Peter’s Booty Haul – UPDATE ROLLING OUT

Ahoy Maties!!!

Just as we cleared the last of the Super villains from our towns, there’s a new storm a brewing as TinyCo make us walk the plank and plunge into the latest Event to hit our games.

So it’s got me thinking what hi-jinks will we encounter on the high seas, will Pirate Peter be more Captain Feathersword than Captain Hook, will our Tan Lines Resort be plundered and ransacked, and most importantly what treasures will we find along the way.

Let’s hoist up the mast and get ready to see what’s on the horizon as the update is starting to hit the app stores. I’m seeing it on IOS NOW. You’re looking to update to game version 1.28.0.

Please bare in mind this is just preparing us for the event, we still need to wait for TinyCo to push the button to make it go live.



18 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – UPDATE ROLLING OUT

  1. Water DISTRICT? Like forever in game now?! Sure the new land is in the water but hey MORE LAND too. 😀


  2. Woo hoo its live! And looks really cool


  3. Loading screen changed….no changes in game yet.



  4. The Problem Child

    So far now no update but am getting these:


  5. The event has begun…pirate Lois is the first character guise you are tasked to earn


  6. I’m live but characters aren’t showing drop items needed for unlocks.


  7. they keep rolling these events out one after another, and their fun at first, but then after a few days of playing the drop rates are always impossible to collect on the timed items even playing multiple times a day

    wish they would fix these things before doing more events


  8. Plunder and ransack away, I got evil monkey last night!


  9. The Problem Child

    As of 3pm central, still not showing in the Google Play store.


  10. Any idea if we need Tanlines open?


    • Any characters in Tan Lines can be pulled out if needed for the event. Whether it will play any roll in the event I’m not sure. Just don’t send any characters, especially main ones on long tasks as we wait for the event to go live.


  11. matthew b lawler

    I downloaded the update from that market but the event is not in my game what did I do wrong


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