District 10 “Glitch” Update

Hey there Clammers!

Just bouncing by really quick for some clarifications on what you see going on in the game since Phase 2 of District 10 was released.

When the game launched ALL the new items in Pawtucket Brewery were unlocked to Create. This was NOT as intended and as it corrected itself, many of you found yourselves locked back out of the option to make the item anymore.

Chumba Wumba 2

This was noticed mostly on the Chumba Wumba’s. Just so you all know, you will NOT be able to Create them until you get to Who’s ever heard of a Hopsberry Part 6. Once you get to that point, the option to Create them will open back up.

On a side note, there is also a “wording” error stating you need the Fear Portal. You do not. They are in the process of correcting this. It is essentially the game telling you that you either have not reached the Unlock point yet, or have created the MAX amount of that item and are unable to create anymore.

Here are some of the Limits we saw…

New Craftable Items

Pawtucket Ale 40Pawtucket Ale 40- Limit 2

Trumpet PlayerTrumpet Player- Limit 2

DrummerDrummer- Limit 2

Marching Band TubistTubist- Limit 2

ForkliftForklift- Limit 1

Hopps FountainHops Fountain- Limit 2

Chumba WumbaChumba Wumba- Limit 2


Hope this helps to clear up some confusion on the issues we saw right away. Let us know if this helped you out too.



42 responses to “District 10 “Glitch” Update

  1. I’m stuck. The objective is to clear 20 of the chumba wumbas but I’m stuck at 14. The game says they reappear every 8 hours but that doesnt happen. They just don’t spawn anymore. Can anybody help?


  2. I can not store chumba wumbas they are driving me nuts I just want to get rid of them any ideas


    • There are two kinds of them… the two you make in the Brewery that you can store. The rest, you must get Chumba Wumba Stewie to clear them after you finish the Questline. Until then… they will roam and respawn


  3. Does anyone else still have characters getting Brewery Items with certain tasks, after crafting all the craftables? Also, is anyone able to store the brewery in their inventory? Game won’t allow me to (says its too important to store). I’d really like to store it or remove it completely as some of my tasks for certain characters produce brewery items as well as the birds needed for newest Peter.
    *will nuking my town store the brewery?


    • No. You are still collecting items as you have not finished building EVERYTHING possible in the Brewery. Many of those items have “limits”. That means you can build 2 or more of them. So the game will keep dropping Materials until you build them all completely to the limits.


  4. I have all the items unlocked except the Chumba Wumbas. When will that be unlocked?


  5. I’m still having trouble trying to unlock the trumpet player and forklift ect because I need to upgrade the fear portal even though I have maxed out all the items! Ugh so fustraiting!


  6. Everytime I try to get te Pawtucket Annex, I get an error that pops up and states “Cannot find the close button” or something similar to that. I’ve tried quitting and restarting the game, multiple times over multiple days… Any ideas? I have all the required items.


  7. Thanks. This site had the answers I was looking for. Thanks again. I’ll b back lol 😄


  8. Deborah vancleave

    I don’t see the mansion anymore? Seen it one day only i think it was 45.000


    • It wasn’t supposed to show up right away… If Pawtucket Pat’s mansion disappeared, it will reappear when you start the quest “State of Inebriation Pt 1.”


  9. This crashing issue is getting brutal! Getting tired of doing everything two or three times 😦 makes timed events really hard to finush

    Is anyone else having drop issues? 4 beer bubbles and 75 tickets i would say something is a miss.


  10. I felt like such a Homer and said doh! (Yeah I know this is family guy) I sent an in app question wondering about this and they told me what was going on. As I filled out the 5 stars for satisfaction I put in the feed back thank you guess I better head over to fgtqfsaddicts to figure everything out. Lol idk I didn’t come here first but I believe it was bc I was half asleep… that’s what we’ll go with. Thanks Yall for the work you put in to this and TSTO addicts!


  11. I have reached level 7 and I still have the fear portal error I cant create anything please fix.


  12. my band members and chumba wumba ect are still locked… how can i unlock it ? i really wanna unlock Pat! please respond to me


  13. Hi-5 Your Uncle!

    I thought something funny was afoot. I saw that I could build a beer mansion or something to get Pawtucket Pat but I was building something for Phineas and Barnaby at the time. Then when it was done, he was gone and I was like nooooo!


  14. Hey so were is the “flower bush” Julian needs for chris to make a new friend??? I have seached all over and it is NOWHERE!!! Help me out folks!!


  15. Since the mansion has unlocked… I now can’t get into the brewery. The app just crashes. Any ideas? I’ve emailed support, but so far nothing.


  16. If your build a whole bunch of marching band members, do they march around in formation in your tiny Quahog?


  17. Is this district ten stuff time locked at all? Wondering if I should focus on the burly guys. I don’t want them to much but if they are time locked and district ten isn’t when the crafting stuff then I probably should get them, assuming food ever drops.


  18. Is this glitch why my ability to build the Pawtucket Mansion and get Pat disappeared? They were there and now they are gone. I’m on the Home Brew Pt 2 quest and am still working on Chumba Wumba Stewie.


  19. Just a quick question: when r we meant to see them running around?? As in is there a certain point in the storyline we need to get to see this or is it just my game that doesn’t have them running round in my town?? Thanks again for ur help. Much appreciated


  20. Glad I created one while I had the chance. Though they are running around for me to “defeat” anyway so I guess it’s pointless right now.

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