Best Of 2014! Promo – New Old Items Part 3

Due to Player requests… Stripper Bonnie’s Pole has been added, see below. 😉 

Hey there all you Minions!

Take 3!!

Remember that one time when you kept saying, “It would be great if TinyCo brought back…“? Well guess what TinyCo is doing? Once again, listening to YOUR requests. There will be some fun Characters coming back, and they all won’t be at once… so keep your eyes on your game over the next week as you will see lots of really cool Characters return and be available until Tuesday, February 3rd.

Red Hot Lois

**In order to be able to see Characters/Costumes offered in your game, you will need to at least have unlocked District 3 as Al’s needs to be in your game to be able to get some of the Characters/Costumes put into play.*** (FYI, not all players will see the same Characters/Costumes offered as it will vary on what YOU have already and WHO you have unlocked in your game. If the Character is NOT unlocked/purchased, you won’t see the Costume in your list.)

More to come…

Back for some more are you? Lol. Well TinyCo is most DEFINITELY giving us just that… MORE MORE MORE! I am loving it.

Here is what you can expect to see in your games this time around.


Hell's PitHell’s Pit: $2,250/ 12hr Build/ $45 & 30XP every 12hrs

Redrum InnRed Rum Inn: $1,500/ 4hr Build/ $30 & 20XP every 4hrs/ Limit 1

Quahog CanneryQuahog Cannery: $4,000/ 12 hr Build/ $60 & 40XP every 12hrs



UPDATE: TinyCo, again listening (this one MAY have been a personal request from a lil Bunny too. Lol), Have now added another item to the mix. MANY really wanted this for her, now you can get one. THANKS TINYCO!!!

Stripper Bonnie's PoleStripper Bonnie’s Pole: 25 Clams/ Needed for Stripper Bonnie’s Champagne Room task.

Stripper Bonnie 7Stripper Bonnie 10

Witch's CauldronWitch’s Cauldron: $3,000/ Animated

Death's DogDeath’s Dog: $10,000/ Animated/ Limit 1

DiebetoDiebeto: $15,000/ Limit 1

Sugar SkullSugar Skulls: $1,000



EVERYONE’s favorite, the Mystery Box. Again this will cost you 125 Clams each time. Characters will go to Inventory with items or into Al’s to be created. We will verify what we can on the Create times.Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 3


(Side note: If you want to see what is inside YOUR Mystery Box… tap on that Center square in the pics. The Magnifying glass with “PRIZES” in green. You will see WHO is inside.)

Giant StewieMutant Stewie: 10 mins to Create in Al’s

Ron Frolic with Puppies 7Ron Perlman w/Chair: Will be placed in your Inventory. In order to put him into your game, you will need to place the Chair out of Inventory. He will show up with the bouncing Unlock above him. Tap it to bring him into the game. Chair will earn $10 & 5XP every 2hrs.

Captain HammeredCaptain Hammered Peter: 10 mins to Create in Al’s

Red Hot LoisRed Hot Lois: 10 mins to Create in Al’s

Rollerblading Bikini Peter 1Bikini Peter: 10 mins to Create in Al’s

Pink Brian 2Pink Brian: 10 mins to Create in Al’s

Stripper Bonnie 6Stripper Bonnie: 1 sec to Create in Al’s

Rollocop Joe 4Rollo Cop Joe: YES! He is in this one too, no matter which one you get him from, he will disappear from other once you have him. So, you have an option of either box.

Again, what YOU have a chance at getting will vary on who YOU already own and WHO you have unlocked in your game. You will need the Character to put a Costume on them. 😉

Best of 2014 Mystery Box 3



Mr WeedGhostly CoffinMr. Weed w/Ghostly Coffin: In order to be able to get him, you will need to first purchase the Ghostly Coffin from the Menu for $1,000. Once placed, you will need to tap on theGhostly Coffin to see the Material Collections list. You will have until the Event ends on the 3rd of February to gain all his Materials and unlock him into your game.

