Best Of 2014! Promo – New Old Items Part 2

UPDATE 1/30: Drops on Ankhs, Ghosts, and Screwdrivers should have increased. What does that mean? You should see MORE of them dropping now on completion of tasks. Better drop rates. They are watching and listening. ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey there all you Minions!

TAKE 2!!!

Remember that one time when you kept saying, “It would be great if TinyCoย brought back…“? Well guess what TinyCo is doing? Once again, listening to YOUR requests. There will be some fun Characters coming back, and they all won’t be at once… so keep your eyes on your game over the next week as you will see lots of really cool Charactersย return and be available until Tuesday, February 3rd.

Cool Cleveland

**In order to be able to see Characters/Costumes offered in your game, you will need to at least have unlocked District 3 as Al’s needs to be in your game to be able to get some of the Characters/Costumes put into play.***ย (FYI, not all players will see the same Characters/Costumes offered as it will vary on what YOU have already and WHO you have unlocked in your game. If the Character is NOT unlocked/purchased, you won’t see the Costume in your list.)

Don’t worry, the first box will still be there… just moved down a bit

More to Come…

So here we are once again, seeing items YOU wanted returned being offered again in the game. Let’s take a look…


fencingcenterGeorge Takei Fencing Center: $2,500/ Build Time 8hrs/ $45 & 30XP every 8hrs/ Limit 1

Cephalopod CafeCephalopod Cafe: $4,000/ Build Time 10hrs/ $10 & 20XP every 4hrs/ Limit 1


fg_building_herotrainingcenter@4xTraining Montage Training Center: $2,000/ Build Time 20hrs/ $60 & 40XP every 12hrs



Giant Freeze RayGiant Freeze Ray: $4,500

building_clamsterprize-open_decover@4xThe Clampterprise: $10,000 (Animated)/ Limit 1

Robuttasaurus vs RobothingyRobbuttasaurus vs Robothingy: $5,000

XL-KXL-K: $3,000

Ethereal Larping ForestEthereal Larping Forest: $2,000

Octopus Carnival RideOctopus Carnival Ride: $3,500

Wacky Waving Arm Hero 1Wacky Waving Tube Hero: $500



And now for EVERYONE’s favorite, the Mystery Box. Again this will cost you 125 Clams each time. Characters will go to Inventory with items or into Al’s to be created. We will verify what we can on the Create times.

Best of 2014 Mystery Box Volume 2


(Side note: If you want to see what is inside YOUR Mystery Box… tap on that Center square in the pics. The Magnifying glass with “PRIZES” in green. You will see WHO is inside.)

Cool Cleveland80’s Pop Star Cleveland:ย 10 mins to Create in Al’s

feliciaday-animation-actionModal-001@4xFelicia Day: Comes w/her Chair. Place her Chair from Inventory and you will see her and the Unlock bouncing above her head. Tap it to bring her into your game. Her Chair earns $10 & 5XP every 2hrs (Also came with an extra Free Chair… oops?)

Rollocop Joe 4Rollo Cop Joe:ย 10 mins to Create in Al’s

Quagmire MultiplierMultiplier Quagmire:ย 10 mins to Create in Al’s

stanlee-animation-actionModal-001@4xStan Lee:ย Comes w/his Chair. Place his Chair from Inventory and you will see him and the Unlock bouncing above his head. Tap it to bring him into your game. His Chair earns $10 & 5XP every 2hrsย (Also came with an extra Free Chair… oops?)

Sexy Witch ConnieSexy Witch Connie

Vampire Duck StewieVampire Duck Stewie

Peed Pants Wet Himself (3)Pee-Pants Peter: 10 mins to Create in Al’s (though mine created instantly)

Again, what YOU have a chance at getting will vary on who YOU already own and WHO you have unlocked in your game. You will need the Character to put a Costume on them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Best of 2014 Mystery Box 2



georgetakei-animation-actionModal-001@4xPhone BoothGeorge Takei w/Phone Booth: In order to be able to get him, you will need to first purchase the Phone Booth from the Menu for $1,000. Once placed, you will need to tap on the Phone Booth to see the Material Collections list. You will have until the Event ends on the 3rd of February to gain all his Materials and unlock him into your game.

