2017 – The Year That Was: Quest For Stuff Style

Happy New Year Addicts!!!

Goodbye 2017! Hello 2018! It’s been a crazy year on the site, lots of ups, downs and everything in between. But despite losing our fellow bloggers Lotty and Bunny we’re still here, and hopefully still smiling and having fun. But I thought I’d step away from reality for a just little while and take a look back at my 2017 in FGQFS. Want to join me?image

Ok for those of you who are still reading, I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes as we’re constantly grinding away at the latest event we don’t get any time to reflect on the many events that went before. So I thought I’d have a quick look back at 2017 and everything TinyCo threw at us. And boy was there a lot.

Now I’m not going to do complete reviews of each and every event, I’d be here until 2019 doing that, more a reminder of the events then you can tell me in the comments what you thought about 2017. And of course there’s a poll or two where you can vote for your favourite and least favourite events of 2017.

Best Of 2016 

Event Type: Mini
Date: January 2017
Topic: Funfair token collecting
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Jim Kaplan
Premium Characters & Costumes: No new premium content
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Road To Bollywood

Event Type: Mini
Date: January 2017
Topic: Road trip  based on the Road To India episode.
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Belly Dancer Stewie, Ganesha
Premium Characters & Costumes: Tiger Brian
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Kung Pow Quahog

Event Type: Major
Date: January 2017
Topic: Kung Fu & Combat heralding the arrival of Mr Washee Washee
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Dojo Peter, Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, Samurai Quagmire, Billy Blanks, Golden Dragon, Sumo Chris, King Pow Giant Chicken
Premium Characters & Costumes: Walking Joe, Tai-Jitsu Lois, Ninja Stewie, Yogi Fighter Brian, Kung Fu Herbert, Shonuff
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Undercover Giggolo

Event Type: Mini
Date: February 2017
Topic: Giggolo Episode
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Big Pete Peter, Gigg-Olo Quagmire
Premium Characters & Costumes: Charmisse, Pimp Stewie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Quahog Heat


Event Type: Major
Date: February 2017
Topic: 80’s Cop show parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Miami Cop Peter, Erik ?Estrada, Lifeguard Lois, Aerobics Bonnie, Pamela Anderson, Workout Bruce, Confused Dazed Brian
Premium Characters & Costumes: Chopper Cop Quagmire, Moustache PI Joe, MacGyver, David Hasselhoff, Pusher Mort, Miami Cop Cleveland
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers


Event Type: Major
Date: March 2017
Topic: Power Rangers movie tie-in event
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Red Ranger Peter, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger Lois, Goldar Brian, Blue Ranger Lois, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger Chris
Premium Characters & Costumes: Rita Repulsa, Alpha Bot, Rita Repulsa Stewie, Yellow Ranger Bonnie, Black Ranger Cleveland, White Ranger
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Return To The Dog Multiverse

Event Type: Mini
Date: April 2017
Topic: 2nd part of the Dog Multiverse event
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Dog Peter, Spaniel Lois
Premium Characters & Costumes: Poodle Stewie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Rocky Time In Quahog

Event Type: Major
Date: April 2017
Topic: Rocky parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Boxer Peter, Rocky,Blunderlips Chris, Boxer Lois, Ivan Drago
Premium Characters & Costumes: Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Deirdre Jackson, Boxer Stewie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Quahog’s Excellent Adventure

Event Type: Major
Date: May 2017
Topic: Bill & Reds Excellent Adventure Parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Colonial Peter, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mayan Warrior Brian, Jetpack Joe, Rufus, Ted Logan, Tehuantl
Premium Characters & Costumes: Bill Preston, Joan of Arc Lois, Michelangelo, Death Goddess Consuela
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Peter’s Prohibition Party

Event Type: Mini
Date: June 2017
Topic: Vaudeville time
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Burlesque Peter, Johnny, Vaudeville Guy, Roaring 20s Stewie
Premium Characters & Costumes: a Roaring 20s Brian, Flapper Bonnie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Wet Hot Summer Quahog

Event Type: Major
Date: June 2017
Topic: Summer Camp Movie Parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Scoutmaster Peter, Kid Quagmire, Gene The Cook, Producer Ben, Wild Brian, Great Outdoors Joe, Troop Leader Lois, Director Susie
Premium Characters & Costumes: Counsellor Andy, R L Ermey, Playwright Stewie, Fat Kid Chris, Sasquatch
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Southern Fried Griffins