Machete14 Machetes (Uncommon): Seamus Visit Siblings OR Meg Shave Facial Stubble

Sonic Screwdriver3 Sonic Screwdriver (Epic): Iron Baby Stewie Test Armor Systems OR Patrick Stewart be a Thespian OR Dr. Hartman Prepare for an Exam OR Blobulous Chris Break Scale OR Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza OR Quagmire& Peter Have Nap Time OR Mutant Stewie Show Rupert New Tentacles OR Red Hot Lois Swim In Geek Trash OR Stripper Bonnie Teaserama OR Make Ron Perlman Practice Fighting Large Monsters OR Make Captain Hammered Fly Under the Influence

Teddy Bear3 Teddy Bears (Extra Rare): Pee Pants Peter Wet Himself OR Brian Brag about his Writing OR Vampire Duck Stewie Wear Costume to School OR Stan Lee Practice Peter Parkour OR Multiplier Quagmire Have Threesome with Self OR Tricia Report On Scene OR Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny OR Rollo Cop Joe Engage Battle Mode OR Felicia Day Play Freeze Tag OR Sexy Witch Connie Go to Halloween Dance OR Pink Brian Pretty In Pink

Again, have all his Materials collected and unlock him BEFORE the end of the Event February 3rd @ 3PM PST in order to keep him forever in your game.


There you have it, even MORE & MORE cool items brought back for your buying pleasure. Coins n Clams both. What do YOU think? What have YOU got? Happy with the selection? Let us know.


190 responses to “Best Of 2014! Promo – New Old Items Part 3

  1. I have asked this before and got no reply. I will try again. I have Ron perlman and chair in my inventory but when I click on him nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


  2. Why only Seamus and Meg to get the machetes for Mr. Weed? I’ve had them on the tasks non-stop and only have 5. They drop less than the other rare items for him, require 5x as many, and only two characters to do it? I even spent clam to speed up drops with almost no success! They should keep Mr. Weed through the next round, seems a bit unfair otherwise.


  3. Bonnie’s stripper pole never left the market. It was always available for 25 clams to purchase. Don’t know why it had to be asked for as a return item. And now when the event ends they are permanently removing it? It was never an issue to begin with! Ugh…


    • If you didn’t have stripper Bonnie from comic con it wasn’t in the store. So those getting her in one of the boxes would have been unable to get it. So they brought it back for new players just getting her


  4. I’ve been playing non-stop and I had no trouble unlocking Takei or King, but specifically the machetes for Mr Weed just do not want to drop. From constant playing since they were released I’ve inly gotten 7 of the 14 needed. Now only 24 hours (ish) to go. The epics and ultra rares were infinitely easier to get than these things. Would be super nice if they at least increased drop rates for the last 24 hours or something. 😦


  5. is mutant stewie worth 125 clams. I don’t remember being able to get him during the halloween event. And I have never seen him come up. I got Joe, Now I have a choice of Mutant Stewie and Pee Pants Peter. Just not enough clams. Any thoughts?


    • Pee Pants has the better outside tasks to watch. Both… have not helped on any other events til now and Both have multiple other Character costumes to pick from. So this one is gonna be personal choice. A break down “Do I Want” of each box is coming. Part 1 is up already. 2 & 3 on their way.


  6. Clamers!

    I unlocked the three guys woohoo!

    Ok, the only thing now is: where are my clams?
    Didn’t get the clams after getting Takei, nor did I after getting Bryan Cranston, and finally, after completing my Ghost Trio, no clams when I got Mr Weed (we supposed to get another 50 clams for that).
    And I’ve restarted the game a few times.

    What’s going on? :-/


  7. ah the red tardis dissapears when you unlock him and is replaced with a tiny orange directors chair, on the plus side I just got GEORGE TAKEI!


  8. ok I just found Dianne and Francis in my inventory and have no idea how I got them? Is this a glitch or a gift or something? Not complaining about it though.


  9. Did Jason come back? I really wanted him at Halloween.


  10. By the way do you think there will be a 4th mystery box?? Really want kool aid thing ( forgot the name !!)


  11. I only need one more ghost to unlock King Butt!!!!


  12. I’m not seeing the red rum inn anywhere. I didn’t already have it and its not under buildings or featured. It’s not important but I kinda want it..especially since I can’t have it


  13. I got all but mr weed unlocked and I should b done with him by tomoro morning. I am completely Bummed that once u complete king butt and George takei, the pyramid and red phone booth both dissappear. Js


  14. I had everything in box 2 except Pee Pants. So if i do buy it I am guaranteed to get it. Is it worth the 125 clams? Has it been used at all or at least does it have good animations? I started playing just as the original Pee Pants time was up, so never got to see it in action.