Ankh28 Ankh (Uncommon): Lois Freshen Up, Chris Enjoy Private Time, Adventure Peter Grow Rugged Beard, 80’s Pop Star Cleveland Prep For the Club, Francis Griffin Relive His Retirement Party, Diane Simmons Exercise at the Gym, Slutty Cat Meg Go To Halloween Dance, Dia de Los Muertos Consuela Do a Dirty Dance, Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny, Bryan Cranston Throw a Pizza

Captains Chair14 Captains Chairs (Rare): Mort Swallow Jewels, Herbert Buy Candy for Kids, Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny

Teddy Bear6 Teddy Bears (Extra Rare): Brian Brag About His Writing, Tricia Report On-Scene, Vampire Duck Stewie Wear Costume to School, Pee Pants Peter Wet Himself, Sexy Witch Connie Go to Halloween Dance, Stan Lee Practice Peter Parkour, Nathan Fillion Make Moms Horny, Pink Brian Pretty in Pink.

UPDATE: Side Note on Teddy Bears…ย 

Felicia Day “Play Freeze Tag” for Teddy Bears requires her to be Level 3 to activate the task drop

Multiplier Quagmire “Train in Combat-a-Trois” for Teddy Bears requires the Training Montage Training Center to activate the task drop.


Again, have all his Materials collected and unlock him BEFORE the end of the Event February 3rd @ 3PM PST in order to keep him forever in your game.George Takei Phone Booth Collection



Nathan Fillion 5 decoration_directorchair_nathanfillion@4xNathan Fillion w/His Chair: 225 Clams/ ALWAYS drops 1 Ankh OR Teddy Bear OR Captains Chair/ Chair earns $10 & 5XP every 2hrs. Place his Chair into your game and you will see him pop out with the bouncing unlock. Tap on it to bring him into the game. (Questline did trigger once he was placed.)


There you have it, even MORE cool items brought back for your buying pleasure. Coins n Clams both. What do YOU think? What have YOU got? Happy with the selection? Let us know.


208 responses to “Best Of 2014! Promo – New Old Items Part 2

  1. Pretty disappointed with this ‘event’ for a free player, but I understand why. This event is a second chance at items we missed, and it would be unfair to anyone who did earn them the first time for them to be just ‘given’ away months later.

    Essentially what Tinyco are doing is giving you a chance for one character through the week, it’s unlikely a free player could unlock all 3, especially with the maximum of 8 Ankhs per day, on a perfect run. At best you might get Weed and either Butt or Takei, but even that’s looking dodgy.

    In my main game as a premium player I was convinced to pick up all the missing people and costumes from comicon and earlier. I started in the last week or so of comicon, so I struggled and clammed to get hot lois. I used maybe 8 boxes in total, though I didn’t want a couple of Stewie costumes. Getting King Butt and Takei was a doddle with all the extra unlocks. I’ve got everyone back to unlocking Pawtucket Pat again.


  2. My drops of ghosts are abysmal three days and I only have two. The epic item is dropping better.


  3. Hey bunny is there a chance you can add the Smith house, Rodgers place, and the college Hailey goes on her questline and have them cost coins not clams.


    • Can I add them? No… Not my game. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Request them and see what happens. They are watching and listening. Enough players request… you would be amazed what they can do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      On a side note, I believe if they did… release for Coins wouldn’t be right. Especially to those that just put out 100 Clams alone for the Smith’s (Myself included). They also try to be fair to all players and keep the ground equal when it comes to this stuff.


  4. Major fail TinyCo. They changed the tasks for the Multiplier and Blobulous both to 12 hour tasks, so no award for either 8 hour task I was working on, now have to wait 12 more hours!


  5. I want to start out by saying that I am a freemium player who started the game close to when it came out. I have managed to unlock every skin and charater except for king butt and human rupert. mainly because it was my own fault. I have used clams that was earned while playing the game to speed up some, but nothing major. I don’t buy premium buildings, skins, or anything. just an item or 2 here and there when I just don’t want 2 wait. there is no reason for anybody to b!t(h about anything. do people just expect everything to be handed to them for nothing? you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to. quit being spoiled and wanting everything. you might as well ask tiny co to even play the game for you while your offline doing whatever it is you do, lol. sorry, just had to put that out there. hopefully some ppl will take it to heart.


