Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Boozy Brig Upgrading Levels & Rewards

Ahoy there shipmates and stowaways, its time to break out the bourbon and sit back whilst I crunch some numbers to bring you all the information you’ll need  to upgrade you Boozy Brig. Don’t know about you but I’m loving the names of the ships in our fleet. But I digress…..

This post is about upgrading and levelling up, If you’re looking for a guide to simply attacking you will find it in the post Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES – Boozy Brig.

I’m just going to cover the basics of upgrading to the various levels here, as upgrading and levelling up is virtually identical to what we did with the Groggy Gunboat and Sloshed Schooner, which I’ve explained in earlier posts, the only real difference is the costs to upgrade. And you might find this slow going as bourbon is in scarce supply to do the battles.

Pt. 1 of the main Questline Treasure Punting will prompt you to repair the Boozy Brig. This has a 10 sec repair and once repaired your Brig will be ready to go into battle against Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division..

You will notice that there are 3 boats in Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division, but when you initiate your very first attack you will only damage one of these. That’s because your Boozy Brig is only at Level 1, but don’t be disheartened as we all started off in the same boat, and from what I’m now seeing in my game upgrading our Brig is the same simple process you followed for upgrading your Groggy Gunboat and Sloshed Schooner. Again the only thing that’s changed is the cost of each upgrade. But remember as we upgrade our Brigs and destroy more of Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division, it fortifies and gets stronger. So the rewards you will get will fluctuate up and down depending on your Brig Level, the Raid Level and how many crew you use for each attack.

The main reason to upgrade your level  is it will initially allow you to do more damage and destroying more boats in Blackbeard’s Dastardly Division means collecting the higher rewards that come with this. But you will also need to upgrade to complete parts of  this weeks main Questline, so what follows is my figures on the costs of upgrading each level I’ve completed to date.

Okay now we get to the itty, bitty numbers part, so tighten your seat belts as I take us through the crazy world of Brig levels.

Upgrading your levels is a fairly easy process but can only be done when there is no battle underway and there are two different screens that give you the upgrade option. The attack your enemy screen before a battle is set and the battles not over yet screen after a battle ends. You will see the upgrade buttons in the screenshots below.



Press on upgrade and you will be taken to the upgrade screen, here it will show how many gunpowder kegs you need for the next level.


To get the gunpowder kegs needed to upgrade you need to exchange limes and cursed treasure at The Black Market.


Clicking on Get below the gunpowder keg will show the exchange price and if you have the resources you can make the trade.


Once you have enough resources and have made your trade/s you can upgrade your gunboat through one of the option screens previously mentioned above, the attack your enemies screen, or the battles not over screen.


Now what follows is a table of the rewards and costs for the various upgrade levels, I’m not going bore you with a screenshot of each level but I’ve got them if anyone should need see more information on any level.

Now this is just a quick rundown of some of the rewards here, there are only a few as a lack of bourbon is holding us back as well, but this will at least give you an idea up to Level 5, which is where you need to be at to complete the main Questline. Please remember rewards are  going to vary vastly in our games due to the variables of play within them.

Level 1 (1 Crew Member) 2 Ginger, 31 Flags, 6 Oranges
Level 2 (1 Crew Member) 2 Ginger, 31 Flags, 9 Oranges
Level 3 (1 Crew Member) 3 Ginger, 32 Flags, 9 Oranges
Level 4 (1 Crew Member) 4 Ginger, 34 Flags, 9 Oranges
Level 5 (1 Crew Member) 4 Ginger, 35 Flags, 6 Oranges

What I would also like to point out is the strength of the Dastardly Division got higher after I attacked with one crew at Level 2, raising to Raid Level 2 and then again after I attacked with 1 crew at Level 4, to Raid Level 3. Once at Raid Level 3 I could still attack using only 1 crew member. On Level 6 attacking with 1 crew member I once again defeated the squadron and hit Raid Level 4. This is where I’ve stopped for now.