  15. Sorry if this has already been asked…

    Does unlocking Mr. Weed complete any character sets that give you clams?


    • Hmmmm I would have to double check on that one. I thought he may have… but so many bleed together after a while. Lol.


      • Shawn Heidingsfelder

        I just unlocked him this morning and got the screen for completing the ghosts set for 50 clams but didn’t get the reward. I’ve already emailed TinyCo from the game. Waiting for response.


      • You can complete the “Tortured Souls” collection with Mr. Weed, Francis Griffin, and Diane Simmons. You will get 50 Clams too. I got Pink Brian from one of the Mystery Boxes, it completed the Halloween Costume collection for me, and I got 25 Clams.


  16. Quick question it says Rollo Joe and multiplier quagmire can both get a teddy bear thru quests. But the game doesn’t list those 2. Do you know if it works or not. I want to get takie but only have 3 bears. So might buy a random box if they do. Thanks for all your time.


    • Some character tasks won’t show til you unlock that Character. Are they unlocked in your game? I confirmed all these drops in game myself.


      • No I never bought them. I was considering it this morning but decided to keep my 600 clams for the future. I bought Nathan fillion and will be able to get 2 of the 3 this event. Sadly can’t get enough anks in 2 days with 3 characters working nonstop. Thank you for your response.


  17. StIll only Bonnie and Jerome to get ghosts? I’ve gotten ask my Sonics and ankh but only been able to get 4 ghosts :-\


  18. I’m also trying to get mr weed so I need 8 sonic super drivers and I have only the one


  19. They say they’ve improved the drop rates of sonic screw drivers. I’ve had only one. I have all possible characters doing the sonic screwdrivers quest. I’m not going to be able to get the five needed for king butt in time. Any chance on getting the time extended a week.


  20. I’ve been checking this site for months but its the first time i’m writing something. I’ve got one question, my pyramid vanished after i unlocked King Butt. I know that something similar (with the cologne factory) happened, but i really want to keep the pyramid.

    And maybe it’s out of contest but my true concern is what will happen to the brewery after every item is collected? I don’t think so, after all it is a District item but still, it’s going to stay right?


  21. I just think it’s a tad ambitious to get ANY of the characters without using clams 😦


  22. I unlocked the consuela costume first time around but never owned her . I bought her the other day and it said i unlocked it again but its not in al’s, my inventory or consuela? How do i get it i could use it to collect the ankhs?


    • Mine showed up in Al’s to create. Double check your menu characters for her. And your inventory storage for her rose. (It’s a rose that brought her costume) if still not there, please let them know.


  23. Well, I unlocked George Takei as of 8:00 pm PST on Saturday. King Butt was unlocked early on Friday. I already had Mr. Weed from the Halloween event so I don’t need to worry about that. I got all the stuff I needed for my collection except for Sexy Stewie and Kool-aid man. Just missing my 150 clams for completing both CC collections. I already let customer support know about the missing clams and hope I get them before the end of the event for a just in case sort of thing.


  24. I had the ghostly coffin in my inventory and when i placed it on my map I have no indication that Mr weed is unlockable. I have no collection screen for him either. Is this a glitch?


  25. Lol I didn’t have any of the charcters/skins for the third mystery box and only had enough clams for one try and actually got the one I wanted. Maybe I should go play the lottery now.