  6. I really wanted Rogers Place and missed it like a dummy and Groff Community Colle ge. Come on Tiny Co. you know you want to.


  7. Why is rollo cop joe even in the premium box? How is that fair. Yeah i get it. We offered and you missed out. Fair enough i understand but rollo joe was only offer to android for free. Wtf? That means TinyCo is saying screw you iOS users. We’re gonna charge you for something that we have android for free. Why TinyCo don’t give out some free clams too. Or a free box open to say thank you as a one year anniversary. It seems clams are harder to get than water in a desert but the prices are twice Tsto. Also i hope they rerelease Jesus with a better chance than in the Christmas event.


    • Well … this is my thoughts on it. iOS STILL has Gold Suit Peter. He is really NOT exclusive as anyone can sign in and pull him to Android. Rollo Cop Joe was here n gone so fast. So those that did get him really did get an exclusive. So I get why others have to pay for him now. I think it helps to balance it all out.

      As for conversion… we actually compared and when broken down… Clams vs Donuts are actually about equal cost wise for the game. Clams actually have been flowing a plenty lately. Like with TSTO, tapping neighbors and clearing Event items add them to your game.


  8. Mr Weed is out and some other goodies.


  9. Glad we’re given the opportunity to get past characters/skins, Builds etc. that where out before I started playing. Would be nice to have the ability to play the past quests. I wish they wouldn’t release multiple boxes at once and considering glitches, goofs, etc, a weeks time limit isn’t long enough, make it for the month. 1 box per month or every other month so we can not only continue with the current game progress but also to replenish the Clam bank.
    One request I haven’t seen: If all my Workers are currently being used, I’d like the ability to buy a “limited time only” item but have it stored in my Inventory until I’m ready or able to build it? If it’s purchased within the time limit, what difference does it make when it’s built? Also to many characters that do nothing. Every character could have a “multi item” task.
    Biggest complaint:
    There’s no way anyone can progress very far in this game as a “freemium” player, as there’s always a quest that has a clam purchase that has to be made. The amount/rate of free clams earned is more of an insult than a reward. This isn’t “paying for a Game”, it’s “paying to play the game”. The cost is never ending and well exceeds the cost of a large flat screen tv, the newest game system and for any game that not only has a 1 time purchase fee but you can play 100% of the game.


  10. With all of these characters and costumes being re-released there is no reason to go and spend money on clams right away if they will be available again in the future.


  11. wildthornberry88

    Happy they have put the training montage building up for sale even if it had a weird cookie price(?!) So I’m hoping I can use Blobulous Chris for tasks now ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder how many cookies I even have remaining :S


  12. Thank you for checking about Multiplier Quagmire, Bunny ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    I just got Felicia Day from the Mystery Box. Sadly, her quest to get teddy bears “Play Freeze Tag” is only unlocked when she is level 3.
    As the event is timed, and we are spending lots of clams and time into getting George Takei time, I find this totally uncool.
    Can we not suggest to Tiny Co (or whoever is in charge), to get Felicia Day working on the Play FreezeTag Quest straight away? We’re losing precious time here.

    Thank you again for your help! With all these intense events going on, you girls are really doing great work! ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. As you stated I msgd them today in game about ghosts and they got back to me today saying they made an increase in the drop rates


  14. Too bad we don’t get a free spin in the mystery boxes. That would be so nice… hint hint Tiny Co. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Last night, I jumped on the 2nd ‘Best of’ box to get the Pee Pants outfit (the first of the ‘Best of’ box items I needed from either box).

    This morning, I realized that I had just spent 125 clams on an outfit when I had, just a few weeks before, declined to get Brian’s New Years outfit (only 25 clams more) because I disliked the idea of paying so much for just an outfit.

    I don’t really regret either choice, but when viewed together, it really doesn’t make much sense given the small cost difference between the two.

