Peter’s Booty Haul – NOW LIVE ***UPDATED AND COMPLETE***

UPDATE 9/1 ** There seems to be an issue with Shipwreck Points timer not counting down, it’s been reported, hopefully see a fix soon. UPDATE **9/2 Fix in our games for Shipwreck Point now.

UPDATE 9/2 **Joker and Lex Luthor showing a drop of cursed treasure on their 24 hour task was a “happy glitch” for those that had it, but was never intended nor will it be in players games as an option for the Event.

We have put up a separate post with issues and glitches and will update it as we get information.

PETER’S BOOTY HAUL – Glitches & Issues

With a sprinkling of fairy dust and a whole lot of rum the high seas and all that sails in them have been washed ashore in our games. What’s a player to do, well that’s easy let’s go fishing for new stuff.

Peter’s Booty Haul is now live, to see it in your game you must update your game to version 1.28.0. Once you’ve done that it’s all hands on deck as we pull up the anchor and dive into the event.

With any new event there’s always a rush of questions, so if you’re feeling all at sea, don’t panic as we will bring you all the event information as we verify it in our games.


The event runs until 27th September.

To start the event you will need to start the main Questline, See no Evil.

The main Questline will guide you through the basics but you will notice when you get to Part 3 it asks you to Repair the Groggy Gunboat. Don’t worry about repairing this as it is used in battles and not linked to any timers.

There are also 2 new characters Captain Hook who is a premium buy and Salty who can be purchased in The House of Booty once you’ve collected the required items, there’s also a new skin for Lois available to unlock in Al Harringtons, Pirate Queen Lois.

The characters I can see just now that are used for collecting items are Herbert, Chris, Mort, Joe, Bruce, Quagmire, Joker and Lex Luthor.  There may be more but there’s a lot of characters to check so will update this. You will also need Peter free to use in battles.

There are numerous premium items but the one I want to quickly point out is Shipwreck Point, it’s 240 clams but pays out 13 clams every 24hrs for the next 30 days, so if you collect daily that’s a 150 clam profit. The kind of speculate to accumulate purchase I spoke of in my collecting clams post.


It’s late here and I’m gathering info, so expect some updates to this post as soon as I gather all the information I can. But from what I’m seeing in the initial tasks with battles and upgrading the gunboat makes me think this is going to follow a similar pattern to the Raid to the North Pole event. What do others think? And please also share your tips in the comments.


Salt Lick: 225 Clam Icon Clams, Always drops 3 Salt

Shipwreck Point: 240 Clam Icon Clams, Earns 13 Clam Icon Clams every 24hrs, ALWAYS drops 13 Clams (Consuela Vacuum will auto collect them FYI)

Small Cursed Coin Island: 200 Clam Icon Clams, Always drops 13 Pirate Coins

Medium Cursed Coin Island: 250 Clam Icon Clams, 25 Pirate Coins & 35XP every 10hrs, Always drops 25 Pirate Coins

The Salty Grog: 120 Clam Icon Clams, Earns $30 & 20XP every 4hrs, Always drops Grog


Tropical Fish: $150

Daggermouth Merch Stand: $300

Dash Lines: 4 Cursed Treasure Cursed Treasure

The X-Tiles: 5 Cursed Treasure Cursed Treasure


Captain Hook: 240 Clam Icon Clams, Always drops 3 Limes

Salty: You will first need to get to him with the Quahog Fishery and Market in the House of Booty then gather lots of stuff to unlock him.  Once the Quahog Fishery and Market is placed, you can start collection for his items.
– 400 Cursed Treasure: Joe Load his Water Gun! OR Bruce Wear Guyliner OR Herbert Have Scurvy OR Quagmire Drink Grog OR Get from the Jolly Roger OR Get from the Small Treasure Island OR Get from the Medium Treasure Island
– 5 Daggermouth Swag (Common):  Make Pirate Queen Lois Be the Boss
– 8 Boat Shoes (Uncommon): Get from Pirate Palace OR Pirate Pool (House of Booty)
– 4 Fishing Tackle (Rare): Get from Griffin Houseboat (House of Booty)
– 14 Fake Death Certificates (Uncommon): Make Peter adopt a parrot OR Make Jerome Drink Grog OR Make Bonnie drink herself to death

