Pi Day Winner!

Hello There Clammers!

Last Saturday was Ultimate Pi Day and here at Addicts we love every excuse for Pie!  So we thought it would be fun to have a little Pi Day contest where the winner wins…you guessed it…PIE!

So many of you entered and shared with why you thought it was a wonderful day for Pie….and I walked around with the song stuck in my head all day!  But we could only have 1 Ultimate Pi Day winner.  So let’s see who the Randomizer chose….


The 2015 Addicts Pi Day Contest winner is…


“Robyn F.
Pie me addicts!
Why? When isn’t it a wonderful day for pie? Unless you happen to be Mort in the world of Disney!”

Robyn chose a great selection of pies from Grand Traverse Pie Company, including a Cherry Crumb, Apple Crumb with Caramel and Pecans and a Peach!

Congratulations again Robyn and enjoy your pies!

And thank YOU to the best readers on the planet for participating in our fun little contest!  Stay tuned…you never know when the contest mood will strike us!

How was your Pi Day?  Do anything fun?  Did you eat pie?  Did you spend your day eating pie shaped items?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


12 responses to “Pi Day Winner!

  1. Congratulations Robyn! Gotta love that randomizer…


  2. Girls, I’m sorry to use this space for this, but I thought that it would be the one that you would read…
    Ferengi Mort disappeared from the Replicator itens that I can craft, before I craft it. Can you help me with that reporting it even if you already crafted it?
    I’m starting to get scared as hell: yesterday my tribbles stopped spawning while I was sleeping, today Ferengi Mort disappeared while I was sleeping… Is tiny.co spying on me??? They don’t me to sleep at all???? ‘Cause I’m already sleeping at most 3 hours in a row! OMG!!! ;P
    Please feel free to moderate and exclude this comment from this post, I know that it don’t belong here.


  3. Thank you everyone, especially the magnificent Bunny and Alissa! It was such a lovely surprise, and frankly, at this time of year, a much needed boost me up! I have told my friends, and a bunch of them are coming over for a “family guy sci fi pie day” They all got a kick out of the fact I am playing this game! I am usually not a computer game player, but this game was advertised on one of the splash pages on my tablet, and I love family guy so thought, why not? Good choice, as i love this game, glitches and all!

    Anyway, my friends and I are going to watch all the Family Guy Star wars parodies, as well as the imfamous multiverse episode! IUt shoud be a fun afternoon, thanks in large part to Bunny and Alissa. Thanks again, ladies!

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  4. Congrats Robyn! Sounds like a feast to me 😃. Personally I had pecan pie that the wife made. And it was the first time, in her recollection, that it all came together perfectly. It set just right, the top carmalized evenly, the crust was juuuust firm. I didn’t care. It was awesome !!

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  5. ✨ahhh Congrats Robyn!!!…would you mind if you can share just 1 slice of pie for ALL of us Addicts?!? haha jk 😄✨


  6. Awesome! Congrats Robyn!! 😀


  7. Congrats!!!

    My pi day had apple pie (made with dried apples reconstituted in hard cider!), lemon pie, and blueberry strawberry pie!! Yay pi day!


  8. Congratulations Robyn! They sound yummy but that’s a whole lotta pies! Hopefully, you don’t get them all at once unless you are gonna freeze some or throw a pie party! 😉 Enjoy! Oh, and let us know which was your fav…


  9. Congrats Robin!!!!!


  10. Congrats Robyn!! Enjoy those pies!!


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