Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way – POLL RESULTS

The results are in, and that’s thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the short poll I posted. We had 895 fellow addicts take the time to complete it, and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you, and of course those who left additional comments. Sharing information is what this community is all about it, and I couldn’t have done this without you all.

Now I was quite limited by the poll style and asked you ignore any instant results it gave out as they would need a bit of analysis to show a true reflection of how we all did in the event.

As the poll closed, I dusted off my maths hat and popped it on, made a refreshing change from my dunce one I can tell you. And if my little brain cells served me well here’s the final results.

The results below are based on 895 total respondents, or in other words our fellow addicts who completed our poll. They will show the percentages of those players who managed to unlock each freemium character/character skin and the percentages who purchased any premium characters/character skins throughout the event.

The question asked was:


I’ll start with the results for the freemium characters & skins, and I think we will agree the results correlate with what we’ve seen in the comments, everyone did well in the early phases but by Phase 5 players were starting to struggle, as even with the extension less than fifty percent got Captain Cold Quagmire, which then had a knock on effect on having any chance of unlocking Poison Ivy and Lex Luthor. But on the positive side over seventy percent got no less than 8 of the freemium characters/character skins available, which isn’t a bad haul in my opinion. The complete breakdown is below.


Now to the premium characters/character skins, now these results surprised me, the main reason being when the event hit the excitement over Harley Quinn hitting our games was very loud and vocal, she created the most hype and excitement. As such I expected her to be the most popular of the premium characters purchased, but she was pipped to the post by the ever reliable Superman, so even with Quahog dripping in Kryptonite he still came out on top. And at the lower end of the premium spending, no great surprise to see the premium mystery box character/character skin prizes, too many of us just don’t like the odds on these and aren’t risking our clams on them. Again the complete breakdown is below.


So there you have it fellow addicts, probably my final words on the event, but for anyone disappointed they missed out on any of the characters/character skins, please remember they usually return, whether it be in a Best of Mystery Box, an appearance in a different event or even a mini replay of this event, similar to what happened with the Star Trek characters. One thing I’m sure of is we haven’t seen the last of them.

I’d love to hear your comments below, either about the results, if you missed a character would you like to see them back in our games, if so how would you like to see these characters make a come back? And finally would you like to see more polls in the future. It’s over to you now….


21 responses to “Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way – POLL RESULTS

  1. I’ve been saving up my clams all year for the Best of 2016 mystery boxes, but I fear it won’t be enough. I figure I’ve missed out on well more than ten new characters across all the events already.


    • Maybe some will reappear to unlock rather than buy, sometimes characters make another appearance in the game. Who is top of your list of wants? I missed out on Robin Stewie, he’s my top want for a Best of box just now as he’s my favourite character.


  2. I’m surprised Lex was even as high as 22%. I was 24 cards short


  3. I played Premium for this one, but set a limit for myself and stuck to it. I only bought characters (missed Green Arrow when my budget hit said limit), ignored all the Premium buildings, and avoided the Mystery Boxes like the plague. All told, I successfully unlocked everything except the “Frickin’ Hard” items – as tempting as they were, I knew they would set me back when the next Phase launched.

    Typically being on the Freemium side of these events, the Clams made a huge difference between having fun and going postal. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a lot of grinding and strategy – and some things never paid off in the end (literally choking on Plastic Rings with jack squat to spend them on). Plus, it was a huge test of discipline to stick to my budget (yes, the Fortress of Solitude was very tempting, but I know all too well that it would have ended up in my inventory the moment it stopped being useful – so why bother?).

    What I learned from this experience is that Clam purchases are a MUST if you have any intention of finishing an event. Without the characters I bought, I most certainly would have fallen behind very quickly – and missed out on a number of items. This is just the status quo for the game, and I have made peace with that.

    So if you really enjoy the theme of any forthcoming event, and want a realistic shot at completion, all it takes is a few Clams. Seriously, $50 should do the trick if you limit yourself to only characters, and maybe speeding up a handful of tasks when racing against the clock. Otherwise, just do the best you can and try not to think about what you might be missing out on.

    Above all else, just try to have fun…


  4. I’m tired of premium characters not being voiced.. And not knowing about it before the purchase.


    • I know, we’ve relied on Bunny to use her connections to get us that information in the past. Hopefully she’ll be our fountain of knowledge again soon.


  5. Played freemium, no premium characters, spent about 5 clams overall to rush. Barely got Lex – really hard, got him on the last day. Lots of planning and luck – strategy was to use everyone on missiles, get the types equally, always have enough to reach 4x at the beginning of the fight – needed that to tell what to focus on to get enough for 4x. Never hit 5x. Sacrificed getting some of the pills, so could not get Ivy. The pills were the bottleneck – would have been nice to get some more opportunities for pills, or not have them be rare. Or spend some of the cheaper items to get Kryptonite. Missed the last 3 items in Wayne Tower, but otherwise, pretty close to Ivy – only missing 2 items, but not worth the 400 clam buyout. Oh well.


  6. I think Superman edged out Harley because he was the only day-one premium character, which is usually a worthwhile investment at the very beginning of a major event. If they were flipped, with Harley arriving day one and Superman showing up in week 3, I think he’d be down in the 20s with Batman and Flash.


    • Would have been interesting to see, as I think you’re right as at the beginning there’s a mix of excitement and panic that sees us throw our clams at the early characters.


  7. What else was disappointing was that once you achieved a character they didn’t help to acquire things you really needed . Of all the ones I could have bought I chose superman who really turned out to be worthless after the first week. And batman Brian or green lantern could have helped with the super vitamin drops. It would have been nice if they helped collect things you would need for another character .
    Also one of my biggest beefs all along is when they have 1 character doing multiple tasks to acquire necessary items when there’s so many others avaliable who are not helping .


