Valentine’s Phase 2 Results and A New Poll About Valentine’s Day Overall

Hello There Clammers!

A couple of weeks I asked for your feedback on the second phase of the Valentine’s Day Event….Who have you unlocked?  What have you purchased so far?  How are you enjoying the event?  And, as always, you guys came through!  We’ll get to those results in a minute…but first I want to get your take on the Valentine’s Day Event Overall!  Who did you end up unlocking?  What prizes did you win?

Please take a moment to give your feedback on the Valentine’s Day Event….


If you’re having trouble completing the form as it’s embedded here, try using the direct poll link here. 

Now let’s get to those Phase 2 Results…

Here’s how your phase 2 results came out…

Have You Unlocked Glenda Vajmire?
Yes 89%
No 11%
Have You Unlocked Cheryl Tiegs?
Yes 53%
Not Yet, Still Working On it 28%
No, I Haven’t Yet Repaired the Park Bench 18%
No, The Timer Ran Out On Me! 1%
For Lois’ Affection Prize Did You Go Love or Hate?
Hate, Big Mouthed Dolls 9%
Have Not Yet Completed Lois’ Prize, but working toward Hate 1%
Have Not Yet Completed Lois’ Prize, but working toward Love 11%
Love, Kool-Aid Man’s Girlfriend 79%
Did You Purchase The Romantic Thoroughfare?
Yes 19%
No 81%
Which Aspect of the Event Do You Enjoy the Most?
Clearing PDA Couples 31%
Clearing Perfume Sprayers 12%
Sending Couples on Dates 57%
Which Aspect of the Event Do You Enjoy the Least?
Clearing PDA Couples 47%
Clearing Perfume Sprayers 32%
Sending Couples on Dates 21%

And those are your results for the second phase of Valentine’s Day!

PDA Love Couples

What do you think of the results?  Thoughts on phase 2 of Valentine’s Day? Did your responses line up with the majority?  What’s your take on the event overall? Were you ready to see it go, or wanting more?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “Valentine’s Phase 2 Results and A New Poll About Valentine’s Day Overall

  1. I enjoyed the event, and was able to get all of the content and finish all of the quests as a freemium player with an unreliable internet connection for most of the event. I do play a lot, though.

    Off topic, I wonder if they’ll start up a new limited time event today. It’s Thursday.


  2. Taking the recent survey, I just noticed that when you put the 2 premium characters together you get Benedict Arnold!


  3. Oh, on the affection meter I feel a better way they could have done the cupid statue was to make it an either-or requirement. So that maybe one of Cupid’s bubbles could have been “Complete Bonnie’s Matchmaking” and both the Hate and Love prizes would have satisfied the requirement to unlock cupid.


  4. Bunny,
    I don’t know if you posted this already but I just got the final answer back on the Romantic Thoroughfare. Tiny Co said it is not going to be animated. Disappointed that it isn’t but very pleased with the event!!


  5. I can not post my true feelings because of your policy on language. I hated this event to the point it soured me on the game. I have been barely checking in. First event I was not able to get everything despite playing 5 or 6 times a day. Having the same characters required to do the story line (that was required to unlock later things) and to unlock characters was horrible. I got stuck in the story line and could not progress fast enough once part 3 hit.

    Thank you ladies for all you do to help us out in the event. I would have fully left the game a long time ago without you.


    • Lol. I understand frustration, but yes… we prefer to not have our page as “colorful” as their FB page. 😉

      Thank you for still offering Feedback. It is useful. 😉


  6. It’s probably been mentioned many times by others… My least favorite part was that we needed to purchase the Romantic Thoroughfare. We’ve all wanted more involvement of premium characters in events, but they’ve already been purchased and I didn’t feel like making an additional purchase just to make them useful. It didn’t hinder achieving things for the event though so that’s a plus.

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  7. My only critique was that they shouldnt have made it so that the affection meter relied on the progress in the quests. The prizes should have been unlocked when they released each phase no matter how far in the questline you were.


  8. There was no option in the quiz for, getting completely hosed out of the event because you have only Windows 8.

    Also my mobile phone is a blackberry so that’s it.


  9. Suggested this once before wonder what you thought of it or would ever do it. Just a simple poll as to how many characters and skins people have out of the full collection. I’ve always been curious.


  10. Why are the results for your polls always displayed in such narrow tables? Is this for mobile users? It makes it really awkward to read with only 1-2 words per line


  11. I loved this event. The only criticism I have is the only one I ever have with QFS events: It feels like we didn’t have enough time for the entire event overall. I do wish they wouldn’t give us such tough deadlines for everything. It always gets especially hectic near the end for me.

