What The Deuce?!

Happy Weekend Clammers!

Well we’ve all made it through another week and the weekend is here!

All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to WHAT THE DEUCE?!

What the Deuce

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not.  Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…WHAT THE DEUCE?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂

Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language.  

Here’s mine for this week:

WHAT THE DEUCE….Spawn Rates on Chumba Wumbas.  Every 8hrs, seriously?! AND it takes 6hrs to clear?!  So much for Stewie earning beer bubbles…

WHAT THE DEUCE… parents letting their sick snotty nose dripping booger kids touch all the boxes, bags, and other items …even putting them in their mouth. Then putting same items back on the shelf.

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your WHAT THE DEUCE?! moments from the past week!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂

132 responses to “What The Deuce?!

  1. Okay WTD- I have over 50 playable characters but spend weeks on end sending the same 10-12 characters to do the same task over and over and over again to collect stuff to build acquire additional props or characters that will do nothing but loiter.
    Seriously, I’ve been trying to get oars for the brewery for over 3 weeks. I’ve have gotten 2 so far!!

    Okay, I feel better! 🙂


  2. My experience thus far as taken per an in-game quote

    “and they’re outta here” referring to one of the strongmen I couldn’t get due to the quest ending 17.5hrs earlier than what the timer stated.

    To Tinyco..

    “aannnnnnnnnd I’m outta here as well” your game is riddled with bugs.

    Nobody should ever have to e-mail you about problems that should never exist in the game to begin with, this is basic.

    My advice, remove any and all means of buying clams in the game until your game runs smoother than a baby’s bottom. Worry about the player experience before your worry about money, and the money will flow. Your game ratings are atrocious at the moment and they will continue to plummet unless you act (logically I might add)


  3. Hi was wondering what I need to do my game when loading says error loading game data please help I have been locked out since Saturday night


  4. WTD. Why has TC shifted their drop dates from Thursday? I got so used to nothing really starting in my Quahog until then that I could long time task some characters who were free and be ready for a new quest or task when Thursday rolled around. But now Tuesday and Wednesday drops are seriously cramping my game because my long time taskers (mostly for district 10 items so not really front burner tasks) are needed to do item collection for timed characters and am losing valuable time while they finish those tasks.


    • I think it depends on what they’re promoting. This month has been “slow” for them (ie no major event) so they’ve been doing these weekly mini events instead. I think they like to keep us on our toes…


  5. For two days my game kept popping up with a message ad_white_fences_load_error or something which I assume mean the white picket fences from the american dad event aren’t loading correctly, which they never did. They appear as holes, which is more than fine by me. But each time the message popped up my game had to reload, which is, again fine. But today I haven’t been able to get in since the morning since a message keeps popping up before it loads saying data error, please try again, but trying again doesn’t work. I’ve forced close the app, restarted my phone, but I haven’t un and re installed yet since I’m worried then the data will never reload again. Do you think that might work though or should I just contact them and see what they say?

    Thanks for the site by the way since I don’t think I’ve said that yet in any of my comments.


    • Did you link your account to an email or Facebook account? If so, all your game is saved there making uninstall/reinstall go fast n smooth.

      If not, you may need to email them. Email help@tinyco.com


      • I did link it to a password so I did finally un and re-install. It worked (though it took awhile). Any idea how to get rid of the american dad fence won’t load error though. Do you think putting them in my inventory might help. Of course I’d have to find them first and they’re scattered all across in between random buildings. That might be hard, haha.


  6. I’d like to just rant here for a minute. I bought Human Rupert to help out with this quest line and since the beginning of the game it has force closed so many times. Normally I’d get frustrated and just not finish the quest line since this has been happening so much lately. But this time, (I guess since I spent money) I decided to just soldier through it and keep re-opening the super laggy game which closed and lagged every single time I opened it, just to try and get these two guys. But I had a problem where I would set Lois and Bonnie on the task for the syringe and it would just shut off and then Lois & Bonnie wouldn’t be doing that task when I came back on. Since it took me a day or so to figure this out I lost the chance at one of the them. It did the same thing all through the christmas quest for me too, as well as I bought a Packet of Clams back in October to help me finish Pink Brian and never got them. (I’ve sent them a complaint almost every week since trying to get my clams and/or money back and never got a reply) I’m really frustrated ’cause I want to love this game and I want to spend a few dollars here and there because I feel like that the game gives out a lot of free clams. But all this laggyness/force closing preventing me from getting outfits and characters at Christmas and now from getting both Phineas and Barnaby is making me not want to play. 😦
    P.S. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game several times, didn’t help.



    I paid extra to have these “fat joggers” spawn more than normal and now that I’ve unlocked Phineas and Barnaby they do NOTHING at all when you clear them?!?! Seriously? Not even crappy boring coins? I notified TinyCo because I can’t believe they wouldn’t at least make them throw money at you when they’re cleared. And BTW, TinyCo support is HOOOOOOOORRIBLE.


