Tell Me About Telenovela!

Update: Yes, we know they dropped the candy requirement down to 35.  (awesome!)  We’ve got a whole post about it.  Please continue to keep this post just about your counts and no other comments.  Thanks guys!
See this post for more details (and excited commentary on the candy drop):

Hey there Minions!

I can see all your frustration in the comments on the event. I get it. Really. I am wanting to get an overall idea of where you all are as of right now. soapopera_peter-actionModal-002@2x

So let’s try something out. Please post ONLY answers the following, nothing more. (Anything else will be moderated.)

How many of each do you have?
Cowboy HatHats


How many Blindfolds do you currently have?

How often are you playing?


Please, again, ONLY answer these questions and nothing more. I want to keep the focus and responses on this post on straight facts. Feel free to use the OTHER posts for anything else and other direct questions. 😉


759 responses to “Tell Me About Telenovela!

  1. Only had a few of each left to get. Was down to needing approx 10 piñata s for the get 50 quest. Very very frustrating as I play 3 to 4 times per day.


  2. Ended with:


    12 blindfolds
    Played during the day about every 4 hours (w/setting a timer) I stopped collecting blindfolds a day before it ended.


  3. I was 2 hats away from ssop


  4. Seriously, I was one hat away, and working on it and the quest ended!!


  5. Still need 6 more hats…..


  6. Got SSOP and oliva at the same time yesterday. Very happy about it. I play before work every morning. During lunch. Once home atleast once every 2 hours until about 2am.


  7. SSOP aquired. Forbidden Clam questline will be completed at 4:3oPM CDT. Will proceed to Neutral Zone to await further orders then…


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