woods of no return.
Stewie made me do it!

Bunny: ***GASP***


JD Lowe: Bunny is being worshipped at my house!
All hail bunny!!
Follow bunny’s teachings to happiness & stuff!!!
Bunny knows all!!!!

Bunny: I hope you all are wearing you tinfoil Bunny ears… to keep the Fudds from probing your minds. 😉


Fecrabond: In our hearts~
Etrigan 🙂 : In the hearts and minds of those who love her 🙂

Bunny: AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww.  Lots of sweet ones. Thanks! 🙂


Deven: According to a “Where is Bunny?” Google search:
“Bunny is situated approximately 7 miles south of the City of Nottingham.”
Apparently Google tracked her to England.
Thanks Google!

Bunny: I WISH!! 😉 LOTS of you put me overseas. If only travel was that easy.


Today, we want to know… What is Alissa’s favorite candy? 

Bunny: Again, for those of you new to the site… Alissa is my partner in crime and the other owner/moderator of this site. Feel free to again peek over on our post about the Addicts to learn more about Alissa.

Now I put this one in here mainly as there is a certain candy I bring for Alissa every time I visit her. I call it her “Candy Crack”. As it is something not very commonly found all by itself… I was curious if any others would know about it. No one mentioned it. Funny thing is, a LOT of the candy you all posted are many of her favorites she eats though.

Alissa: It is pretty much anything NOT chocolate, but Red Vines are my favorite. And the Strawberry only Mentos Bunny brings me. Getting them from her makes them taste better.


Today, we want to know… (feel free to answer all or pick just one)

Is this real? Or is this just Fantasy? 
Red Pill? Or Blue Pill? 
What is the Ultimate Question?

Alissa: ***shakes head and cringes at all the Nerds on the site… especially Bunny***. What’s a red pill?

Bunny: Oh man, where to even start on this one. All I can say is tap on the Day to take you to the Santa’s Sack post and re read all the comments. So fun. Lol.


There you have it. A few of the ones that I was just giggling over. I will let Alissa elaborate more on them in the comments. But we BOTH had such a great time with this Giveaway. Who knew a silly lil thought in my head would turn into so much fun and amusement for all. We just love spoiling you all as much as we can. 😉

Thanks again for all the amazing answers and please feel free to keep elaborating more on them below if you’d like.  What did YOU think of it all? You know we love to hear from you!

(p.s. Now that the Giveaway is done, we have reopened all the posts for additional commenting on if you want.)

23 responses to “Silly Santa’s Sack Q&A

  1. Pawtucket Brewery District just opened up!


  2. Look at what my game just shown 🙂
    So I guess Blue Harvest in the near future confirmed? 🙂


    • Can you say… PHOTOSHOP!!!! Nice try though. As Consuela would say… “No, No, Noooooooooooooo Noooooooooo” 😉 (You forget who we talk to on a daily basis, if it was coming… YOU would know direct from this Geek Girl)


  3. OT: BREWERY!!! 😉


  4. District 10 is open


  5. Yeah, the beer district is open for me. I can’t wait for more land.


  6. And you’ll never guess what cutie comes with it 😀


  7. Pawtucket is open for business !!!


  8. District 10 just opened up for me. Well, technically just the opportunity to open it up. Not actually opening it yet, in case one of the tasks to unlock Pawtucket Pat is either Peter’s drunk dancing or Chris’ hanging out at home. Still only have 3 necklaces, and if I wanted to spend clams to get NY Jillian, I’d just drop 60 on the necklaces, rather than 150 on a skin for Brian that I may never use again after this event…


  9. Came looking for info on district 10 which popped up when. I opened my game yay!! Guess I am early because there isn’t a post for today yet (1/14/15). Guess I will come back later… I am clearing the land around the brewery and sending characters on quests to get the oompa skin. Hopefully I get the last 2 necklaces for Jillian today.


  10. I want to try blackcurrant skittles. Yum….and no fair.


  11. DISTRICT 10 IS HERE !!!!!!!!!


  12. Yay, District 10 just unlocked! I was smart to not have all my characters go on 24 hour tasks, so I can already start on getting Chumba Wumba Stewie.

    I wonder if TinyCo will have Cheech and Chong as premium characters, so they can assassinate Pawtucket Pat.


  13. I can’t believe you put my blow up doll answer on there! Hahaha that was funny to see, and I really needed that laugh.

    Fun story: When I was in 4th grade, my teacher had said something about his girlfriend and I said it was a blow up doll in front of the whole class. He just laughed it off at the time and I didn’t get in trouble or anything, but at the end of the year he wrote that incident on this page that was part of my report card! For some reason, they handed report cards out to the students to take home instead of mailing them, so I was smart enough to read it after school and throw that part away in the boys bathroom before my dad ever found out. Wasn’t it fun to get away with stuff when you were a kid? 🙂

    P.S. I was really wondering what Alissa’s favorite candy was too!


    • Well… it made us both laugh hysterically. I can’t believe you posted it. So figured I would put it up there for the WHOLE WORLD to see. 😛

      Never underestimate the Bunny 😉


  14. Hi I have Jillian but not her apartment how do I get her apartment help me please this is frustrating


  15. I didn’t see the Alissa candy post…Alissa: how do you feel about skittles? Awesome, right? Though I am a chocolate-and-peanut- butter-aholic….Reece’s are like crack to me!


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