    (And despite my fears at not being able to collect 5 Epic ingredients in just a few days, I just got King Butt this afternoon! I still don’t care about the character in the slightest, but as a freemium offering, I couldn’t resist.)


    • Honestly, this is why we say wait on Clam purchases. Especially if it is NOT one that you really want. That way you don’t regret the purchase later. If you are really passionate about a Character/Costume… the cost seems to impact you differently than one you REALLY don’t want. Lol. It is interesting how the mind works when we like and dislike things. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  16. I’m pretty happy to have a chance to get everyone (and I did except for Bryan Cranston). Ankh’s are dropping like crazy now approaching 30, got everything else for King Butt already.
    Teddy Bears are zilch so far, so I’m thinking I might not get George in time.

    When release for Mr Weed?

    PS Is George one of the Stars from the Comic Con? Just curious cause If he’s the 3rd one then I get some clams back. Also who’s the other dead one?


  17. Think it’s even possible to get 68 (or just 40 for that matter) ankhs with just three characters doing 6 hours task. I already have 14, but with just four days left it seems like a stretch. I’ll try for it anyway, it just seems this would be a lot easier if they let more than two normal characters collect stuff. Being as it is just a mini event though, making it this way/hard is fine.


  18. Question. If I’m unable to unlock the character on time do I still get to keep the building since I “paid for it? Or do they both disappear? Only been playing since Nov. so able to finish the few I started. Also hope the add Family guy character and some of the Xmas characters and costumes to the “Best of 2014” box, since they are from that year. Could really use them to help me get some Ankas and other stuff- especially since I own a few of those. LOL.


  19. I got Training Montage Training Center for a 1000 cookies. Go figure. It has a 20 hour build time. Can’t wait to see what it is. swooped it up before I rally looked at it and with the cookie requirement wanted to see if I could really get it.


  20. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea!!! I love it! It’s a wonderful opportunity for people who began playing the game after these events took place to be able to enjoy these event items and characters.

    However, I am a little upset about one aspect (and unlike many others, I don’t usually complain about what TinyCo does with the game, but this time around I feel like my complaints are pretty legitimate)- and that would be how some of the items they have available for coins were items originally available for clamsb during the events. And some of them were only in mystery boxes, so that’s even more expensive than just costing clams alone.

    For someone like me, who has spent the clams for those items (and in turn, spent real money) this feels like a huge middle finger to the face. I mean it’s great for those who didn’t want to spend the money and clams for them, but it’s super unfair for those who did.

    So what I wanna know is- TinyCo, what are you going to do for the people who have spent REAL money on your game? You seem to be rewarding those who weren’t willing to spend money on your game, so what will you do for those who actually have purchased your items?

    Once again, I think what they’re doing is wonderful. It shows they really listen to their players and fans, bc people have been wanting old event items and characters and costumes to return for quite a while. I was even able to get rollocop joe, since I play on an iPhone. But Im still a little miffed about what items they have chosen to be made available for coins, since those items were originally available for clams during the event, and people like me who have spent money and clams for those items the first time are getting screwed. I don’t expect my comment to change anything, I just wanted to express my thoughts and feelings. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.


  21. wildthornberry88

    Omigosh I’m really happy to get Pee Pants. I actuallyb started playing this game right near the start but i couldn’t get into it and failed to get him. Then I got so frustrated after the apparent fiasco that was the Egyptian event I quit playing for a while and missed Halloween, Comic Con and American Dad, whoops XD but yay for getting some of the stuff I missed out on from then too!


  22. Yippikaiyay – the Clamterprise is finally mine! No Mysterybox for me, though. Seems like I have all the characters and skins already. Never can pass those up…


  23. I’m having no luck! Two posts to this site never went through.. Anyone else having a problem of not being able to play?? I did the android update, and after trying to place the pyramid, I got booted out of the game and it now won’t load. I keep getting Consuela errors.. I’ve sent two emails to TinyCo and no one has emailed me back yet! I’m at max level, been playing since the beginning, but this is really starting to aggravate me. Bad enough I’ve already lost 3 days and more than likely won’t be able to take advantage of this new offer they have!!


