Clam Collecting 101

Hi there fellow addicts. Is there anything better than when TinyCo throw us some free clams? For me I don’t think so. But sometimes when we are busy in our games we forget about these clams they throw at us, so I thought whilst we have a short, probably very shor, break between events I’d remind long term players of your options and make our newer players aware of what’s out there.

Clam Icon

A while back I wrote a post documenting the free clame I’ve collected since I started playing the game,  Clams, Free Clams, and MORE Clams! but I’ve kept on clamming since and wanted make sure others weren’t missing out on any by reminding you of what is out there.

If you’re a daily player, okay multiple daily player, then don’t forget to pick up your clam from visiting Ollieland or other neighbours. You know it’s time when the red exclamation mark appears in the neighbour area.

I get a clam every day, doesn’t sound a lot but taken over the year that’s more than enough clams to purchase a premium character.

Next I watch some TV, Clam TV to be precise. Now this appears and disappears in our games at times, but recently it’s been as regular as clockwork for me. You’re looking out for this symbol in your game.

Clam TV Tom Tucker

Click on this and you’ll be able to watch short videos advertising other games and such, each video you watch you get 1 free clam. I’ve been getting this daily lately and getting the maximum 7 clams either all in one sitting or split into two Clam TV appearances each day.

Clam TV 7

That 7 free clams a day can keep on giving as far as I’m concerned as I’m gathering 250-300 clams a month. Again enough for a premium character.

My next source of clams is through a character, the one and only Jesus.


Jesus has a 24 hour task TURN WATER INTO CLAMS. Now if you have Jesus get him on this 24 hours a day as the reward is a rare chance of 2 clams dropping. When I was using this task I found he dropped once, sometimes twice a week. Any easy way to gather a few extra clams eh?

Of course there’s an even better task if you have the Football Jesus skin.

Football Jesus also has a 24 hour task, Completely forsake Cleveland Sports Teams. And this again has a rare drop, but for 4 clams. I’ve had Jesus on this task constantly since I got the skin and he usually drops once a week. It takes time to build up clams from this, but with the minimal effort of just resetting a task once a day, you could gather up enough clams in a year to treat yourself to another premium character.

A recent addition to the game was the Tan Lines Resort, now the main currency here is Stewie Bucks, but don’t be tempted to ignore the Daily Challenges as these occasionally drop you a clam instead of Stewie Bucks. This happens at least once a week in my game. The only days I don’t do these is if they need an essential event character.

So that’s another way to earn clams just by setting characters on tasks. Easy peasy.

Occasionally TinyCo throws us some free clams on special occasions, Bunny will always alert you on the site when this happens. Usually all you need to do is open your game and the clams are awarded. And of course in the past there’s been clams for completing character sets in FaceSpace, hopefully we will see more of that in future, I miss completing those sets.

The last thing to watch out for is the opportunity to gain clams during Events. The recent, Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way event saw 2 ways to earn free clams. Firstly through the Zero to Hero Questline. Here you got 1 clam awarded for every Pow Level you moved up. This maxed out at Level 20, so the total reward for the Questline was 20 free clams. Sweet.

But more recently in events they have started to put a speculate to accumulate clam offer. This basically consists of purchasing a premium building for clams, but it will drop clams daily instead of game currency. If you have the clams to purchase these buildings I recommend you do, as you always end up better off.


For example in the Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way event the Fortress of Solitude building cost 250 clams but paid out 14 clams every 24 hours for 28 days, ensuring you collected every 24 hours you would collect 392 clams, a profit of 142 clams. So keep an eye out for these buildings in future events.

So that’s how to get free clams, but what I’d like ask my fellow addicts for is your ideas of how TinyCo could throw us some more. Would you like mini-games, a chance game, more characters with a task to drop clams, clams for completing long Questlines? What do you think?

Me I’d love a Stewie mini-game where we change his diaper, than hold our breath as, well all sorts of crap comes out, but sometimes, just sometimes our favourite evil baby might drop a clam or two. So that’s what I want, now lie back on the couch and tell me your ideas.