  26. Are they going to have a box # 4


  27. I’ve been playing nonstop and only have 18 ankhas, no way I’m getting both king but and Takei. All the other items are dropping just fine. I even bought Nathan Fillion to help, still rare to get an ankha


  28. At least one player or other has dropped a ghost. Chris and Lois and the Anka are not dropping to great at 12 of the 63 total and have them round the clock skilling. Takei Chair is at 3/14 😦 and the bear 3/6. Was sure I would at least get Mister Weed. Since I have 7 sonics so far and he only requires 3 bear. But the Seamus and Meg will not drop Machete. 3/14. They just stick ignore me. Don’t they ALL realize I’m racing against a deadline. Have only base characters to scurry for items. Getting a little frustrated but hanging in there till the end. At least I’ll get to keep their buildings they came in – Looking on the bright side. LOL


  29. If they added the stripper pole, they should add the ring of fire for pee pants. I got it and pee pants when they had the special in the late summer, and the task with the ring of fire makes purchasing the ring of fire completely worth it.


  30. I have all of the characters waiting to be unlocked Mr Weed, George Takei and King butt though I think they should extend the vent be on February 3rd because the following day for half a day my browser game would not load and it kept crashing so I lost a full half day of activities in order to unlock my characters.


  31. Huh. I already have all of these. What AM I missing?


    • Ah, I got it. It’s Gold Suit Peter, because I’m an Android player.
      But I doubt he’ll be going in any box.
      How would you rate Sexy Stewie as far as outfits go?


      • Gold Suit Peter won’t as he is still there able to unlock.

        Sexy Stewie… funny task him dancing with the girls… haven’t used him much since. More of a Completionist Character.


      • Find a friend with an iPhone, load up the game, log in with your info and you’ll see a new quest. Do the first thing that takes 2 hours, place the pool, start your collection quest. Takes 2 days at worst, 1 if you’re lucky with drops. Unlock the costume and it’s yours forever on iOS or Android.

        If you start in the morning on a day you will probably finish by night, it’s a stupidly easy costume to unlock because it’s just meant to be a tiny exclusive not any big thing.


    • If you have a Mystery Box in your game and not sure what’s inside… look. Take a peek at this very post you are commenting on. You will see the image of the Mystery Box once you tap on it and instructions right below on how to look at what’s inside without buying anything. “PRIZES”


  32. I’m hoping they release the stars and stripes, lucky orphanage and Rodgers place buildings. So this has been pretty cool, was only missing a few skins so I thought it’s been worth the clams. Almost have king butt unlocked 🙂


  33. I have come to the realization that I won’t be able to get all the 3 characters George Takei, Mr. Weed and King Butt. It is just not possible as a freemium player and that really makes me sad. I have noticed an increase in drop rates for ankhas and really appreciate it, but it is still unlikely I will get more than 1 maybe 2 of the characters


    • Yeah Im only gonna be able to get 2/3.. it takes alot to get all of them. Im just gonna focus on george and mr weeds. The 40 ankhs are just to much in addition to the 20 something for george .. the bears do need to drop more especially if we only had a few days. It would have been nice if we could a full week for each character

      Liked by 1 person

  34. can’t get ONE bear 😦


  35. Thank you for the clameter prise
    I got it of course. Unlocked king butt this morning awesome. This is a great day. Thank you


  36. 666XdarkkingX666

    I’m really glad that I’ve been playing since day one… I’ve literally only had to buy one character/skin that I’ve missed from each box….. King butt, 80s Cleveland and mutant Stewie… I’m hoping there’s a fourth box with a character I missed so it’ll even out the 250 clams I spent on two skins…. Curse my ocd completionist habit…if I’m given the chance I’ll completely 100% complete the game… Free as much as I can… clams when in dire need…. So I have two serious questions…

    1. I’ve looked and can’t find the answer on your site… When will they be available or have I already missed beautiful Peter and skin for peter that I’m guessing has to do with consuela but I can’t remember the name of it…

    2. Is there a page on your site with an up to date list of ALL characters released, (skins if applicable), max level, task list, and buildings/decor required for the task.. Sort of a master master list…. I realize that it would always be added too.. Just curious cuz I know some missed characters don’t have a pic in facespace if you don’t get them…


  37. So I am 100% certain that I already had a ‘Hell’s Pit’. Now it’s gone (checked my inventory) and available in the shop. Wth?


  38. I think i truly am an addict ive got everything they put out last year except king butt and pee clown lol but i started playing during the full moon event or i would probably got those too.
    Thanks tiny co for a really great game
    Thanks to u ladies for this site


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