Pirate Queen Lois

Pirate Queen Lois (Costume): You will complete this in Al’s.
– 200 Cursed Treasure
: Joe Load his Water Gun! OR Bruce Wear Guyliner OR Herbert Have Scurvy OR Quagmire Drink Grog OR Get from the Jolly Roger OR Get from the Small Treasure Island OR Get from the Medium Treasure Island
– 27 Cutlass (Rare): Get by clearing Drunken Pirate
– 11 Captain’s Hat (Uncommon): Get from the Pirate Academy (House of Booty)
– 10 Compasses (Common): Mort Use Analog GPS OR Chris Get Lost


Cannon Ball 3 Pack: 48 Clam Icon Clams

Cannon Ball 6 Pack: 90 Clam Icon Clams

Cannon Ball 12 Pack: 160 Clam Icon Clams



Here is where you will find items that you will collect Materials to unlock.
These are the following Items I see for Phase 1… Looks like you can make any one you want at anytime you want that it available. No order to them at all. I also did NOT see a timer on the last item. Let me know if you see anything different.

Salty in the Quahog Fishery and Market
80 Cursed Treasure and 4 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

The Big Squeeze: Earns 3 Cursed Treasure every 4hrs, Always Drops 3 Cursed Treasure
Requires59 Cursed Treasure and 8 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

Pirate AcademyEarns $20 every 2hrs, Chance Drop 2 Captain’s Hat
62 Cursed Treasure and 5 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

Parrot Palace: Earns $40 every 6hrs, Chance Drop 2 Boat Shoes Requires
130 Cursed Treasure and 6 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

Pirate Pool: Earns $40 every 6hrs, Chance Drop 2 Boat Shoes
102 Cursed Treasure and 9 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

Griffin Houseboat: Earns $40 every 6hrs, Chance Drop 2 Fishing Tackle
40 Cursed Treasure and 7 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

Beach Bumming Buccaneer
28 Cursed Treasure and 3 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)

The Jolly Roger: Earns 5 Cursed Treasure every 4hrs, Always Drops 5 Cursed Treasure
291 Cursed Treasure and 45 Salt (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Salt Lick)


You just have to tap on these bad guys to destroy them. They gave me Cursed Treasure and (rarely) Cutlasses for Pirate Queen Lois. Seem to appear every 4 hours or so in my game.



This is where you will do Pirate Battles in the Groggy Gunboat. Peter, Pirate Queen Lois and Salty can man the Groggy Gunboat. You will need to send at least 1 crew to attack the Fearsome Flotilla. The more crew you send, the more damage you do! Chance reward of 3 Limes and 2 Salt.

You upgrade your boats by exchanging Limes (Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla OR Captain Hook Rock the Boat) and Cursed Treasure for Gunpowder Kegs at ‘The Black Market’.

You ou will find more info in the Battles post.



Here is your EXCHANGE location. You will Exchange goods for Game Currency to use elsewhere, in this phase it’s gunpowder kegs to upgrade your Groggy Gunboat.

For Phase 1 I see the following exchange:

12 Cursed Treasure & 8 Limes = 1 Gunpowder Keg


There are 5 I can see in my game, the first one is only one part.

Chris Starts

Learn About the Water District
Place 3 Tropical Fish

The other Questlines are:

See No Evil (main)

A Pirate’s Wife For Me (Pirate Queen Lois Questline)

Fish Tales (Salty’s Questline)

Hooked on You (Captain Hook’s Questline)

We will have a full breakdown of these Questlines in a separate post.


You can now place stuff on the water! Woohoo! Specifically, “you can now place select buildings and decorations in the sea”!


There’s also two new floors added to the Tan Lines Resort, Retirement Floors 9 & 10. These will need unlocked by collecting keys in the usual way. 9/3 The floors are now showing their proper names, The Ponderous Ark Floor & The Kitty Paw Floor.

There you have the Basics of the New Peter’s Booty Haul Event. We will be doing more detailed posts later.

What do you think of it so far? Getting Captain Hook? Looking forward to anything particular? Tips for others? Let us know.

~Bunny, RussianTigger & Lotty

UPDATE Bunny: I’m back… kinda. Internet is super sketchy so having hard time pulling info, but here’s FAQ from TinyCo just in case, again NOT my info so NOT confirmed.