Event Type: Mini
Date: July 2017
Topic: Episode tie-in
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Redneck Peter, Sam
Premium Characters & Costumes: Hillbilly Stewie, Race Car Driver Joe
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Guys In Black

Event Type: Major
Date: August 2017
Topic: Men In Black/Flash Gordon parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Agent Pee, Scrad Quagmire, Spacewoman Lois, Hawkman Chris, Ming The Merciless, The Worms, Edgar The Bug, Flash Gordon
Premium Characters & Costumes: Agent Zed, Frank The Pug, Jarra Joe, Arquillan Stewie, Flash God, Jack Jeebs
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

The Family Game

Event Type: Mini
Date: August 2017
Topic: Gaming event
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Game Show Peter, Al Harrington
Premium Characters & Costumes: Game Show Cleveland, Game Show Stewie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Fast Times At Griffin High

Event Type: Major
Date: September 2017
Topic: Back to school, Ferris Buellerr’s Day Off parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Cool Kid Peter, Cher Horowitz, Jock Joe, Dionne Davenport, Chemically Castrated Chris, Michael Pulaski, Cameron Frye, Fogel McLovin
Premium Characters & Costumes: Ferris Bueller, Tai Frasier, Greaser Quagmire, Schoolgirl Lois, Zac Sawyer, Principal Shepherd
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

A Very Griffin Holo-Ween

Event Type: Major
Date: October 2017
Topic: Halloween horror characters & zombie apocalypse event
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Axeman Peter, Buffalo Bill, Zombie Chris, Teen Wolf, Bloody Mary Bonnie, John Jigsaw Kramer, The Creeper, Steve Bellows, Jack The Ripper Quagmire, Candyman, Clown Herbert
Premium Characters & Costumes: Hannibal Lecter, Danny Trejo, Machine Gunner Seamus, John Wick, Demon Stewie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Fear And Loathing in Quahog

Event Type: Major
Date: November 2017
Topic: Las Vegas event
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Impersonator Peter, David Copperfield, Penn, Magician Quagmire, Showgirl Brian, Liberace
Premium Characters & Costumes: Circus Joe, Teller, Cirque De Stewie
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Stewie, Chris & Brian’s Excellent Cram Session

Event Type: Mini
Date: November 2017
Topic: Titanic parody
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Lady Chris, Lady Brian
Premium Characters & Costumes: Lady Antonia Tyler Carrington
End of Event Post: CLICK HERE

Here Comes Santa Griffin 

Event Type: Major
Date: December 2017
Topic: Christmas event
Freemium Characters & Costumes: Willie Stokes, Santa Griffin, Sloshy The Snowman, Caroler Lois, Krampus, Snow Angel Bonnie, Reveller Quagmire, Vacation Santa
Premium Characters & Costumes: Marcus Skidmore, Mrs Claus, Jill Frost, Reindeer Brian, Elf Stewie, Little Drummer Boy
End of Event Post – Ok there’s no review yet as this event is still going but it’s near enough the end for us to know if we liked it or not, so it’s included in the voting.

So there you have it, a little reminder of everything TinyCo threw at us during 2017. It’s only after I started to compile this that I realised just how much content there had been, maybe there’s actually been too much at times. Who knows maybe we’ll get a week off for good behaviour in 2018.  But since there’s no rest for us wicked Addicts, if you’ve got a few minutes please use them to share your thoughts on 2017 in the comments and to complete the polls below.

All the best for the year ahead, and thanks for supporting my solo efforts to keep the site going of late.

~ Russian Tigger



24 responses to “2017 – The Year That Was: Quest For Stuff Style

  1. Camp wars was easily the best.that was a genius idea.i loved the water balloon fights,I was gutted that one had to go ,I’d love to have kept that as a permanent feature.im not sure why so many hated it.along with the power rangers and the gaming Ines,they had great features and even better prizes.where as I hated the excellent adventure,I hate the checklist type tasks and the going between towns took ages to load and I hate bill and ted too so had no interest to unlock anything.

    I’m also gutted power rangers aren’t included in the best of,so weird


  2. I found it hard to choose one event both for the favourite and de least favourite polls.
    I voted the Halloween event as my favourite one because I liked the change of having timed characters to timed prizes (if the change came earlier then my vote has no real justification and my memory sucks, lol). But I also liked the Kung Fu event and Guys in Black.
    You know which others I liked? The Summer Heat and Quahog Heat ones. I’m the only one there, aren’t I? Despite the glitches I found the Summer Camp event quite easy and I liked how the last week wasn’t connected to the others so that you could play both if you were behind. And Quahog Heat was really difficult but somehow I managed to unlock everything and that was a once-in-a-liftime achievement.
    The worst ones were definitively the Family Game, the Prohibition one, Best of 2016 and the Bollywood one.


