Weekly Challenge – Week 4 – Party’s Over

Just as we were breaking out the bubbly TinyCo has brought us back to reality with the last of this events weekly challenges.


As always these aren’t called a challenge for nothing, they can be extremely difficult to complete, especially for freemium players. Many see these as extra fun for premium players but that doesn’t mean a freemium player can’t do it, it jjust depends where you are in the game and sometimes a lucky guess at what items to stockpile whilst you wait for the challenge to drop. The prizes to date have always been decorations, with the odd building as a Grand Prize, so I wouldn’t advocate spending clams on these, but as always the choice is yours.

Anyway this weeks challenge, if you should choose to accept it, seems to work in tandem with what a lot of us will be doing right now, Fuddled Frigate battles and collecting flags, if you manage to complete it you will be rewarded with the drunky monkey, he actually looks a little how I feel after all my recent blogging, lol. And of course if you successfully completed the previous 3 challenges you will be awarded the grand prize, Captain MonkeyBeard.

Captain Monkeybeard

What do you need to do to complete it, well here’s the deal, you will need to complete the PARTY’S OVER task which consists of:

Quagmire Starts

Check out the prize
Attack The Abominable Arr-mada 4 Times
Collect 200 Pirate Flags



So there you have it the third of this events weekly challenges. If you need help with attacking the abominable aar-mada , you will find details in this post.

Attacking Abominable Aar-mada

Good luck and let us know in the comments if you completed the 4 weekly challenges and got Captain Monkeybeard. Personally I think this set have been easier than in previous events due to matching our current gameplay and of course my habit of stockpiling items I think may be of use has helped me.


13 responses to “Weekly Challenge – Week 4 – Party’s Over

  1. Got all the monkeys, got evil monkey today, monkey, monkey, monkey!


  2. Mine didn’t trigger until about 5pm Monday, leaving me less than 24 hours to complete a task set ar twice that. And with the drop rate of champagne, it’s going to cost clams to speed things up enough to get the last few I need and still leave just enough time to attack the abominable arr-mada.


    • Sometimes you need reach a point in main Questline before they trigger. Stockpiling was difficult for this one with the drops but good luck.


  3. Weird thing going on here in my game. Your image is the only one I can see of the last monkey ( not the monkey captain). The challenge went live in my game, but I still have a “?” In the 4th spot. All the other monkeys were visible. Weirder still, I’ve earned all of the monkeys including the last one- and I now have the monkey pirate captain, but I can’t find the 4th one anywhere… It’s not in my inventory in either the recent or pirate event tabs, don’t see it on the little section of street I have or behind buildings. Not a big deal I guess but I’ve placed all the others together so the completist in me is not happy ( not too mention only first 2 have their animation working). Any ideas? Should I report in game? Thanks for all your great comments and posts!!!!!!


  4. Do you know why it would be that this task isn’t showing up in my game yet? I have the other three monkeys, never had an issue getting them, but the end of this event is tomorrow so I’d like to at least have a chance to get these last two!


    • The weekly challenges usually have a trigger point in the bases main Questline, completiting Pt. 4 was the trigger in previous weeks. So check where you are in main Questline.


  5. You know I’ve gotten every one of these so far. I didn’t care for them at all. I’ve just gotten them doing the normal play. Figured the ones I don’t care for,I earn without trying. The ones I want, I have to nearly sell my soul for. Go figure. Smh


  6. Hm I haven’t received it yet, I wonder what part of the questline we need to be on.


    • I know few players said the 3rd weekly challenge didn’t trigger until later in Questline for them.


      • Yeah I was trying to avoid wasting time completing the final questline lol but now I’ve had to use some of my precious champagne to advance it. Hopefully I can manage it :O


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