Where The Hell…? Pawtucket Pat, Chumbawumba’s, and MORE!!

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Chumbawumba Stewie 2 fg_pawtucketpatInfinate Pee Machine

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of Pawtucket Pat, Chumbawumba’s and more. Why are they in our game? Where did they show up in the Family Guy Series? Why does it seem like I’m in a world of pure imagination? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 2, Episode 20: Wasted Talent
Pawtucket Pat has decided to let people into his Brewery for the first time, by putting 4 Silver Scrolls into Beer Bottles. Those that find the Silver Scrolls will be able to take a magical tour of the Brewery and a lifetime supply of Beer. Seem familiar? Lol.

Peter is determined to find a scroll no matter what it takes. Even if he has to drink all the Beers in town (which I am sure he will try). Stacks of Beer are everywhere. Even death is getting in on the action, all the deaths from alcohol poisoning. But to his disappointment, it is Joe that happens to find the first ticket. As time passed it seemed Peter just was not going to be able to find a scroll. Until he find out Tom Tucker lied, the last scroll was NOT found. Tom just told everyone it was so HE could get it. So Peter drinks his last Beer, but no scroll… or is there? He gags and pukes one up. TADA!! Lol. He of course quickly runs home to tell Lois the good news. Too bad he trips and falls in front of his house and stubs his knee (remind you of a task?).

Silver Ticket

Peter and Joe now get the chance to take the awesome tour of the Brewery. Outside everyone eagerly awaits (you can see the Band Members playing away) as Pawtucket Pat makes his way to the Entrance. An elaborate scene staged first by him and Cheech in which his is shot, but all in fun. In the winners go… or so they think. Joe realizes there is no ramp and his tour ends before it even begins. Good thing the Chumbawumba’s are there to sing him away. Lol.Pawtucket Brewery and Chumbawumba's

The rest of the group continue their way into the Brewery. The first room they visit is the Beer Room. Pat pops open the door with his Tap Handle Cane. The door opens to reveal of all sorts of cool items. Like the Fermentation Tanks,  Bottle Cap Bushes, Infinite Pee Machine, Beer Bottle Bushes, Beer Bottle Trees, and a Creepy River Boat. 
Beer Bush Trees Creep River Boat Infinate Pee Machine 2

Infinite Pee Machine

Next they go by a room that is a work in progress, the Perma-Suds Laboratory where the Beer never goes flat. The tour moves on, but Peter just can’t help himself. He HAS to try it. Both him and Brian end up partaking in the unfinished Beer and begin to float. Of course they start heading to the top where a giant bladed fan will surely chop them to pieces. Lol.Perma-Suds Laboratory

Peter in his last effort to just let it go, farts. He finds that it actually starts to help him fall back towards ground. So both him and Brian now start to let them rip as the make their way back down to the ground. There they are greeted by the NOT so happy Pat who yells at them for sullying his Factory. He wants them out now. But Peter wants to be sang out by the Chumbawumba’s. So Pat blows his whistle to call them and they … kick Peter in his knee. Lol. Chumbawumba's and Peter

And there you have it. A little story in the first half of the episode (intertwined with Lois and her Piano Lessons) and now we have a bunch of really cool items in our game for District 10. What did you think of the episode? Are YOU now singing the songs too? What do you think of the new items? How close are you to getting Chumbawumba Stewie? What do you think of the Infinite Pee Machine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Now… can someone play me off as I walk into the distance? 😉

Til Next Time


10 responses to “Where The Hell…? Pawtucket Pat, Chumbawumba’s, and MORE!!

  1. So much stuff! The bubbles and blue tickets just keep coming. Ugh. Happy collecting, will be happier when it’s over. Wish I knew how many bubbles and tap handles I will need total so I could start counting down, vs getting enough for one thing at a time. I know I can figure it out by counting and doing math if I had kept track of how many of what I already have…. without a count down on bubbles it seems like it will never end. Ugh. .

    Just needed to get that off my chest. Back to happy collecting!


  2. Unlocked Pawtucket Pat about four hours ago. Now I don’t have to worry about working on unlocking anyone until the Valentines event.


  3. @Trish, When I collected all the KB items, my Pyramid disappeared too, but then KB, via a golden statute of Peter was in my Inventory. Placing the statue gets you King Butt.


  4. Hey I collected al the stuff for KB and pyramid disappeared and poof nothing


  5. Luckily for me I have pretty well all of the characters in the New/Old offers so I have been focusing on getting the Pawtucket Pat collection.
    I have already crafted the forklift (which isn’t animated) and am only 2 bubbles away from the Tubist. I am not all that thrilled with the infinite pee machine. It’s clunky looking.
    I have about 5 more magic flutes to get, 5 more Chumbas to trap (not one in the same, two separate questlines). I’ll defintely get the 5 trapped before the 5 magic flutes to unlock Pawtucket Pat. The Hats?? About 12 more are needed to unlock Pat. I forgot how to get Peter to roll over children. It’s in his anime skin. But now I’m on a ‘roll’ LOL


  6. YOU get a Chumbawumba song.


    • No, no, she gets the Piano player and he plays that rapid ‘stage right’ ditty. The Chumba Wumba’s are mean and I don’t think Bunny did anything to Sully the factory … Or did you let go of some lil Fluffy Bunny farts?? LOL


  7. Getting closer to getting Pawtucket Pat (need 4 flutes and 7 beer can hats). And down to needing clear 9 Chumba Wumbas. And of course gotta keep saving for the items to brew.


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