Just know you’re going to need a lot of limes, lemons, oranges and cursed treasure to upgrade and as I said earlier stronger doesn’t always bring increased rewards immediately, instead it’s a gradual process, where rewards will go up and down depending on your level AND the raid level.

Remember to get 1 keg of gunpowder you will need 38 cursed treasure, 3 lemons, 10 limes, and 9 oranges. And to get 3 gunpowder kegs you will need 21 cursed treasure, 9 lemons and 6 limes. You get gunpowder kegs from The Black Market.

Also worth remembering once again is the main Questline this week, Treasure Punting, will require you to upgrade your Boozy Brig to Level 5.

Level 2 Brig 4 Kegs
Level 3 Brig 4 Kegs
Level 4 Brig 5 Kegs
Level 5 Brig 5 Kegs
Level 6 Brig 6 Kegs
Level 7 Brig 6 Kegs
Level 8 Brig 6 Kegs
Level 9 Brig 7 Kegs
Level 10 Brig 7 Kegs



9 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Boozy Brig Upgrading Levels & Rewards

  1. I’m on level four and getting 3 ginger, not 4 like the post states, working on kegs to upgrade to level five now, so hopefully mine will then show 4 ginger for one crew member fighting.


    • That’s why I said it varies in our games, varies on raid level, how many times you’ve attacked the division, just checked through my screenshots to be sure and at Level 4 I was getting 4 ginger, 34 flags and 9 oranges, then I destroyed his fleet and raid level increased and rewards fell again until upgraded. This is why I can’t put a table of rewards, too many variables at play.


  2. This like Troy’s post is a little off topic…and I know posting about the Leadership Boards are a NO-NO but I really do just have a honest question!!!

    I am qualified for the 3rd tier right now, does that mean I’ll get the fancy serpent??? OR do I have to be in the tier on the last day of the leader board event??

    (I’m guessing they only payout to who’s on the boards on the last day of the competition??)

    Thanks for any clarification on HOW they chose who wins the prizes😉


  3. There’s probably a more suitable place to post this, but I figured I’d post it in this latest topic for the sole purpose that more people may see it, I just wanted to give a potential solution to those of us whos’ games have been CONSTANTLY crashing! Every site that allows feedback for FGTQFS is bombarded with the same complaint – frequent crashing. Tiny Co’s ONLY response is: “it’s a problem with your device”. Well, I disagree, because we can’t ALL have outdated devices. My phone isn’t old, & I have TONS of storage/memory as I am a minimalist, & beginning around the start of this event, it’s been crashing within seconds upon opening or within the 2 subsequent minutes.
    Anyways! I know, I know; enough blabbing, we get the picture. Shut up already & give the solution.

    Go into the game’s settings and select to have the game’s display in lower resolution. It’s really not much of a difference. The changes will take effect the next time you open the game. No, people shouldn’t have to have to do that, but, they’re pixels. The sun will rise tomorrow – I promise. (With my infinite, perpetual bad luck, this will very possibly be the day in which Earth’s 4.6 billion year rotation cycle WILL indeed stop abruptly, in which case, I apologize in advance). But anyways, my game hasn’t crashed a single time since I did that this morning. So I thought it would be worth mentioning for those who may be interested.

    We gotta be patient with Tiny Co – from what I understand, they’re undergoing major staff changes, & they are human just like you or I – they’re not prefect. Change/improvement doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone reading this (very much including myself) has had challenging days at work, made mistakes at work & in life, and I’m sure we’ve all done a ****** job at whatever we do at some point or another, so please remember to treat people with the same compassion & understanding that we like people to have for us. Kindness goes A LOT further than ignorance. When people are rude to me, I don’t want to help them. It’s ok to be frustrated, if I had a quarter for every obscenity I exclaim to my phone everyday, I could afford an infinite amount of clams, but when addressing a fellow human being, the outcome will be more productive if it’s dealt with in a mature, adult-like manner. Treat others as you want to be treated. Hope the low resolution tip helps! Take care!


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