    • Completely agree, they need to add more value to premium purchases, in the event purchased in and out with, I think even an extra rare drop task that pays out 1 clam being put on each premium character would be a nice touch.


  8. Thanks. From the numbers it looks like they should have adjusted how we earned Lex and Ivy… Quite a drop off from the other characters.


  9. I missed out on Poison Ivy and fot an entire week, knowing I wouldn’t get her was an extreme bummer. It’s like acknowledging a favorite character that you wouldn’t be able to get, even though it’s free, but even though it was free, you wouldn’t be able to get it.

    I muat disagree tremendously with your statement about “77% got 8 characters out of the haul which isnt so bad.” Yes, it’s not that bad, but realistically speaking not everyone likes the same characters. Therefore the worthiness of that character drops or increases. For example more people in this poll survey preferred Super Man over Harley Quinn despite Harley Quinn being a loud outcry. So therefore it can be safe to conclude that despite what most people think, not everyone agrees in certain terms. Which in that case, not every character is exactly popular amongst certain individuals as one might be for another and therefore that 8 character logic is better than nothing kind of flushes down the drain. Sounds a bit greedy, yes, but this is a game; the goal is to win in any way of getting those wanted characters.

    I’d really love for another Apocalypse event to come back, with mutants and maybe a Fallout event! At least then, we can comedically have Poison Ivy come back all like: “What the heck happened?!” Or something. Just a thought. Otherwise Earth Day would be another event I don’t know.


    • I can understand your disappointment, if I could send my Poison Ivy to your game I would, I feel guilty I got her when some big fans of the character didn’t.

      Regards my comment about over 70% getting 8 characters, I didn’t mean that as saying you couldn’t be disappointed by what you missed, I was more referring to if you like to play completely freemium, 8 new characters is a fair number, even if it’s just to fill Tan Lines to help get Evil Monkey. That’s the way I see it, I want that monkey so anything that helps me get him faster I’ll take.

      And those are two great ideas to bring her back, I hope TinyCo are reading.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, it is what it is. I knew things like this would happen. To be honest, when they extend an event, in my opinion, it’s meant to play catch up from what oe faols to succeed in. This is not the case. Instead of acting like a true extended week for those who are lagging behind, it adds more conet and more stress because they’re adding things that other people might want. So it’s not really an “extending” week, it’s expanding the event longer. Which is a big flaw of this game.

        Yes, I understand 8 is a “fair” number, but not a “fair” concept. Difference. See, even without the 8 characters for the tan line thing, you can still get the evil monkey. Slowly, but you’ll be able to get him. For that reason, I null that concept out. It only speeds up time to get a character, nothing else. I still stand by what I think of “fair”.

        If anything, Poison Ivy couldve easly been something like 500 plastic rings. That’s fair in my opinion, because the drop out rates for those things were taking forever. In all fairness to that, the only way i could’ve gotten the rings were by the buiodings, Seamus, and Dr. Hartman. Herbert was busy with pills, Peter with pills, joe with fish hooks, and everyone else scattering to get one too little for too much things to get smaller Krypton pieces for items.

        Heck, it took me two weeks to get 250 of those rings.

        I’ve thought of some ideas. Like a major event between Tapped Out and Quest for Stuff that allows at least the main daily of each series to get into the other game.

        A Nintendo event, or if anything for others that don’t like Nintendo, a video game event,

        Another Peter Palooza with new characters and not lie the Star Trek with the same characters.


        • Love the events ideas, especially a Tapped Out – Quest for Stuff crossover, I think that would be amazing, especially for us who play both games.

          I’m sure Bunny will use her contact with TinyCo to request the return of Poison ivy, many are disappointed they couldn’t get her. And I agree that just extending the time and not the content is something they should look at in future.

          Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback.


          • You’re welcome! There’s a couple of ideas I can see.

            One also being that some premium characters not everyone can get due to money budget. I think, in my opinion, it’s fair that either a premium could also be worth to 500,000 coins or 1,000,000 being that some people, like myself, over exceed the limit and gives the coins a new better purpose than what it originally was once your game is ‘up to date’ with what district and current event.

            New content isn’t bad in a week extension, but it shouldn’t be treated as a ‘new week’. Have a little more creativity. have certain characters other than the ones that are in the event be able to go on a ‘mission’ like in the Star Trek event and have every ‘new’ character for that extended week either extra rare or something. That seems fair in my opinion. It doesn’t build stress, it doesn’t increase tension. Gives everyone a perfect time.

            Obviously for the Tapped Out event we can’t actually add every character from Springfield as the same for every character from Quahog. But this could easily be a follow up from the crossover.

            Expand creation. Expand thoughts. Open your imagination and imagine the most simplest disagreement breaks out into a big war.

            Obviously since the cross over the Duff Beer thing was a big controversy in the show, and knowing how MacFarlane and Groening work, things can easily drastically change. Look at the Simpsons Movie!

            So now you have one family invading the other game, have skins for both families in both games, being opposite art styles of one another as to Peter and Homer, and it’ll work fantastic.

            You’d have your currency of war medals

            for the trade in market, you’d have doughnuts, pawtucket pat ale, duff beer and I guess Twinklies again.

            You can have Capt. Twinklie as an unlockable character.

            Secretly behind the mastermind of this war coming between one another’s games and families could be two of the most obvious, or at least for me; who are trying to get one another to just harm each other.

            Now I don’t really watch the Simpsons, but I hope i do have a general idea for the character; but having The Giant Chicken and Sideshow Bob as both wanting at least to harm one person in the other family, easily leaves a lot of plot for one another to forge threats against one another’s “foe family”.

            That’s just my two cents.

            I think I just went off track completely hngggg.


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