Where the Hell….? Stu Griffin

A little while back the multiverse transported back into our Quahogs bringing with it some fun new content including another incarnation of my favourite character Stewie Griffin.

This time we got introduced to  Stu Griffin, (I will refer to him as Future Stu from now on), a new playable character we could unlock during the mini event. That is one of the things I love about the multiverse, we get full characters, not skins, thanks for that TinyCo. But where have me met Future Stu  before. Well join me in a journey back in time to 2006 when Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story hit our screens. A trilogy of episodes devoted to my favourite evil baby, and Future Stu  made his appearance in the 3rd of these episodes, Stu & Stewie’s Excellent Adventure.

Stu Griffin

In this episode Stewie comes across his future self, who has been travelling back in time on vacation, when Future Stu leaves, Stewie decides to stowaway and return to the future with Future Stu to see how life is treating the older version of himself. When he gets there he is horrified to find he is a 35 year old virgin who is working in a boring job and living in an apartment that’s as impressive as broccoli to him.

Future Stu reading

So Stewie decides he has to intervene to spice up Future Stu’s boring existence, and sets about setting him up on a hot date with a co-worker, this turns into a somewhat dangerous liaison that sees Future Stu not only lose his job but also watch his apartment go up in flames. Looking at the havoc he has wreaked and how his future life is now even worse than it was before he decides the only way he can fix things is to go back in time to change his future self.  He finds a bad experience in his childhood caused this terrible turn of fortunes and sets about sorting this. In the process of changing things the paradox he creates sees Future Stu bite the dust.

So that’s where you’ve met him before, and of course the other 2 characters available were also in this episode too, when Stewie  finds out about his siblings futures, Meg has had a sex change and became Ron, and Chris is living a miserable married life as police officer.
Do you remember this episode? Have you never seen it? Do you now plan to watch it? Who is your favourite of the 3 future characters? And can anyone tell me the name of the  TV show parodied in the opening credits of this episode.

6 responses to “Where the Hell….? Stu Griffin

  1. any thoughts as to why i would be given this character so long after the event ended? he just appeard today with a big congratulations message. yet i did nothing. guess i should just be thankful.


    • Reports of other players getting random characters or costumes. Happy Thanksgiving to you the chosen ones, guess that makes the rest of us the turkeys 😀😀😀😀


  2. The TV show that is referenced is 24


  3. Wasn’t this the plot of the movie? (which ended up being divided into episodes)


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