    I actually loved when they changed the outfit colors. This is just a simple little “city builder” mobile game, so they shouldn’t make it TOO difficult. The best part about games like this is that they’re the most open to everyone, difficulty-wise. They shouldn’t seem as exclusive as big console games where it feels like you have to be at a certain skill level to play. Plus I think it’s just smart to make things easier at the end of the event when everyone has less time to get everything and when more people might have fallen behind.

    I would love it if they went back to this format for events in the future, and also if they kept experimenting with other new event formats as well.


    • johnnyicemaker

      I agree. The tasks in the last quest lines were too long given the time left in the event. The last task for the Hot Meg quest line “Can’t Buy Me Love” was for Cupid to eat cake, which took 20 hours! There was not enough time in the event for cupid to finish before the event was over. I wonder how many actually finished that quest line. It is nice to have a Clam award at the end of the quest line, but if nobody can finish it what is the use.


      • I would be fine with not having the clam award at end if they would let us continue the questline beyond an event. It would be nice not to have Cupid just taking up space so soon after getting him. 🙂 Plus I really enjoy the dialog frames before and after each quest piece, and it seems silly for their animators to put the work in on those only to have a number of players not see them because a questline went unfinished die to event ending.

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  12. Great event. I loved the changes in gameplay, differing from other events. It’s great how Tinyco listens to their players and makes changes but it went a little too far on this event I think. Going as far as changing the color of their clothes was too much. I liked the challenge of finding the desired couple to achieve the hearts or hate hearts, whichever you were after. There was too many complaints from ppl that don’t even “play” the game. some ppl seemed to figure their desired form of heart should just fall from the sky and land in their affection meter without even opening the game it seems. Overall great event. Too bad there was so many complaints. I guess it’s human nature to never be happy with what you get.
    If you buy a ps4 or Xbox game and aren’t happy with the gameplay do you write the game developers and tell them to change it?

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  13. Overall, it was a good event. I managed to unlock all characters/costumes/prizes (except premium ones) on time and without recurring to clams. Perfum sprayers were the only thing that I considered a con in this event, since they became useless very quickly.
    By the way, I love the new banner (however, hate the crocs, lol). Congratulations for the beautiful design of it.


  14. I thought the valentines day update was boring. Hope Tinyco doesnt hold back for the next event…the bars been set really high with the superheroes event.


  15. They had lots of stuff to win perhaps too much as I was only bothered about earning it only clams and stuff needed to progress. I didn’t have enough heart for meg but then I lost a family member so was join playing much for this event. I actually suggested why not have thr couples in different clothes like the shoppers at chistmas maybe they read my post lol. Looking forward to new things as this event was a sad time for me and want to forget it.


  16. I personally loved this event. I started playing around Christmas time so I was still pretty new during the Christmas and New Years events. I was apart of them, but not experienced enough (and didn’t have enough characters) to enjoy them. For Valentines I found the PDA couples easy from the start, i unlocked all the characters easily as a freemium player, and I won the affection meter prizes I wanted (and mystery box). So I honstly have no complaints about this one. Thanks TinyCo! And thanks Bunny and Alissa for the help with walkthroughs and date pairings, etc! The event would’ve been a lot harder without you guys.


  17. Based on comments on the blog during the other vent, I had felt like I was in the minority, not having purchased the Romantic thoroughfare, but I see now most people did not. I was able to unlock all of the characters in time and earn all of the prizes in the Mystery box. For me, this event was the easiest one by far. And I also feel they were very generous with all of the stuff available to earn, rather than having to buy with clams.
    Alissa, I just noticed you posted this. Are you feeling better?

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  18. I really hated the PDA couples until the final design helped significantly. The 3 minute timer was so short when you needed to watch carefully to not accidentally tap the wrong couple close to a building or character with a completion checkmark. And even when everything was cleared, they were too hard to distinguish between all the other animations and behind buildings in the available time. I hope that they design more thought through game features in the future without the need to revise them later on while they’re live.

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  19. The new St. Patrick’s theme looks great! Loved Alissa’s look for Valentine’s theme, but loving Bunny’s for this one. Bunny on the pot of gold and Alissa’s green crocs are cool touches. 😉 BTW, what you drinking Bunny? Zoomed in on that bottle you are holding…couldn’t make out the label, but I’m pretty sure that’s not Bunny water. 😀


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