  8. I feel so dumb for having purchased the buildings for Phineus and Barnaby at the same time. I finally unlocked Phin on Saturday but those darn syringes wouldn’t drop. Suddenly they started dropping a little more frequently and I just needed one. After a long day at work, I just had a couple of hours before I needed to check on Bonnie or Lois for the last one and figured I’d be able to stay up. Turned on Netflix and three hours later I wake up and immediately I realize I totally missed my window. 😦 No more Barnaby for me. Something similar happened with Intimate Apparel Peter. Shoulda coulda woulda… alarm.


  9. I seem to have lost all my friends. It only shows Ollie. When I try to add friends it says I can’t add anymore.


  10. There’s to many things that need to be collected to progress. They should have more characters getting stuff, like Jillian Lois parents and the joggers. Even if the items are rare.


  11. What’s going on with the blimp? And why is the game so glitchy? As in hesitates.


  12. It’s been 2 days now and no response from either tiny co or this website. I’ve paid quite a bit of money to progress this far in the game and to ignored when a problem arises is completely unacceptable. What the deuce they playing at at tiny co? Please pass this on and help me sort my game


    • Remember…if you messaged them over the weekend it’s harder to get a response because they’re closed and have limited support staff. They’re back in today (but it’s only 8am there…) give it a little more time. If you don’t hear from them soon send another message..


  13. I still hate it that the tap handle has a ridiculously low drop rate.. I think it’s not “extra rare” as stated, but “epic”. The only positive thing is that it is not timed, and that the money had another use. I also wish more valuable, helpful, stuff-earning tasks be given to premium characters/skins. It’s like you’ve wasted money for something that’ll be useless after the event it’s part of expired.


  14. WHAT THE DEUCE ????

    Stewie needs to clear 20 chumba wumba’s at 6 hours each. he is also needed to help collect beer bubbles to unlock the fork lift and trumpet guy from Pawtucket brewery. WOW !!!! I msg’d in game tiny co. let them know these are insane amount of tasks for 1 character to do. 20 chumbas x 6 hours = 120 hours which means a minimum of 5 days to clear 20 chumbas and that is only if you go in every 6 hours. then to top it off, he is needed to get beer bubbles too. AAAHHHH WAHT THE DEUCE IN HECK IN HELL….I am bubbling 🙂 ok not really bubbling…just a game, but hopefully tiny co can make some adjustments……please ;-p

    oh and one more thing…..I have sent jesus on his 24 hour task every single day since I got him from the xmas update and not even once has he turned water in clams. WHAT THE DEUCE !!!

    oh and also…my iphone 5s is running out of space. I went to check the memory usage. TSTO (the other game)- 320 MG ….. FGQFS – 1.1 GIG..yup 1.1 GIG or for those not familiar with IT jargon that is 1000 MG or 3 times the size of “the other” game TSTO, come one tiny co, that is huge for a mobile game. WHAT THE DEUCE !!!

    ok its Monday I know…I will stop venting now…..going to get another coffee.


    • I totally agree. I actually don’t complain about this game very often, but this task is over-the-top excessive (10 would have still been excessive, IMHO, but a bit more reasonable). If a player doesn’t miss a beat, it takes 120 hours to complete–that’s five straight days (and that’s assuming that there is a CW to clear). Yes, there’s no rush, but this doesn’t leave a lot of room for variety. I also wouldn’t even mind, but Stewie is needed for other tasks. It would be nice to see some of the unused characters put to use a bit more.


    • Dude chill it’s not timed and B) stewie hasn’t been getting me bubbles for days now but bruce and Connie have so I’m gunna assume by the time ur done clearing those chumbas you’ll either have close to what u need in bubbles or not but without stewie getting me bubbles I’ve gotten the forklift and infinite pee machine already so I really don’t understand the complaint


  15. What the deuce! The banana peels for PB&J Brain are the single most frustrating thing ever. I’ve gotten 7 plutonium for Stewie in the same time frame I’ve gotten 2 banana peels. So random and annoying.


  16. My WTD is the item sizes eg, roads are 3×3, fire station is 9×9 and so forth. WHAT THE DEUCE, nothing fits where is should. People complain we need more space, there is enough but the way things have to be placed takes up alot of alocated space plus why do things have to be in certain orders eg i have 3 squares for my road but its 1 to the left meaning i have to move stuff or have a building in the middle of a square too big for it.
    I dont expect sim city but am i really asking much for a little for free creativity here.
    Rant over sorry i got a bit heated 🙂


    • Nah… many of us feel the same. I too wonder if size adjusting on buildings would help to alleviate some “wasted space” and allow a lil tighter fit and designing easier. 😉


  17. What The Deuce!!? Why have all my achievements stop popping? Is this happening to everyone, or just me?


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