Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Groggy Gunboat Upgrading Levels

Fire up your cannons as there’s a high seas battle afoot and I just wanted to gather and share a little information so we don’t all start misfiring or shooting ourselves in the foot.

This post is about the costs of upgrading, if you’re looking for a guide to simply attacking or how to upgrade you will find these here.

Peter’s Booty Haul BATTLES- Groggy Gunboat

Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Upgrading your Groggy Gunboat

Upon reaching Pt. 3 of the main Questline See No Evil you will be prompted to repair the Groggy Gunboat. This has a 10 sec repair and once repaired your gunboat will be ready to go into battle and as battles = rewards you will want to boost those rewards by upgrading your Gunboat at least to the Level dictated by the main Questline See No Evil, and this is Level 10.

You will notice that there are 3 boats in Blackbeard’s fearsome flotilla, but when you initiate your very first attack you will only  damage one of these. That’s because your Groggy Gunboat is only at Level 1, but don’t be disheartened as we all started off in the same boat, and from what I’m now seeing in my game upgrading our gunboats is a simple process once you’ve collected the items required for each upgrade but remember as we upgrade our Gunboats and destroy more of Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla, it fortifies and gets stronger. So the rewards you will get will fluctuate up and down depending on your Gunboat Level, the Raid Level and how many crew you use for each attack.

The main reason to upgrade your level  is it will initially allow you to do more damage and destroying more boats in Blackbeard’s Fearsome Flotilla means collecting the higher rewards that come with this. But you will also need to upgrade to complete this weeks main Questline, so what follows is my figures on the costs of upgrading each level up to 10.

Okay now we get to the itty, bitty numbers part, so tighten your seat belts as I take us through the crazy world of gunboat levels.

Upgradung your levels is a fairly easy process but can only be done when there is no battle underway and there are two different screens that give you the upgrade option. The attack your enemy screen before a battle is set and the battles not over yet screen after a battle ends. You will see an upgrade option as marked in the screenshots below.



Press on upgrade and you will be taken to the upgrade screen, here it will show how many gunpowder kegs you need for the next level.

To get the gunpowder kegs needed to upgrade you need to exchange limes and cursed treasure at The Black Market.


Clicking on Get below the gunpowder keg will show the exchange price and if you have the resources you can make the trade.


Once you have enough resources and have made your trade/s you can upgrade your gunboat through one of the option screens previously mentioned above, the attack your enemies screen, or the battles not over screen.

Now what follows is a table of the costs for the various upgrade levels, I’m not going bore you with a screenshot of each level but I’ve got them if anyone should need see more information on any level.

Now I’m not going to include a breakdown of the rewards here, as with so many variables I think that would be better in another post where I will give you a little information on my rewards, it’s going vary vastly in our games due to variables of play within them.

What I would like to point out is the strength of the Fearsome Flotilla got higher after I attacked at Level 5, raising to Raid Level 2 and then again after I attacked with 2 crew at Level 7, to Raid Level 3. Once at Raid Level 3 I could not attack using only 1 member of crew again until I upgraded my Gunboat to Level 8. I’m now at Level 9 and tomorrow will be able to hit Level 10 as required by main Questline.

Just know you’re going to need a lot of limes and cursed treasure to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and as I said earlier stronger doesn’t always bring increased rewards immediately, instead it’s a gradual process., where rewards will go up and down depending on your level AND the raid level.

Remember to get 1 keg of gunpowder you will need 12 cursed treasure and 8 limes from the Black Market.

Level 2 Gunboat 1 Keg
Level 3 Gunboat 1 Keg (showed 2 then changed to 1)
Level 4 Gunboat 2 Kegs
Level 5 Gunboat 2 Kegs
Level 6 Gunboat 2 Kegs
Level 7 Gunboat 3 Kegs
Level 8 Gunboat 4 Kegs
Level 9 Gunboat 3 Kegs
Level 10 Gunboat 4 Kegs
Level 11 Gunboat 4 Kegs
Level 12 Gunboat 3 Kegs
Level 13 Gunboat 4 Kegs







23 responses to “Peter’s Booty Haul – BATTLES – Groggy Gunboat Upgrading Levels

  1. Level 13 needs 4. 😉


  2. Just FYI: Groggy Gunboat level 11 needs 4 kegs and level 12 needs 3 kegs. 😉 Sloshed Schooner level 2 needs 2 kegs.


  3. Sure: I just got to Level 10 this morning. 😦 On the plus side, I think this may be the first time I completed every quest in the main questline, well before the next phase started! And with Level 10 boat, hopefully it will help with future items.