  24. Glad to see a second chance for these items. I’m mostly a freemium player but have spent clams to get the premium content that I most wanted. I’m glad that Rolo-Cop was inclucded since ios players couldn’t get him. It’s only fair that both phones have a chance to get stuff that they couldn’t.

    Oh on my New Year’s Day question Bunny. I was asking about the RIght of Passage building being un-animated. Because, everytime when I visit neighbors and click on their building, the ball drop animation is there. But when I click on mine, it’s stationary??


  25. Feeling bad for JOE – only core character with no meaningful task…


  26. Whereas I appreciate them bringing back George Takei for “freemium”, you had to be at a much higher level than level 3 to actually have chance. At level 15 I have absolutely no way to get any teddy bears as I don’t have Brian or Tricia yet. The are plenty of characters with no tasks for King Butts/Takei that they COULD use, such as Bruce, Joe, Jillian, Phineas, Barnaby (all of which I have) but chose not to. If they were going to set freemium players up to fail, they should have made this just straight up clam purchase.


  27. Hey Bunny, any way to add you as a friend in the game? I’m at MAX level and have a huge town…I wanna see yours!


    • The one I have connected is a NIGHTMARE. Lol. Seriously. I blow it up… often… as I use it to test out a lot of things. So it will always be changing and organized for a bit, til I blow it up again. Lol.

      Email our site if you still want to. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  28. How can I get Felicia day if I only have 11 clams and am not allowed to buy any


  29. Hi Clamers,

    I sent a comment earlier from my phone but I guess it did not work. I was saying that Multiplayer Quagmire isn’t dropping any Teddy Bears. I just bought him with clams and he offers no tasks to unlock stuff.
    Is it normal?
    Thank you!


  30. I got Felicia Day first try in the mystery box but her questline appears to be broken requiring a building called Sir Lancewarts which I don’t have and don’t see anywhere in the inventory.


    • The questline should not have triggered. Mainly due to THAT issue. It needed items that were only around for the event (minus the larp forest)


      • But it did trigger. She had a conversation with Lois about not enough women in town and then was given two tasks. I did the first with was LARPing but the second task requires the Sir Lancewart building which I don’t have and isn’t available. Any idea if they’ll be adding it later?


  31. joe is the only one I don’t have. Is he worth 125 clams?


  32. I believe this is the third time they are offering pee pants as I got him the second go around. Also now that I have thah pesky 80s Cleveland and KB was wondering if 61/64 and 52/52 are the max characters and costumes respectively. Thanks for your time girls always appreciated.


  33. Hello Clamers!
    I would like to point out that Multiplayer Quagmire doesn’t have any task to get the Teddy Bears. I just bought him but there are not tasks to unlock any stuff.
    Is it normal?
    Thank you for all your great advice!


  34. I have been playing this game for very long I don’t remeber is getting the regular chance to get hobo clown peter without spending money. The only thing I spent money on this game is when they came out with Bryan Cranston I refuse to spend actual cash on Nathan. Refuseeeee.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Since they released Rolojoe to everyone (who is supposed to be Google Play exclusive) I wonder if they will release Gold Suit Peter to Droid players? Otherwise it defeats the purpose of having an exclusive.


  36. Now needing Ankhs for king butt and George! Also a little concerned that Ron pearlman could be another person to quest unlock when they drop phase 3.
    Any idea when phase 3 will appear? So many items to collect!!


  37. Well it seems that there will be a third box because I have seen tasks for Mutant Stewie, Red Hot Lois, Pink Brian and Ron Perlman. I am assuming android will get Gold Suit Peter since iOS is getting Rolocop. Also I hope Kool-aid Man shows up because he and Ron Perlman are the last characters I need once I unlock King Butt and George Takei.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Ohh no I really needed Felicia day for freemium