Per TinyCo…

We are aware that some Android users may not be able to update their app to 1.28.0, this should be resolved soon.
Here are the FAQs for the first week of Peter’s Booty Hall:
How do I participate in Peter’s Booty Haul?
You must have District 3 unlocked, Al Harrington’s repaired and play on app version 1.28.0 or higher in order to take part in Peter’s Booty Haul.
When does Peter’s Booty Haul end?
Peter’s Booty Haul ends on September 27th.
How do I fight Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla?
Repair the Groggy Gunboat in order to begin attacking Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla.
You will need 5 Grogs in order to initiate an attack.
How do I unlock Pirate Queen Lois?
You can unlock Pirate Queen Lois by collecting the following materials:
– 200 Cursed Treasure
– 27 Cutlass
– 11 Captain’s Hat
– 10 Compasses
How do I get Cursed Treasure?
You can get Cursed Treasure from Select Character Actions and buildings, and by rescuing Drunken Pirates on the water.
How do I get Cutlass?
You get Cutlasses clearing Drunken Pirates on the water.
How do I get Captain’s Hat?
You can collect Captain’s Hats from the Pirate Academy.
How do I unlock Salty?
You can unlock Salty first by unlocking ‘Quahog Fishery & Market’ and collecting the following materials:

– 400 Cursed Treasure
– 5 Daggermouth Swag
– 8 Boat Shoes
– 4 Fishing Tackle
– 14 Fake Death Certificates

How do I unlock ‘Quahog Fishery & Market’?
You can unlock ‘Quahog Fishery & Market’ by collecting the following materials:
-40 Cursed Treasure
-4 Salt
How do I get Limes & Salt?
You can get Limes and Salt when you attack Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla.
You can also get Salt from the Salt Lick in the store.
How do I get Captain Hook?
You can unlock Captain Hook from the shop for 240 clams.
How do I get Shipwreck Point?
You can purchase the Shipwreck Point from the shop for 240 clams.
Please note that this building will drop clams every 24 hours for 30 days after purchase. We’ve also included a timer to indicate how much time you have left before the building stops dropping clams.
How do I get Small Cursed Coin Island?
You can get Small Cursed Coin Island from the shop for 180 clams.
How do I get Medium Cursed Coin Island?
You can get Medium Cursed Coin Island from the shop for 250 clams.
How do I get The Salty Grog?
You can get The Salty Grog from the shop for 120 clams.
Is the Jolly Roger a building or a usable ship?
The Jolly Roger is a building, and not a usable ship, it drops 5 Cursed Treasure every 4 hours.
How do I upgrade the Groggy Gunboat?
You upgrade your boats by exchanging Limes and Cursed Treasure for Gunpowder Kegs at ‘The Black Market’
Which crew are eligible to man the Groggy Gunboat?
Peter, Pirate Queen Lois and Salty are all eligible to man the Groggy Gunboat.
You will need to send at least 1 crew to attack the Fearsome Flotilla. The more crew you send, the more damage you do!









86 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – NOW LIVE ***UPDATED AND COMPLETE***

  1. Has anybody else had trouble with drops of hats for Lois from the Pirate Academy today (Sunday)? It’s an uncommon drop but it hasn’t dropped four times in a row. It was dropping all right yesterday. Coincidence or problem?


  2. I like this event so far. I just hope they don’t start log-jamming everybody in the next week or so.

    I’m still wondering why they keep mainly including the same characters for these events when we keep asking them to include others. I have long tasks for active quest lines from two events ago. I can’t do them and close them out because Peter, Lois, Quagmire, etc. are needed for new or I’ll get behind.


    • They use the core characters that were released in the early stages of the game so that all players, including those that are new players, can take part in events.


  3. Can someone plz tell me how in the world I’m supposed to have Peter adopt a parrot at the “Pet Store” to earn a fake death certificate to collect (free) Salty??? I’ve been looking for one since this event started. There is a “Parrot Place” where you can get Salty’s “shoes”. I don’t think this is the same thing, Or am I missing something? Thx.


    • The Pet Store isn’t an event building. You can purchase it as part of District 9 – Downtown. Are you this far in the game?