  3. The second half of the year was pretty bad imo after what I felt was the best, Quahog’s Excellent Adventure. I had a tie between Fear & Loathing and Wet Hot which were buggy and difficult to advance or just plain not interesting. They need to find some creativity in new event mechanics or go back to using some things from early game events that they don’t use often or at all anymore. They keep reskinning the events using the least enjoyable and most frustrating game play.


  4. I can’t decide which was worse – Fear and Loathing in Quahog OR Wet Hot Summer.
    Attempting to gain characters cards and doing camp battles for WHS was awful, but the introduction of the ridiculous roulette wheel was a gargantuan misstep too.

    For best, I’m again torn with choosing just one because the Men in Black, Rocky, Halloween, and Bill and Ted events were all fantastic.


  5. oops… I accidentally picked my favorite for the “least”. Oh well, I agree with the majority anyhow. Wet Hot Quahog was awful(Best of 2016 was worse but there’s no option) and Quahog’s Excellent Adventure was the best. I’ll rank my 5 for each.
    1.Quahog’s Excellent Adventure
    2. Kung Pow Quahog
    3. A Very Griffin Holo-ween (strength of freemium characters)
    4. Guys In Black
    5. Griffin Rangers (kind of a jerk of an event but it made me fan of the brand and I enjoyed the different gameplay)

    Least Favorite
    1. All the mini-events. They were all pretty uninspired this year but the worst was easily Best of 2016 with a sprinkle of Bollywood in there.
    2. Wet Hot Quahog
    3. Fear and Loathing
    4. Quahog Heat ( Wanted to love this one but man the drops were among the worst ever)
    5. Griffin Rangers (yes I know it was in the top list too but it was a total love hate relationship with this one. While there were others that I could have listed the frustration was greater with Rangers, while the others were mostly just not memorable.)

    I would say the game still has life but the past few events have been a tad dull. It’s awesome that the content has been easier to nab but the game play has been recycled to unusable mulch.


  6. I read the list once and then a second time and then a third. I remember when there used to be these things called “districts” with storylines. I didn’t see even one. Whatever happened to those? They were fun.


  7. another great year come on best of event


  8. I’m not seeing Fear and Loathing in the poll for least favorite event. That one, by far, was my least favorite.


  9. RT, just launched the game now and noticed that Tinyco introduced two new items, namely: a Box of Donuts (15% off) at 110 clams and a Sleeve of Donuts at 55 clams.

    Any idea what these are for? Surely not for this xmas event which is ending tomorrow, right? I’m guessing it’s for the next upcoming event as soon as the xmas one ends.


  10. RT, Happy New Year!

    Superb post to summarize and remind us all of the high and low for the past year. My favorite event was the Griffin Halloween event simply because it was the first time I enjoyed the pace so much that I managed to complete every quest, and bought my first premium event character, Dr Hannibal.

    Looking back, I did not realize there was so much content. One of the most awesome game feature introduced first in Quahog Excellent Adventure was the Achievements system. It provided a nice pace as you move through the event, gifting small rewards which will eventually lead to a new character to unlock after collecting enough of the rewards, or a grand prize.

    The other feel good vibe I had this year was Tinyco poignant touch to give us a free symbolic statue of Adam West for commeration of his death early this year. The statue was just a decoration, but it really surprised me given that Tinyco was so occupied with developing new contents.

    Overall, I find the game to be more enjoyable after 2 years of playing, likely because I have more characters in the game and the invaluable help from this blog here on tips and strategies to stay in the game.

    Thanks RT and every other contributors for this year. Best of health to everyone.


    • And the same to you 😅😅😅


    • “The other feel good vibe I had this year was Tinyco poignant touch to give us a free symbolic statue of Adam West for commeration of his death early this year. The statue was just a decoration, but it really surprised me given that Tinyco was so occupied with developing new contents.”

      Great shout!!
      I agree. Paying tribute to a wonderful entertainer was a classy move form TinyCo.


  11. i didn’t do the Indian mini-event bcz i was traveling and i didn’t have my samsung tab with me at the time (even if i did , i had no constant access to internet) … otherwise all the events were a sounding success for me 🙂


  12. Thank you Russian Tigger for the year in review. Hopfully Tiny Co will take into consideration our feedback, as well as the success and unsuccessful events to make this year better.

    Liked by 1 person

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