27 responses to “Clam Collecting 101

  1. I’m not sure if it just my game but the clam tv seems to crash fairly often now. It used to work all the time but now it seems to crash once or sometimes twice a week. It will load the first few videos and instead of loading another video I get a tv symbol and the game gets stuck forcing me to close it. On reloading the game clam tv will work again but will only give me one clam instead of the four or five that i would have had if it hadn’t crashed.


  2. My biggest problem with collection Clams is claiming them after watching the video. 99% of the time the game locks up taking a long time to bring up the “You earned a Clam” window or the game straight out crashes. I’ll sometimes sit through a 6-12 videos before I’m able to get 1 Clam. I’m also forced to collect 1 Clam at a time instead of multiple in fear the game will crash at some point to only lose them all.


  3. The clam tv thing is okay but it only appears on mobile versions, so you lose out if playing via facebook.


  4. After all of these months, updates and all – I still cant get into the game. TinyCo Help has NEVER replied to my many contacts for help. You even reached out, I believe. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing memory, When I play through – I cant get my password to work and letters to them have gone unanswered. Sigh. I have not been able to play for months. I miss the game. I miss the forum. Glad you guys are still having fun. Hope you girls are well.


    • Is your account linked to Facebook or an email. My friend changed her Facebook email address and password then had issues getting in her game until she changed those things back in Facebook. You haven’t done either of those if linked to Facebook?


      • Linked to email. Have not changed email. It would help if TinyCo contacted me ! Be patient, is what I was told. I have been so patient that I am forgotten…


  5. I think I only have the wrong Jesus if that is possible? I have Commander Jesus from Boomsday.


  6. I can watch videos for clams on my Fire but never get them on my iPhone, is there something that needs to be turned on?


    • I collect them fine on my iPhone, not aware you’d need to set anything up. Maybe there’s some built into the game to only allow you to collect in one app version of the game, in order you don’t get lucky and get double clams.


      • Nope, I get them across devices. Never more than seven total though so if you get all seven in one sitting then I wouldn’t expect more on another device.


  7. Would love to see more options for getting clams.. Anything.


  8. I only get 1 or 2 clams a week from visiting friends, and I’ve never had a 7 clam payout watching tv, at once or cumulative.


    • Do you have more neighbours than just Ollieland, most days I get my clam from Ollieland but every other day I need to visit my friends town to strike gold.

      My clam TV paid out 1-3 until a few months ago, I don’t know if they rotate the payouts round different games so different players get different payouts on how often they play, how many clams they have. TinyCo keep all that kind of information under wraps.

      Thanks for feeding back your drops, all this info is great for new players and to show us just how random things are in our individual games.


  9. The Fortress of Solitude info is incorrect, that thing stopped dropping clams and started giving only coins at least a week before the event ended. You MIGHT have gotten ~294 clams out of it, but you definitely did not get 392.


    • It was always due to stop dropping on the date it did, and I bought it immediately the day the event started on 21st July and collected every day until it left on 18th August, that meant I collected from it 28 times which gave me 392 clams total and a profit of 142 as stated in the post.


  10. Lol Jesus has only paid out for me like 3 times since I got him. That’s less than once a month and that’s with playing him every day.

    I also noticed the Clam TV drops the number of ads you can watch if you recently bought clams. Not sure if that was just coincidence or not though. Thought I’d post it here and see if anyone’s had similar results.


    • That’s a low show from you’re Jesus, I seem to do very well out of him, I actually started noting the drops down after the football event to get an idea if he had been worth the clams I spent to unlock the skin before event ended. After I spent the clams I had that buyer regret feeling but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his usefulness. I know if drops dry up some try putting the character on an alternative task then back to the drop task, maybe worth a try to see if things improve.

      Interesting thoughts on Clam TV, any other players found this. You would think they would do the opposite to reward you for your support.


  11. Thanks for the heads up about Jesus dropping clams. Completely forget about him doing such. He’s been locked away at tan lines doing nothing until now. Putting him to work. Thanks again!


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