      • No. I haven’t gotten that far yet. So that why I couldn’t find that darn “Pet Store” anywhere. Thx so much Russiantigger, it was making me crazier than normal with this game. Lol.


  4. Kindle 1.28 Update is LIVE!!!


  5. I’m actually really liking the fact we’re using the water – until they released Tan Lines, it was just a waste of space. I remember at time Bunny eluded to something about TinyCo expanding the playing space, so I wonder if this is that expansion.


  6. It sucks I play on the kindle and the update is not available…


  7. Hi. It is Saturday at 11am PACIFIC Daylight Time. I have a Amazon Kindle but no update. I believe I have read that this event ends on September 7th, and that gives us 4 Days to try to complete. Is there any way that Tiny Co. can contact Amazon to speed up the release of the event please!


    • The event doesn’t end until 27th September, so hopefully once update is available on Kindle you will still have time. Sorry we can’t give any info on when you might see it in Kindle store.


  8. If you have them, the Black Clam and the Black Sand Dollar can now be moved into the water district. Stangely, other boats still cannot be moved there.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Could this be the worst, most glitched offering from Tinyco to date?


    • Yes there’s been some issues but to be honest they’ve worked really hard to get them sorted and been extremely helpful regarding the problems we’ve alerted them to. Hopefully be plain sailing from here….


  10. So the event timer says 25 days to go, but the shipwreck clam offer is until Oct 3, so I reckon were going to get an extension at the end of this.


  11. *** now I can’t even log on to the game


  12. So with all these glitches I’m assuming delay to kindle is to get a definitive solid version of game or something? Now 2 days behind. Arrrg I feel like I’m already walking me plank.


  13. Thank you for all this good info Bunny and Tigger!


  14. can we get a confirm that Lex Luthor is supposed to drop coins? Mine doesn’t show it.


  15. Shipwreck point seems to have disappeared from my game. I was going to buy after collecting another 15 clams (currently have 225) but can’t find it.. Was it a timer to purchase?


    • No but those of us who bought it are having problems with it, so looks like they’ve pulled it from the game for now


      • Thanks tigger, it is back in my game but as you know no longer pays for 30 days after purchase. Now till oct 3rd. Bummer haha. I’m still 12 away!


        • If you manage to get it today, you will still get 30 days of payouts as it was originally meant to stop paying on 30th September no matter when you purchased it, so you would only get full 30 Days if bought on Day 1,(September 1st), of event, now with paying out until 3rd October you’ve got a second chance at buying it with 30 days payouts, but you need get it now, but in my opinion even if it takes you day or 2 to get those 12 clams it’s still a good investment with few days less payouts as you will recoup your original 240 clams in 19 days, anything after that’s a profit. The only thing you need be sure of is there isn’t a character you will want during the event with those clams instead. Decisions Decisions 😀


  16. What characters are used in this update so I know who to take out of the hotel?


  17. Arrrr I’m dying here half the stuff still invisible I have no idear how to access the black market and tan lines wont let me put characters in it how do I get pirate hats just takes me to pirate cove but I can’t do anything help P.S. ment hook not black beard derr


    • If characters are needed for the event they won’t go into Tan Lines at the moment, Lois is one such character at the moment.

      You get pirate hats from purchasing The Pirate Academy in the House of Booty. And you can access Thr Black Market either tapping on the building directly to the left of House of Booty.


  18. Half of the items are invisible aswellas black beard anyone else got this problem just paid for Blackbeard and. I can’t even see him


  19. bruce has a coin drop as well


  20. the blue spruce tree is also a water tree!!


  21. im still dropping vitamin pills from batman and a building…. anyone else? im already well into the new booty haul.


  22. Bought the 13-clams-a-day Shipwreck Point…the timer doesn’t work. Bought it 4.5 hours ago, and it now says it’ll drop the clams in 23h58m. When I checked it a half hour ago, it said it’d drop in 22h39m. I sent in a support message, but just an FYI to everyone else…might want to wait on that purchase until they fix the timer. Blah.


  23. Check you countdown timer on Shipwreck Point. It my game it is starting over each time I reload the game. If it isn’t working for you, please send an ingame message so they can fix it.