    • It’s good read quite few comments that fellow players are all ready for the next Phase to hit, nice we are all moving on together.


  4. Is there anyone else getting a bugged message when upgrading the boat? I’m playing via facebook now, and I don’t see a normal message after I upgrade the boat; it looks more like a template or code line. And the ‘Awesome’ button doesn’t work. The only way out of those messages is refreshing. The upgrade is successfully done and kept after the refresh though. Still, it’s kind of annoying since it takes ages for the game to load on FB.


  5. When you have enough kegs to upgrade to be able to beat all 3 ships, it is best not to upgrade until you have enough kegs to upgrade your ship to be strong enough to destroy 2 ships from the next level of raid. This way, the amount of limes and salt rewards do not drop.


    • You can upgrade but use less crew in the early levels, but if completing the main Questline is necessary to moving on to Week 2’s content then there’s no avoiding hitting the lower rewards at some point, just try to build up some kegs so you don’t get stuck at a low reward level for too long.


  6. Since you have to upgrade to level 10 as part of a quest does it make sense to upgrade all at once (multiple levels without attacking in between) or one at a time? I’ve already don to level 7 but the payouts didn’t seem worth it. It’s probably best to use your treasure collecting to clear Salty and Lois first regardless right?


    • I tend to upgrade, attack to collect even keg resources, then upgrade again, I’ve unlocked Pirate Queen Lois and I intermittently used her on attack or on her task to drop Daggermouth. Now I’ve got all them, she’s attacking while Peter is on his task for Fake Death Certifucates, and I’m moving along fine. Just need few certificates and Salty I’ll be mine. So I’ve took a very relaxed attitude and just upgraded as I going along, and should be at Level 10 tonight.


      • The game’s been pretty stingy giving me shoes for Salty, but I’m almost there with the certificates and the daggermouth swag, but nowhere near the 400 ridiculous coins he needs, and also only on level 7 for the boat despite almost non-stop boat battles. You must have sunk a lot of clams into this event already, or you’re a robot that never sleeps.

        I’m debating on going for the Jolly Roger first to get those 5 coin drops every 4 hours, or just grinding it out with Bruce/Quag/Joe/Herbert on near-constant coin duty.


        • My only clam spend was Shipwreck Point and it doesn’t drop event items, I’ve done everything else freemium, but you got me, I have dreadful sleeping pattern. During these events my insomnia is my friend, lol. But you sound like you’re doing good. Did you buy The Big Squueze as it drops cursed treasure as well. I’m going pass on Jolly Riger I think, keep my cursed treasure banked just now, as I’m only a death certificate away from Salty.


          • Yup, I have everything purchased (at least what’s currently available) except the Jolly Roger right now. Just finished up the rest of Salty’s stuff, except the damn coins. Have a long way to go to rack up 400. If they would have made it 300 it would have been a lot easier. Between Salty and the level 10 gunboat (still on 7, going to be there awhile) I’m going to be behind the 8-ball when week 2 starts.


            • You could pick up some more Cursed Treasure completing Pirate Queen Lois & Salty Questlines while keeping Peter battling, you will get 28 coins for completing those, hoping get the Walkthroughs of them up later. You’re actually making me wonder if I should try build up my Cursed Treasure to invest in the Jolly Roger now for going forward, but probably need for something else once next lot content hits. I obviously stockpiled some Cursed Treasure by not buying the Pirate Pool, took chance on only buying one the items that dropped Boat Shoes.


              • I want to get the Jolly Roger (291 gold coins, have 30/45 salts so far) before Salty (400 gold coins) so it will start generating those gold coins ASAP to help reimburse its cost. Salty still needs some certificates and a fish anyway and I’m only at level 7 for the attack ship, so I will probably be late starting phase 2. I didn’t get the Pirate Pool, the parrots were enough to get Salty’s shoes. Got the rest on the page.


                • I went for Salty first, still trying decide whether to go for the Jolly Roger or to keep my cursed treasure buried until I see what next phase brings.


      • Did you happen to notice that tinyco just changed the requirement for the last part of this weeks quest line from level 10 to level 5?! Not sure when- but I just noticed this tonight!!


        • Yes, it’s a good move as so many not near Level 10. Hopefully means many players can move on to next phase when released now.


    • Looks like they have now changed the upgrade level to level 5 to move onto week 2.


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