Where The Hell…? Sexy Time Stewie

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Sexy Time Stewie 2

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of Sexy Time Stewie. Why is he in our game? Where did he show up in the Family Guy Series? Why does he seem to be channeling Benny Hill? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 2, Episode 17: He’s Too Sexy For His Fat
Lois and Stewie are at the Stop n Shop. Lil Stewie is getting annoyed at the idea that Lois won’t leave him home by himself. What could possibly happen? Well, cut scene to a more lax lil Sexy Party with Stewie in a robe and girls in Bunny Costumes. Not quite the one in the game, but a part of the overall quest idea (as Stewie wants to be in a robe to resemble a certain person who makes “Plaything” magazines.)

Sexy Time Stewie 2


Season 3, Episode 18: From Method to Madness
Brian is trying to better himself at acting. Stewie at first was a bit taken back by it. He eventually shows up to support him at the Quahog School of Performing Arts. Brian is curious as to why Stewie now is supporting him. He explains that with him out of the house 5 days a week, he can now freely throw some of his “Sexy Parties”. Cut scene to Stewie now in the classic Benny Hill-esque gag of running around the house, chasing girls, and stopping now and then to dance.

Sexy Time Stewie


A running gag in the TV Series has now turned into a cool costume in our games. What do YOU think of Sexy Stewie? Are you glad they chose this costume for him? Do you giggle when he runs around with the Sexy Girls? Did you unlock him during the Limited Time Event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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36 responses to “Where The Hell…? Sexy Time Stewie

  1. My absolute favorite episode!! He’s too sexy for his fat!! This episode is the episode that made me completely fall in love with Family Guy in the first place!! I love the Sexy Stewie part of that episode but my all time favorite part is when Peter gets liposuction the first time and goes to take a shower and as he’s in the shower he looks down and goes “I see you!!” LMAO!! I’m just sad that I didn’t get to obtain Sexy Stewie when I had the chance. Are we ever going to get another chance to earn him or will we have to buy him with clams at some point?


  2. Did they change his name, Bunny? I thought he was always called just ‘Sexy Stewie.’ I got him before the quest ended and YES, I giggle every time he does the Sexy Pah-tee/Benny Hill shtick. I wish they would add his little chuckle in there, though when he is doing that. He is the one character I moved ahead with clams so I could make sure I got him!


    • Lol. It was a play on words. If you remember the Event when it launched one of the things you tapped instead of “Go” was “Sexy Time”. It’s even in the post I linked at the bottom this post. It cracked me up. So we called him “Sexy Time Stewie”. 😉


  3. For a little moment I thougth they put this costume in the game again.
    thanks for the false hope guys!


  4. I just discovered this game midway through the Christmas event, so obviously I missed out on everything that happened before then, including Sexy Time Stewie. Do you anticipate a return of any of the previous content? Or is there any way of making requests to TinyCo that they will actually read? Not really sure why, but I really really want the Kool Aid Man….


  5. I hope that they bring back Sexy Time Stewie! And all the content! He was still infuriatingly locked for at that time of the event.. I want all of it lol!! I have Human Rupert from the first go at the tea parties but it would be stellarrrr to have a NEW questline for him!! Pretty please!! Bunny pull some strings w your buddy at TinyCo!! This and the whole Koolaid Quest.. I was sssoooo bummed.


  6. Hi, Can we please talk about Jesus 🙂 I have had him do his 24 hour task of turning water into clams for about 30 days and not one clam? Is it just me? Will my rewards be in heaven instead? At least one every other day would be fair. What would Jesus do?


  7. Got sexytime Stewie, but was the robed one on the title screen ever offered as a costume? I started midway through the King Butt event, so wondered if I’d missed him? Either that or my brain’s leaking again…


    • No, you would think the two would have been mixed together… but no. His robe station was offered though


      • Thanks for the reply. Yay, no brain leakage. They should offer it at some point and I’m sure I’m not the only that thinks that 🙂
        Wasn’t impressed with the robe station but the bubble pipe brings back warm nostalgia…


  8. Is this new?


  9. Unfortunately at the time I hadn’t unlocked Stewie so I couldn’t get Sexy Stewie. Are they bringing him back again like they did with Hobo Peter, Roller Skating Peter and Cleveland Brown? We Adventurer Peter and Sexy Stewie. That would be cool if they did and if they were not too expensive.


  10. I’m still trying to figure out where the yeti came from


  11. I miss Benny Hill… what a perv.


  12. Was not aware this was an unlock able character.


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