District 10 Phase 2 Is Live!

Hello There Clammers!

Looks like Phase 2 of District 10 is upon us!  In order to see it you’ll need to have completed the Home Brew questline, once that’s complete Phase 2 should start for you.


More details on the way….

So there’s not a ton of buildings and decorations for purchase in phase 2….however there are several new items to craft.  Let’s get to it..

New Building

Pawtucket MansionPawtucket Mansion- $25,000, 20hr build. Earns $140, 90xp/16hrs.  This is how you unlock Pawtucket Build

New Character


Pawtucket Pat- Collect Stuff to Unlock Pawtucket Pat.  Here’s what you’ll

Beer Can Hat25 Beercan Hats (Uncommon)- Earned By: Make Chris Order Unhappy Meal OR Make Peter Roll Over Children OR Make Quagmire Drink at the Clam

Flute15 Chumbawaba Flute (Extra Rare)- Earned By: Make Bonnie Twerk It OR Make Bruce Be a Good Listener OR Make Jerome Grow His Fro OR Get By Clearing Chumba Wumba

Marching Band TubistCraft the Marching Band Tubist- Craft with$40,000, 8 Beer Bubbles, 5 Tap Handles

Infinate Pee MachineCraft the Infinite Pee Machine- Craft with $90,000, 10 Beer Bottles, 5 Beer Bubbles, 5 Tap Handles

ForkliftCraft the Forklift- Craft with $30,000, 12 Beer Bubbles, 25 Silver Tickets

FYI…Pat is NOT timed.  He’s part of a District and there is no timer associated with him.  So take your time.

New Craftable Items

Pawtucket Ale 40Pawtucket Ale 40- To craft you’ll need:

Action Coin$8,000

Beer Bubbles4 Beer Bubbles

Trumpet PlayerTrumpet Player- To craft you’ll need:

Action Coin$30,000

Beer Bottle15 Beer Bottles

Bottle Caps20 Bottle Caps

DrummerDrummer- To craft you’ll need:

Action Coin $35,000

Beer Bottle20 Beer Bottles

Silver Ticket20 Silver Tickets

Marching Band TubistTubist- To craft you’ll need:

Action Coin$40,000

Beer Bubbles8 Beer Bubbles

Tap Handle5 Tap Handles

ForkliftForklift- To craft you’ll need:

Action Coin$30,000

Beer Bubbles12 Beer Bubbles

Silver Ticket25 Silver Tickets

Hopps FountainHops Fountain- To craft you’ll need:

Beer Bubbles15 Beer Bubbles

Bottle Caps40 Bottle Caps

Silver Ticket30 Silver Tickets

Tap Handle10 Tap Handles

Chumba WumbaChumba Wumba- To Craft you’ll need:

Action Coin $5,000

Silver Ticket 20 Silver Tickets

Tap Handle 6 Tap Handles

Clearing Chumba Wumbas

Chumba Wumba

Chumba Wumbas will appear in your Quahog after part 2 of the main questline.  To clear them you’ll need Chumba Wumba Stewie and then it’s a 6hr task to clear 1 Chumba Wumba.  There is a chance they’ll drop a Chumba Wumba Flute (Extra Rare).   There is an outdoor task associated with clearing them…it’s pretty funny (at the end).

They reappear every 8hrs

Questline Details

State of Pure Inebriation questline is the main questline for Phase 2.  For those that move quickly..here’s a quick rundown of who to keep free:

-Part 1 Requires Peter & Building the Mansion
-Part 2 Requires Brian
-Part 3 Requires Clearing 20 Chumba Wumbas, Craft Beer Tree, Craft Forklift

That’s as far as I’ve gotten at this point….because I’m waiting for more Chumbas to spawn to move past Part 3.  

As soon as I have more I’ll update this post.

And those my friends are the details behind Part 2 of District 10!

What do you think of Pawtucket Pat?  Thoughts on clearing Chumba Wumbas?  How About the New Craftable items?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


144 responses to “District 10 Phase 2 Is Live!

  1. I have completed making everything in the brewery but I still have the Chumba Wumbas around that Stewie can clear, if I do that task will they continue to spawn more, or can I just leave them as “additional” decorations.


  2. Once you craft all limits of everything in the brewery will the tasks and item drops go away?


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