  24. Ridiculous already another month long event. Skipping this like the dino event.


  25. TAvia Richdiva2800

    Once download a new error code popped up,
    Empty Id in T
    Bpc:: Config object factory


  26. I wasn’t around to compare this to the Raid the North Pole event.


  27. Had to download a small update from google play to get it started. (Had already downloaded the main game with the pirate splashscreen)

    Lex Luther has a coin next to his one day task like the joker does. I wonder….

    (Batman and Wonderwoman can still collect pills)


    • I’ve put Lex Luthor on the task just incase he does drop it.


      • Same. I’m assuming it’s an error because all my Pill collections, but only them, are still dropping. (Hoping that means event will eventually have a sequel?🖖!?).
        Can’t remember which event but, within the last 10 months, previous CLAM characters did collect New Event Currency (NOT confirmed).

        Advice? Get Pirate Academy before going for Salty. 🙈P4 is a 🔴🐟❌ effectincy wise.


        • Good bit of advice Sara, makes perfect sense to get the building that drops for Pirate Queen Lois first, then work on Salty’s stuff, unless you don’t like poop Lois that is, lol.


          • LOL. Whether you like “poop” Lois or not, she’s the fastest way to send 2 Crew to man Groggy Gunboat. 😋

            (Really happy TCo seems to have gotten rid of any timers for the store. The Jolly Roger may be difficult but glad I have a choice between it and whatever the 3rd week “impossible” prize is. Maybe/Hopefully?)


            • Definitely with you on Lois, especially if upgrading makes defeating the ship harder to defeat, similar to what happened on upgrades during the Raid to the North Pole event.

              You sound like you’re having a lot of fun with this, long make it continue.


              • What’s your thoughts on upgrading? Im on level 2 now, should I hold off until later to upgrade?


                • I’ve had some crashing issues upgrading to Level 3, but things seem more stable now so once I should should be able to get few upgrades done and hopefully a post up later. I’ve not seen any other issues with upgrading but until I get up a few more levels I don’t want to say too much, famous last words and all that 😀


  28. I can’t play my game anymore.. 😔

    I was originally getting a message which stated “Can not save building in bad position”. I messaged TinyCo in my game (when I still had access to it) to let them know when the DC (Truth, Justice and the Quahog Way) event was still going about the error. I had not received a reply before the DC event ended.

    When the DC event ended, I started (and still am) getting a message which reads “The event has ended. Please reload your game to return to life as a civilian” (referring to the DC event), which immediately pops up as soon as I enter the game. When I press the “GO” button for this message, the other message “…building in bad position” pops back up and my game reloads. I can not access my game at all, I always get these two same messages immediately.

    I downloaded the new update (this new Pirates event) when it became available in the store, hoping that it would fix my game. I am now getting the new screen for this Pirates event but the same problem persists. Both messages (including to reload my game after the DC event) still pop up. I am still not able to do anything else.

    I emailed TinyCo about the problem today. I hope that they do not just say to “clear my cache” or something if they reply. I play the game on my iPad, so as far as I know, there is no way to clear the cache for iPad apps (I think that is more to do with Safari and other websites?). In the meantime, I am losing precious time in this event because I am experiencing a problem far beyond my control.. 😩


    • Some players reported nuking their town solved the issue, but I don’t know if you want go that far or ifs the solution for everyone.


      • I can’t even access anything inside my game anymore. As soon as I do, those two messages pop up. I am unable to do anything else at all except click on those messages. I have received no response from TinyCo. 😩


    • As per TinyCo “building” error message should be fixed today


  29. Joker has a one day task that drops coins as well

    Liked by 1 person

  30. There’s also two new hotel levels to unlock


  31. The update has been downloadable from Google Play for a couple of hours, but the event itself hasn’t started for me. Has it started for anyone else on Android?


  32. i cant place the tropical fish anywhere….where dot hey go


  33. As of 4PM PST Google Play Store hasn’t released the 1.28.0 update yet. TinyCO customer service wasn’t able to provide an estimate on when they would.


  34. Heads up for us Facebook platform users… seems to be a snag with rollout. We got the new event Ahoy Mateys announcement- some of us anyway, and I was able to place the Black Clam and a tropical fish. Nothing else though. So chances are they’re trying to iron it out for us there.

    Liked by 1 person

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