  39. Clamterprise just appeared! Whoohoo! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I remember everyone, including myself, wanting the XL-K during the event. Now I have a squad of 20 XL-Ks. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  40. Once again I have to say I LOVE this!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I went ahead and bought George and Nathan, now in the process of unlocking George. And from the box I got Sexy Witch Connie, Stan Lee, Robocop Joe, and Multiplier Quagmire. And also some buildings/decorations I had missed. I didn’t think I had missed so many skins so I’m very happy we all have this chance to get them. I’m anxious to see who will be in the next box now ๐Ÿ˜ Thank you TinyCo! And of course, Thank you Bunny and Alisa for such a great site!! I rarely comment but I’m always reading and I appreciate you both๐Ÿ’•


  41. Overall, I have to give TinyCo a lot of credit for this. A certain other game seems to love bringing back old content and charging premium prices for it, even if it was originally free. I do wonder if players will regret clam purchases, though there’s no guarantee TinyCo will do this again for 2015. But overall, being able to fill in gaps makes this a positive event for me.


  42. Weren’t some of those items clam purchases originally though? I’m pretty sure I spent clams to get the Clampterprise, or am I imagining that? If they were clam prizes original then they should be brought back for clams not money. Not to mention the effort put in to unlocking the likes of King Butt.

    Why would anyone spend clams again if they can just wait for the items to come back for money or a more simple task? This cheapens the whole value of premium content and the prizes you work for during events IMO. I worked for the likes of King Butt (including clam purchases) and my reward is to have exclusive access to him in my town. I understand people might want him, but that is the hook of the game – keep playing and keep competing in events, and if you really want it put your money where you mouth is. I’ll just not bother now and wait for the next round of freebies and old content give-a-ways…

    That being said, I’m disappointed Fat Lois isn’t in the character mystery boxes, that is the only outfit I missed out on in 2014 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • There is a lot that goes into it. I am sure. The Clampterprise still was in there for a Clam buy with Patrick. ALL Players, including yourself, can buy a second for money even if you already have one. The two function separate. The one for Clams this time earns money and acts as a building. The coin only is decoration and animated. So two different kind of versions of it.

      King Butt, most were not able to get. That event was a nightmare to be honest, so I get the collection for him this time round again.


  43. Ok – after spending an embarrassing amount of money on these boxes…I got Felicia Day. I am so happy about that! However, on her quest line part 2, it wants me to do something at “Sir Lanceworts.” I don’t have that building and I don’t see it in the store anywhere. I tried to google it but found no mention of this issue. Is there anything I can do? Or TinyCo can do? I would like to finish her quest if possible.


    • Hmmmm, the questlines for her should have NOT retriggered. Mainly for that … the buildings she needed (minus the larp forest) for it were only around at Con Event. You can reach out to them if you’d like on the matter. My Felicia I won just went right to being a character. Only the Clam buys like Bryan and Nathan popped up a questline. The others, I believe tried for a moment but it went away.


  44. What about Kool Aid?


  45. Got Stan Lee in the Mystery Box and completed the Collection but never got the 50 Clams. Also the Questline for Stan Lee was gone after showing up for 2 seconds. Meh.

    Already contacted TinyCo. Support.

    But I still love that I now have Day and Cranston whom I missed back in 2014.


  46. zombiepanda2007

    Thank you TinyCo for bringing some items that we couldn’t get before back! I’m really happy I was able to get the Clamterprise this time around. I’m also thankful that I got all my characters except for Sexy Stewie which I wish he came back.
    I have a couple of suggestions and a begging:
    My first suggestion is to please bring the party pyramid and Sexy Stewie if you could please!
    My begging is to please extend the deadline in getting King Butt because even though I’m focusing in getting him, the items aren’t dropping for me as often. I’m stressing out because it seems like time is running out fast, and I do want King Butt badly. Please, please, please, please TinyCo extend the time. Thank you ๐Ÿ™


  47. Gutted gonna be 4 clams short of a character mystery box. How can I get more clams


  48. So my wonderful son was playing on my phone. Ahh the joy!!! All color Introverted! Hahah. Game looks like someone turned on a black light!!! Thought I’d share!

    Liked by 1 person

  49. I don’t have enough clams to get all the characters I need! I really wanted Felicia Day, but I did get Nathan Fillion! Tiny Co. Please extend this to the end of next week so I get paid again! Lol. I really hope they make this something a recurring event to get missed characters! Please bring them back more often! I will probably end up buying more if they do this more.


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